9 Spring Pedicure Ideas for Dazzling Twinkle Toes

Hello sunshine! It's spring again — the time when our feet can finally come out to play. Make sure they look their best with our spring pedi ideas.

Published April 2, 2024
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Ah, spring. It's when our toes finally start to peek out from our shoes again, and we want them to be super cute. Shake off the winter doldrums and get your feet all gussied up for spring with these super fresh spring pedicure ideas. 

Spring Bling


Bright all-over color and a subtle bling is the perfect springy vibe. It's a super-cute look that we can't wait to show off in our favorite flip-flops. Go for every toe in the same color, or paint each toe in its own bright spring shade. 

Get the look: 

Bursting With Blossoms


How cute is this? We love the vibe with a clean white nail, topped with pretty yellow blooms. Stickers make it super easy.

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Nearly Nude


We love the slightly sandy nude of this pedi. It looks clean and modern, and your feet will look fresh and pretty for spring. 

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Roses Are Red, My Love


True red toes are always in style. But we love this fresh, springy update on typical red. It's so pretty and put together that we know you'll want this pedi peeking out of your peep-toes. 

Get the look:

Soft & Sweet Buttercup


How sweet is this soft butter yellow? It whispers spring and looks oh-so pretty when you bring your toes out to greet the sun.

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Bring on the Butterflies


Can bold and dramatic also be springy? We think so! If you love blue morpho butterflies as much as we do, why not wear them on your toes? Start with midnight blue toes and then paint just one clean white covered in blue butterflies. Hello, spring. 

Get the look: 

Pink Glitter Princess


If sparkly nails are your spring fantasy, then boy have we got the look for you. We absolutely adore this super simple pink glitter pedi that's perfect for a spring fling. 

Get the look:

Simply Silver


What's a better match for your springtime toe ring than a pedi in the same color? We adore the simplicity of this pretty silver polish that goes well with practically anything you wear on your feet this spring. 

Get this look:

Au Naturel


Sometimes what you really need in spring is for your winter feet to simply disappear. If you're like us and wind up with cracked, callused feet at the end of winter, what your feet really need is to simply look their best. And we adore our feet au natural once we've scrubbed them with Freeman Flirty Feet foot scrub, slathered them with urea foot repair lotion (say goodbye to cracked heels), and shaped and buffed our nails with a 4-way buffing block. Sometimes, that's enough for a gorgeous spring pedi. 

Tiptoe Through the Tulips With the Perfect Spring Pedi


Spring is the time we wait for all year when we can finally take off our winter kicks and feel the earth beneath our feet again. The time is right for the perfect spring pedi so your toes can greet the sun looking their best. 

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9 Spring Pedicure Ideas for Dazzling Twinkle Toes