9 Clues Your Man Might Be Cheating

Is My Man Cheating

Is my man cheating? This is a common question running through your head when you observe something suspicious from your partner's behavior. If you notice signs like a change in appearance, temper, less intimacy or strange receipts, he may indeed be cheating.

Is My Man Cheating: Signs

Observing one of these signs may not mean there is anything concerning. However, if you see two or more of these signs, your man may is likely up to something.

Changes Appearance

Just like when dating someone new, your man will want to make his best appearance with the other woman. This can take the form of buying new clothes, changing his haircut or exercising more often. Don't overreact with this one, however, as men will sometimes make changes for personal reasons.


This sign is easy to spot if your man normally is easygoing. The guilt of cheating will be working on his subconscious. When this is happening, it is likely to manifest as him being short-tempered with you. Things that normally wouldn't bother him may all of a sudden cause him to get angry.

Cell Phone Changes

One fact about a cheating man is that he will want to talk to his new woman. However, he may also realize that the easiest way for you to catch him cheating is when he uses his phone. So, look for your man all of a sudden turning his phone off when he is with you. Another sign is that he answers the phone and then starts talking in a low voice and quickly ends the call.

Buys Gifts

It is sometimes said that you should never trust a man bearing gifts. This is because often men only buy gifts when something is wrong. In the case of a cheating man, the problem is his guilty conscious. He feels bad about cheating on you, and so he starts lavishing you with unexpected gifts. Maybe he is being nice, but more likely he is trying to cover his wrongdoings.

Strange Signs at Home

As bold as it may seem, a cheating man is likely to invite his new flame over to his (your) home. Of course, this won't be when you are home. As careful as they may try to be, odds are they will leave behind evidence. Look for signs such as another woman's clothes, perfume smells, pillows out of place and in general a "used" look.

Car Changes

This can be a subtle change that is hard to notice, but it is also is a great way to catch your man. If the passenger seat in your car is rarely repositioned and then all of a sudden you have to start adjusting the seat every time you sit next to your man. Chances are someone else was sitting there before you.

Less Intimacy

This includes physical and emotional intimacy. If your man is cheating, he is getting his fill of sex or talking (or both) from the new woman. This means he doesn't need these things from you as much (or at all). Your man wanting less sex or less intimacy is almost never a good sign.

Breaks Dates

When you ask yourself "is my man cheating," you may want to start by observing how much time he spends with you. A cheating man will not be able to spend as much time with you as he used to. Is he starting to break dates or turn them down entirely?

Computer Usage

Since many men find women to cheat with online, his computer usage is another important clue. To meet women online means he will have to spend more time on the computer than before. This is understandable if he just bought a new computer game. However, you may want to question him if you notice he is always e-mailing or instant messaging.

Cheating in a Relationship

A cheating man will exhibit some changes - it is inevitable. Your job is to notice the changes. If you aren't sure if he is cheating, use your intuition to help you decide.

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9 Clues Your Man Might Be Cheating