9 Fresh April Nail Design Ideas That Celebrate Spring

While you're doing your spring cleaning and updating your wardrobe, don't forget your mani. Use our fresh April nail ideas as design inspo.

Published March 22, 2024
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As we shake off the remaining chill of March and emerge into April, the renewed life outdoors makes us long to renew things about ourselves, including our manis. Our April nail design ideas reflect the colors and looks of spring — from sweet pastel tones to bright spring blossoms. 

Nude Matte & Shiny Black


April is a month of contrasts. One minute, the sun is shining and the next, it's raining. Celebrate the contrasts of the month with these pretty contrasting nails in matte nude and shiny black. We love how the subtle bling adds some zazz.

How to get the look: 

Hello Sunshine!


Greet the extended days of sunlight in April with these juicy orange and white nails. They're simple, sweet, and perfect for spring.

Get the look: 

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Darling Daffodil


The bright daffodil yellow is such a spring color by itself. But add the French tips in white? Perfection!

How to get the look:

Fabulous Fuchsia


Love the vibrant pink of fuchsia? Us too. And the white tips really make the color pop for April.

Here's how to get the look:

Charming Chamomile


How cute are these sweet little chamomile flowers? They're a super easy shape to paint, and we love how they stand out against the soft matte grey background.

Get the look:

Spring Tulip


These gel nails sweetly display the colors of flowers in bloom. They're the perfect expression of spring.

Get the look: 

Spring Fling


Pink, florals, and sweet silver dots are the perfect way to give your nails a fresh look for April. Nail stickers make it super easy to add pretty blossoms that let the world know you're ready for spring.

Get the look:

Blue Skies Ahead


It's always nice to see the blue skies peek through the clouds, especially when April showers are doing their best to keep the sky grey. We think this soft blue is a perfect reminder of bluer skies ahead.

How to get the look:

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Floral Green


We love how green everything is in spring. And we adore how these nails look like a soft green field with a few adorable daisies dotting the grass. 

Get the look: 

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Let Your April Nails Shine


We always welcome April eagerly, ready to change out of our cozy winter looks and don the lighter, brighter colors of spring. And while you're doing that, don't forget your mani! Brighten up your nails and show the world that you are ready to rock the spring. 

9 Fresh April Nail Design Ideas That Celebrate Spring