12 Bright Summer Nail Color Ideas That Are Too Cute Not to Try

May your summer adventures be as bright as these nail colors.

Published June 26, 2023

Summer isn't the time for blending in, so your manicure shouldn't either. Leave those pastels in the drawers and swap out these bright summer nail colors instead.

Whether you're a fan of in-your-face shades or more subtler options, there are tons of bold summer nail trends for you try.

Strawberry Red for Summer Days


Start your summer off with a bold nail look by picking out a strawberry red for your summer solstice manicure. Red is a color you can wear all year long, but the subtle changes in shades you pick will complement different seasons. Stick to warm orangey-red hues for the hot summer days.

Stunning Turquoise Shines This Summer


Turquoise is a mainstay of the summer color palette. Match your vintage turquoise jewelry to your nails with a saturated and bold blue-green jewel tone. Picking a color that's so rooted in the American southwest is one way to pay homage to the hot temperatures that persist all summer long.

Try Lovely Lavender


Lavender's projected to be a huge trend for summer nails this year. A soft but saturated shade of purple, lavender is perfect for your work weeks. These nails won't stand out quite as much as other colors on this list, but that's what makes them a must-have option in your polish kit.

Acid Green Nails Are Bright and Beautiful


This year, we're bringing back acid green. Acid green was a color that dominated in the 1960s. It's a eye-watering mixture between green and yellow that truly looks radioactive. But, what better way to put your foot forward into the summer season then with a manicure that can be seen miles away?

Neon Coral Is a Summer Classic


Along with turquoise, coral is a classic summer nail color. With pinkish and yellow undertones, this orange shade can match all sorts of outfits and bathing suits. If you're into keeping a manicure for weeks on end, only stopping to get a fill, then a neon coral is a great option for you.

Bing On the Bright Barbie Pink


We know it and you know it - it's the year of Barbie. Greta Gerwig's hyped Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie is slated to be released, and guys, gals, and nonbinary pals are decking out their wardrobes with her signature pink. Why stop at your clothes? Bring Barbie into your manicure with a bright bubble gum pink color.

Get Under the Sea With Mermaid Blue


Inevitably, you'll want to switch up your standard flat color polishes in favor of something more dynamic. Look no further than a glittering mermaid blue. Inspired by Disney's release of the live-action version of The Little Mermaid, mermaid blue polish is any blue on the spectrum that's glittery and swirly like under the sea.

Daisy Chain Yellow Is Light and Bright


Daises are so emblematic of the summertime, and you can bring that yellow into your next manicure. Gravitate towards their deep yellow centers or take a shining for their lighter yellow petals. You can't go wrong with painting your nails yellow in the sunniest season of them all.

Psychedelic Green Makes a Summer Statement


Lean into a quirkier style this summer by picking out psychedelic shades of saturated green. Inspired by 60s-70s artist Peter Max who defined a generation's distinct rainbow color palette, this in-your-face green can be an awesome departure from safe summer nail color options.

Pretty Persimmon Is Sweet as Can Be


From belly laughs to beautiful bouquets, in summertime everything's in bloom. Match your summer manicure to the natural world around you with a pretty persimmon nail. A yellowy-orange that's not quite as neon as coral, persimmon will complement just about any summer style.

Go Bright and Bold With Rich Indigo Nails


Everyone needs a bold evening nail color to show off on your summer nights out on the town. Instead of going with softer pastels or warm tones, stand out with a bright indigo manicure. Be a trend setter with one of the rainbow's most underrated colors. Red's had her time in the sun as an evening manicure color; it's indigo's turn.

Add the Donut Effect to Your Bright Summer Nail Colors


No, donut nails aren't painting them in thick white varnish and covering them in confetti polish to look like a frosted, sprinkled baked good. Instead, it's the manicure trend that's taken influencers and celebrities by storm.

Usually, they cover a nude or clear coat with a pearlescent coat on top. Don't glob on too many layers or else you'll lose that translucent look they're going for.

But the donut effect isn't only for nude nails! You can give your regular colorful manicure an upgrade by finishing them off with a coat of a shiny pearlescent polish. Stay on trend and in theme this summer by topping off your bright summer nails with a donut finish.

Match Summer's Infectious Energy With Bright Nails


With summer comes vacations, long evenings spent in the sun, and a brighter disposition then you've had all year. Match that infectious energy with bright summer nails.

Find the color that speaks to you and stick with it, or experiment with a new shade every single week. Summer isn't the time to play it safe, but rather, try on new styles you never would've before.

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12 Bright Summer Nail Color Ideas That Are Too Cute Not to Try