19 Rainy-Day Date Ideas That'll Make You Love Stormy Weather 

Try these rainy day dates to stay cozy at home or adventure into the weather.

Published April 1, 2023
Happy embraced couple walking with umbrella down a road

The raindrops keep falling on your head, but that's no reason to reschedule date night. Actually, it's all the better reason to schedule a date night. ASAP. Take advantage of the gloomy weather to hit up some new spots or rediscover your old haunts together. Grab your rain jacket and umbrella, we're going on a rainy-day (or night) date.

Head to an Arcade or Barcade

Odds are, there's an arcade near your home. If the rain isn't driving down to hard, that's your sign to hop into the car and spend a date night playing pinball or Pac-Man. Better yet, discover your city's barcade.

Couple having fun at arcade playing air hockey

Grab a Coffee and a Treat

Rainy-day activities for couples can be simple. Grab your special someone and head to a warm and snug coffee shop. Order something warm for that cold rain or cool off from the humidity with a hazelnut iced latte and a chocolate croissant. Whatever your order, enjoy watching the rain fall together.

Beautiful young couple drinking coffee and looking each other

Fast Fact

In Dutch, this coffee and tasty snack combination is called "koffie en gebak."

TV Makes Three for a Cozy Night on the Couch

On the other hand, don't go outside. Put on your comfies, grab a few blankets, and hit the couch with your partner. Don't forget the snacks and drinks or else someone will inevitably need to extract themselves from the cozy cave. Queue up a favorite show, a new show, or make it a movie night.

Couple cuddling on couch, eating popcorn and watching TV

Head to the Bar

Hit the bar! But make it a neighborhood dive bar, where you'll find yourselves in good company with comfort food. If that's not your scene, then head to a bar you've been meaning to visit or drive straight to your favorite watering hole.

Couple enjoying drinks at the bar and talking to each other

Check Out a Local Brewery or Winery

Breweries are popping up everywhere these days. In some states, you can't throw a hypothetical rock without hitting several of them. Try out a few, maybe splitting the beers or sticking to a designated driver. Head to a winery for a regal and highbrow rainy-day experience. Don't forget to bring your favorite wines or beers home with you. Better yet, grab an Uber!

Couple in winery having glass of wine poured

Take a Drive to the Beach

You'll have the beach all to yourselves. This is the ideal rainy-day date for when it's a light mist or easygoing drizzle. Nothing beats a walk along the beach. Slap on your boots, grab a coat, and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Couple in rain boots walking on beach in rainy weather

Play Some Pool or Hit Up the Bowling Alley

That's right, head to the pool. The pool hall, that is. Or if you're someone who doesn't quite get all the rules that follow in a game of pool (guilty!), slip yourself into a pair of bowling shoes at the alley where the score is kept track of for you! Don't forget a friendly bet, either.

Person grabbing bowling ball at bowling alley

Have an At-Home Flight Night

Bring the flights to you! Not the airplane type, but the sample size flights. Snacks, cookies, beer, wine, whiskey, fruit, whatever you can enjoy in a few bites or sips, turn it into a flight. Or, better yet, make a multi-course flight night. Starting with a flight of appetizers such a hummus, salsa, and buffalo chicken dip, to a main course of different grilled cheeses, with a finishing touch of different cookies.

Couple making food in the kitchen

Get Crafty

Make a scrapbook, physical or digital, of your time together. Nothing passes a rainy day like a walk down memory lane. Make it into an official date night with some candles and, of course, some takeout. Simple projects for couples, from art to simple DIYs, can help you connect and have fun on a rainy day.

Two women cuddling and looking at scrapbook
Helpful Hack

If you're not the crafty type but you love to look at pictures, make a shared photo album for the two of you and take this opportunity to get it started.

Time for a Snuggle Date

Get comfy and cozy in bed. Grab some food or snacks, don't forget some beverages, and get snuggled under the covers. Watch some tv, nap together, or just spend the day chatting about anything and everything.

Happy couple snuggled up on couch

Learn a Dance

Throw on some music and grab your laptop; it's time to learn a new dance. Swing or jazz, perhaps some salsa or a tango, take the chance to make a fool of yourselves in your own home with a hands-on rainy-day date.

Young lesbian couple dancing and laughing in living room

Splurge on a Night Out

Rain doesn't have to stop you from the best night ever - in fact it can make it even more romantic. Get dressed up, and make sure you have an umbrella to snug under. Grab an Uber or head to a restaurant you've long been eyeing but haven't yet wanted to make the splurge. Treat yourselves in the name of rainy date night love!

Couple dressed up and eating in nice restaurant

Learn a Card Game

Learning something new can be a great rainy-day activity for couples. There are plenty of two-person card games you can play! Learn to play two-person euchre or poker or revive the classic card game of spit from your childhood. No cards? No problem. Download an app, play online, or splurge on a card game you can play on a game console together.

Couple having fun playing cards
Quick Tip

If you aren't card game people, consider teaming up and playing a game on console together!

Turn a Rainy Night into Board Game Date Night

Break out the board games or finally open up your specialty Monopoly and take a trip down Ocean Avenue to Wonder Wharf. Play a bit of Trivial Pursuit, but maybe offer a few clues to make it less intense, or bust out the Sequence. Game console people? You know what to do. Download a digital version of your favorite board game and get going.

Couple playing chess in front of fireplace with mugs of tea

Make It an Associative Play Date

Just like toddlers enjoying associative play, side-by-side, enjoy time with your partner together in the same room. A beloved rainy-day date for introverts, you can spend time together doing your own things. Feel free to toss on a podcast or some music to enjoy while you read and they play a video game, or you both work on separate puzzles.

Couple laying next to each other and reading their own books

Build Lego Together

There's nothing like a rainy day to have a fun date, and this time it's straight to your childhood with nostalgic Lego. Assemble a small set or aim big with a set that'll take you all night or more. There's just something sweet and romantic about making something together.

Couple happily playing with legos

Bust Out The Puzzles

If you're looking for things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or girlfriend, cozy up with some of your favorite puzzles. After all, rain doesn't need to go away for a stay-at-home date. Dust off your puzzle boxes and get to work. Scatter the pieces, carefully, onto the floor and work your way through a puzzle or two with some wine, cocktails, or while you watch a movie.

Couple doing puzzle

Make It a Staycation

Pack your bags and get away! Only, you won't be going far. Book yourselves a cozy hotel room where you live or a few towns over for a getaway that won't require weeks of planning. Thank you rain, for this date.

Couple in hotel room wearing white robes with room service food

Hit The Roads - Safely!

If the weather isn't drizzling hazardously, hop in the car and go for a drive. Enjoy the scenery and easy conversation. If you want things to do on a rainy day with your boyfriend or girlfriend that help you get to know one another better, driving and talking to the romantic background of raindrops might fit the bill. You can also use this as a warm-up to a night out on the town.

Couple driving in rain

Rainy-Day Dates for Any Couple

Opt for a maximum cozy date snuggled up in bed when it's rainy, or hit the road and find adventure. These rainy-day date ideas will have you scrambling to get the date started.

19 Rainy-Day Date Ideas That'll Make You Love Stormy Weather