Goof-Proof Solutions to Fix Blonde Hair That's Turned Green

Not so green with envy over your green-tinted highlights? We've got a few solutions that'll help you bring back that beautiful blonde.

Updated January 30, 2024
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There's nothing that'll send an artificial blonde through the roof faster than their hair turning green. Out of all the possibilities you talk about with your hairdresser before bleaching your strands into oblivion, having to fix your blonde hair that's turned green isn't one of them. If your highlights have taken on an unexpected Emerald City flair, banish that green tint with these surefire methods. 

Why Your Blonde Hair Turns Green

The main culprit behind blonde hair turning green is, in the ever-poignant words of Aly & AJ, "the chemicals [that] react."  Just as we rely on chemical reactions to strip color from our hair and deposit new color back on, mixing things like copper and chlorine with the chemicals used in the coloration process turns the hue from blonde to green. What makes it so insidious is that they can pop up in your water supply without you even realizing it. 

Need to Know

Chlorine and other chemicals dry out your hair shaft, making it susceptible to the copper in your water. As an oxidizer, it reacts with the blonde to tint it green. 

You Might Not Realize You Have Copper in Your Water 

Copper can be found anywhere water is present. Algae-fighting chemicals and pool-based chlorine may also contain copper, as they help keep pool water as microorganism-free as possible. Copper's also found in pipes, which leads to those trace-amount transfers that happen when you shower. 

Helpful Hack

If you have hard water or copper pipes in your house and they're causing your hair to go green, try installing a better shower filter to block more of those mineral deposits.

It's Not Only Blondes Who Need to Be Concerned

Bleached or highlighted blonde hair is the most dramatically affected of all the colors by this chemical reaction. It's why you don't see redheads or brunettes sporting a lovely Grinch shade during the holidays. However, that doesn't mean you're automatically safe. No chemically treated hair is completely safe from the process. However, the darker your hair, the less likely you'll be able to see it. 

DIY Solutions to Get Rid of Your Green Hair 

If you wake up greener than the Onceler, stamp down your panic. Channel your inner kitchen witch and get rid of the green for good with these easy DIY solutions. 

Steep Your Hair in Tomato Juice 

Tomatoes aren't just good for adding to your sandwiches! They can also work to remove the green tones in your blonde hair. Tomato acids help pull the green hue out of your locks. To remove the green using tomato juice, saturate your hair with about 1 cup of juice (more if you've got Rapunzel-length locks) and place it in a cap for 3 -30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse immediately afterward. 

Apply Lemon Juice to Your Hair 

Acids are going to be a homespun ingredient you should gravitate towards. Just like tomatoes, lemons work well, too. So, if you're not feeling like giving yourself a Carrie-style makeover, juice 1-2 lemons and apply directly to your head. Massage the juice for at least five minutes before rinsing.  

Scrub in a Baking Soda Paste 

As always, baking soda comes to save the day. Mix about 1/2 cup of baking soda and water to form a paste. This process activates the acids that'll remove the green. Apply the paste to the green-ridden strands for at least three minutes, then rinse. 

Need to Know

Acid isn't kind to your hair — especially moisture-stripped bleached hair. Follow up these methods with a deep conditioning treatment to restore some of your hair's lost moisture. 

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Hot Products to Treat Your Unwanted Green Hair

Rear View Of Female Taking Shower And Washing Hair

If you don't feel comfortable mixing up homemade solutions to try and remove the green from your hair, there are products on the market you can buy instead. These clarifying shampoos will help remove the unwanted deposits from your hair. 

Ion's Swimmer Shampoo

Folks love using Ion's Swimmer Shampoo not only as a preswim treatment but also as a post-swim solution. This specific shampoo contains citric acid which will help get your blonde back. 

Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo

By removing heavy metals and unsavory deposits on your hair, Living Proof's Clarifying Detox Shampoo works to restore your blonde. It's gentle but effective thanks to the citrus that's added.

Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo

Particularly great for curly hair, Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo can be used on any hair type that's gone green. It's infused with citrus to lather out impurities. 

3 Ways to Prevent Going Green 

Solutions are great, but prevention is better. Keep your blonde at its blondest with these preventative methods. 

  • Pamper your hair. Well-moisturized, healthy hair will be the best at fighting off the ick that wants to change its color. 
  • Coat hair before swimming. Working a leave-in conditioner or coconut oil through your locks before jumping in the pool may give it a bit of protection from harmful chemicals. 
  • Wear a swim cap. Not only will a swim cap protect your hair, but it can also add a sweet retro vibe to your poolside outfit. 

Skip the Salon & Try These Money Saving Methods 

Too much exposure to natural metals and chemicals can turn even the sunniest locks pea green. But with the right approach, a green tint won't put a damper on your bright highlights. So, give these methods a try before you spend more money at the salon getting a lengthy color correction completed. 

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Goof-Proof Solutions to Fix Blonde Hair That's Turned Green