5 Ways to Keep Up With Fashion Trends & Master the Moment

One minute they're here and the next they're gone. Put a stop to this Wile E. Coyote chase by learning how to keep up with fashion trends in five easy steps.

Updated January 22, 2024
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Fashion trends are constantly changing, inspiration for new looks is everywhere, and trends don't have the staying power they used to. It feels like with every refresh on our socials, there's a new trend sending the old one we just hopped on packing.  Stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends with these helpful tips, so you can find the hottest styles no matter the season.

5 Tips for Mastering the Moment & Staying on Trend

Chasing trends can feel like you're Wile E. Coyote and they're your Road Runner racing just out of reach. Mastering the moment isn't as hard as it looks once you know where to find it. 

Follow Fashion Week to Stay on the Cutting Edge

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Fashion Week is the ultimate time to spot the newest trends. With events twice a year in fashion capitals like New York City, Fashion Week showcases the hottest designers' latest collections. Many push the envelope on style and all will likely give you great inspo on how to translate it to your own closet. While New York Fashion Week lands in February, don't forget to stay abreast of the seasonal looks debuting on smaller runways throughout the year. 

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Can't make it to Paris, Milan, and London for Fashion Week? Stay up-to-date with Vogue Runway and their nearly instantaneous coverage of the latest collections to grace the catwalk. 

Subscribe to Top Fashion Magazines

From interviews with fashion designers to showcases of the latest styles, magazines offer trendsetting pictorials to help you transform your current wardrobe. A tangible magazine is always incredible, but you can also follow many fashion editorials online for even more content. 

  • Vogue: Established in 1892, Vogue is the most iconic fashion magazine in the world. 
  • InStyle: InStyle was founded in 1994, and has a host of information on everything that's in style. 
  • Harper's BAZAAR: Harper's BAZAAR originated in 1867 and includes the latest perspectives on modern fashion.
  • ELLE: Originating in France circa 1945, Elle is an authority on fashion with a readership that stretches over 60 countries.
  • W Magazine: Established in 1971, W Magazine is known to cover the most elite figures and collections in the fashion industry.
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Indie fashion zines are also a great source for finding cutting-edge trends. Check out your local bookstore to see what inspiration may be in their pages. 

Shop at Fashion-Forward Retailers

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The runway to commercial pipeline means that won't find anything boundary-breaking at your local department store. By the time runway trends end up at a big box commercial retailer, they're already out-of-date. Instead, many smaller retailers carefully curate a selection of the most on-trend items. 

These are some of the fashion-forward retailers to keep an eye on. 

  • INTERMIX: Featuring a keen edit of clothes, INTERMIX has all the trendiest looks.  
  • Revolve: With celeb-approved brands, Revolve has swoon-worthy collections from designers.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue: Since 1924, Saks Fifth Avenue has been a trusted department store that sells top designer and luxe newcomer threads. 
  • FWRD: FWRD is a gem of a website that's bursting with the newest trends and the latest "it" pieces.
  • SSENSE: Boasting emerging designers, SSENSE (pronounced "essence"), is a major player in cool and current styles.  

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Take Cues From Celebrities

We live in the age of the celebrity stylist, and those pre-stylist truly unhinged outfits from a few decades ago are something to behold. Because celebrities have access to the latest runway, couture, and ready-to-wear looks, they can be a great source of inspiration. One of the best ways to keep in the know of what celebs are wearing — and by extent, the fashion world — is by watching events that put fashion in the spotlight.  

  • Grammy Awards: Each February, the hottest recording artists are seen both on screen and in the audience at the Grammy Awards. Its red carpet coverage before the show is one you don't want to miss.
  • Coachella: This California music and arts festival is swarming with celebs and socialites every April. Keep track of the trends on social with the hashtag #Coachella or by scoring some tickets yourself. 
  • The Academy Awards: The Oscars is the most prestigious American film awards show of the bunch, and it premieres every March. This one is all about high glam. We're talking sheer dresses, plunging necklines, and all the latest ensembles from both seasoned and up-and-coming designers alike. 
  • The Met Gala: Referred to as "Fashion's Night Out," this NYC fundraiser happens every May. Each year, an inexplicably collated collection of celebrities flocks to the MET's front steps. If you're interested in fashion, then this is the night to pay attention to. 

Always Check Your Social Feed 

Celebrities and trendsetters often influence many industries, but social media is usually the first place to get the scoop on anything new. Stay on top of the latest trends by following the best people in the business. 

  • Chiara Ferrangi: Chiara Ferragni is an Italian-born model, shoe designer, and mega fashion influencer. She's also the creator of TheBlondeSalad.com, a world-renowned fashion and style website.
  • Monica Rose: Fashion stylist to the stars, Monica Rose has an A-list roster of clients that includes Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman, and Gigi Hadid. Her Instagram, @monicarosestyle, is always on fire with the latest trends. 
  • Monet McMichael: Featured on Forbes' 30 Under 30, Monet McMichael's TikTok @monetmcmichael is not to be missed. With her best friend-like approach, she shares the latest beauty and style looks you're bound to covet.
  • Kia Marie: If you want to be more daring, follow Kia Marie's @thenotoriouskia for next-level inspiration. She's mindful of sustainability and has an incredible sense of style. 
  • Rachel Zoe: The Zoe Report is famed fashion stylist Rachel Zoe's creation, and it delivers a daily dose of fashion, complete with how to accessorize and where to shop. 

Trends Are Always Optional 

If there's one thing you count on, it's that fashion trends won't last for long. The mercurial nature of this cannibalistic industry means that it's going to spit out some trends you just don't vibe with. But that's the great thing about trends being fleeting — something you love will always be right around the corner. Make sure you don't miss when it peeks its head out by keeping up-to-date on all the latest fashion news. 

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5 Ways to Keep Up With Fashion Trends & Master the Moment