16 Gorgeous Orange Nail Ideas to Add Some Spice to Your Manicure

There are more ways to a rock an orange nail design than you might think — and we've rounded up some of the best looks for every season.

Published October 9, 2023

Orange isn't just the popular nail color choice for spooky season, though we can see why it's such a sought-after shade. From the dark orange nails of autumn to the neon orange tips of summer, there's no shortage of ways to rock the warm color. 

Rust Is the Dark Orange Nail Color for Fall

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You might call it rust or you might call it burnt orange. Whatever you call it, it's a trending dark color for fall nails. Rust is a muted shade of orange that's much darker than the traditional bright shade. When asking for rust nails, specify an orange undertone rather than a red one to get the look.

Go Glam With Orange Glitter Nails


It doesn't get much more glam than glitter. Glittering orange nails look elegant and festive in the fall while amping up all the fun vibes in your style for spring and summer. No matter the base, orange glitter adds unique sparkle to all your fashion choices.

Quick Tip

If you don't love the look of ten glittering nails, opt for one or two nails per hand coated in the sparkly polish.

Try Orange Ombre Nails


Ombre is trending for nails and we can see why: it's an easy way to achieve a fun look with various colors. To get an orange ombre nail look, you have so many options. You can ask for various shades of orange across your nails, ranging from light to dark. You might also feature a few orange nails with a sunset ombre color palette.

With so many shades of orange at your fingertips, you have lots of ways to play with an ombre design. 

Pink and Orange Nails Pack a Punch

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Pink and orange are a neon color match made in heaven. They balance the fun, flirty vibes of hot pink with the punchy, unexpected pop of orange. If you want to make a lasting style impact, pink and orange nails work all year long.

Summon the Spooky Season With Your Nail Design

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Orange may be a versatile nail color, but it dominates the Halloween nail season. You just can't get that ideal spooky look without a healthy dose of orange and of black nail polish. We love embracing Halloween with creepy, cute, and detailed orange nails.

Quick Tip

If you start with an orange base, your dark Halloween nail designs will really pop. 

Orange French Tips Are Cool & Classy

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We love a colorful French tip. It's an easy way to balance classic style with a bit of fun. You'll look on-trend with an almond-shaped French tip dipped in a medium shade of orange.

You Can Rock Orange Florals All Year Long

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We see pink, purple, and white floral nails all through spring and summer. But they tend to trickle off as the weather cools. The beauty of orange floral nails is that they look appropriate all year long. If you're going to rock florals twelve months out of the year, make them orange.

Try an Orange and Black Matte Nail Look

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When you're looking for a simple approach to your October nails, try an orange and black combo. Stiletto nails in a matte finish are just begging for a Halloween-inspired color palette of bright orange and sophisticated black.

Orange & Brown Nails Are Wonderfully Warm

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If cool black alongside your orange nails isn't quite your style, maybe brown will fit the bill. With so many cozy shades of the warm color, you're sure to find one that works with your look. Pairing brown with orange is an easy autumn nail look or the perfect complement to a warm fashion color palette.

Helpful Hack

Brown and orange aren't too far from one another on the color wheel, so you can easily create an ombre look with this color palette too.

Neon Orange Nails Make a Bold Statement


Basic neon orange nails in a glossy finish might sound simple, but they're a dramatic look. The bright color catches the eye while a gloss topcoat reflects even more light. From Halloween to summer, this nail look is a stunner.

Try a Sweet Creamsicle Nail Look

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Yes, you can get a subtle look with orange nails. You just need the right design choice. A swirly, creamsicle vibe uses a soft orange and a creamy white to create an abstract nail design. If you like a sweet style with a touch of fun, this might be the look for you.

Rock a Trendy Chrome Look With Your Orange Nails

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Did you know chrome applies to more than just silver? This iridescent finish looks dreamy on nearly any color, but orange is unexpectedly gorgeous. Pastel orange nail color beneath a chrome finish creates an eye-catching manicure that could go viral. 

Need to Know

When you're at the nail salon, ask for a pearlescent gel manicure to get this look. If you're trying to achieve the finish on your own, a bit of buffing to your glitter top coat should do the trick.

Orange and Purple Nails Give a Funky Contrast

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Orange and purple aren't quite opposites on the color wheel, but they're pretty close. Meaning, when you pair the two colors, you get a high contrast look that few can ignore. Whether your finish is matte, glossy, or metallic, you'll catch everyone's eye with this color combo.

Fast Fact

Remember the trending crackle nails of the early 2000s? Word on the social media street says they're back and this color combo would be a fun way to rock the returning trend.

Pretty Peach Nails Are Sweet & Subtle

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If you love a pastel nail look (we certainly do), a soft shade of orange might be right up your style alley. Peachy nails are perfect for sporting iridescent or glittering topcoats or for pairing with other pastel colors. Highlight your peach nails with some gold details for a warmed-up look that works all year.

Sport a Citrus-Inspired Nail Design

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Was the color named after the fruit or the other way around? Either way, this orange nail look pays tribute to both details that sport the name. A citrus nail design just makes sense for a summery manicure and we love that the orange detail can be bright or subtle in this look.

Quick Tip

Swap oranges for other seasonal produce like peaches or pumpkins to suit the time of year.

Try Trendy Terracotta Nails

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Depending on who you ask, terracotta might fall under the red or orange color category. No matter how you feel about the undertone of this stylish muted color, it's a chic way to sport an orange shade on your nails. A matte finish complements the muted tone of this color, and we love it on stiletto nails as much as we love it on a small square manicure. 

Add Orange to Any Nail Look


Some of us might shy away from orange, but it's a truly versatile hue with endless possibilities. Add it to your next nail look to mix things up, add a pop of color, or test out a new trend. 

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16 Gorgeous Orange Nail Ideas to Add Some Spice to Your Manicure