What Coupons Can You Use on Amazon?

Published July 30, 2018
Shopping online with Amazon coupons

You have a few different options when it comes to what coupons you can use on Amazon, and it makes saving money pretty simple. Even better, since it's all digital, there's nothing to clip or organize.

Types of Coupons on Amazon

The types of coupons you can use on Amazon include:

  • Amazon coupons displayed in their digital coupons section
  • Prime Pantry Amazon coupons
  • Coupons that sellers with Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) businesses create, which are also displayed in the digital coupons section
  • Amazon coupon codes

Amazon Digital Coupons

One of the best and easiest ways to save on Amazon is by getting coupons from their coupons section. Find this as an option after you click on "Today's Deals." There are hundreds of coupons across many categories, including grocery, home, baby, and more. They may offer set dollar-off amounts or a percentage off your purchase. If you are signed into your account, just click them to add them to your account. When you make the qualifying purchase, the coupon is automatically redeemed.

Stack Sales With Coupons

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Sale items can be used in conjunction with coupons, so if Amazon is running a sale on Cascade or Tide products and there is also a coupon, you can use both to extract maximum savings. There are no shown expiration dates on the digital coupons, so if you find a good coupon and sale, act quickly.

Repeat Coupons

While Amazon's coupon redemption states that the coupon can only be redeemed once per customer, Amazon may offer that same coupon again at a different time. If that happens, you can clip it again and use it for another purchase.

Use Coupons With Subscribe and Save

You can also save by couponing on Amazon in conjunction with Subscribe and Save orders. In fact, there are exclusive coupons specific to Subscribe and Save eligible items. If you have five or more products added to your Subscribe and Save order, you'll get both the coupon amount off, plus 15 percent off and free shipping for total order (20 percent for diapers and some baby products with Amazon Family). In many cases, the coupon is only applied to your first subscription (but you can cancel at any time).

Apply Coupons to the Right Products

Another caveat of Amazon's coupons is that they typically don't apply to a blanket brand or category. However, they may apply to several of a brand's products, so you have some options. For example, if there was a Pepperidge Farm coupon for 30 percent off, it might only be good on certain snack items. Make sure the coupon is good for the items you intend to buy.

Prime Pantry Coupons

Amazon also offers many coupons that are only good on Prime Pantry eligible products. These are listed under or on the product page of eligible products as well as on the Amazon Coupon section. In order to use the program, you must be a Prime member and sign up for Prime Pantry as well. The program is free, but shipping costs $4.99 per month for orders over $40 or $7.99 for smaller orders.

Popular Coupons

Amazon frequently offers coupons with $6 back when you buy five eligible products, which essentially eliminates the shipping cost. In addition, some Prime Pantry coupons offer a significant discount, such as 30 to 40 percent off certain products from popular name brands. There's no subscription to cancel with Prime Pantry, though you can reorder items if you'd like.

Coupons From FBA Sellers

While coupons aren't accepted for third party sellers, FBA sellers are able to create coupons for their products. You can find these in the digital coupons section as well as when you are looking at individual items. Sellers can offer coupons ranging from 5 to 80 percent off any item. Coupons that offer free products or product reimbursement in exchange for reviews are prohibited.

Amazon Coupon Codes

The final type of coupon you can use on Amazon are coupon codes. It's best to sign up for emails from Amazon, because coupon codes are often sent in them. You can also sometimes find these listed on cash back or coupon sites. These codes are often percentage-type coupons with a discount off a certain brand, though there may be limitations on what products from that brand are eligible. These types of coupons are more often seen for things like apparel and shoes.

Textbook Coupons

Amazon may offer coupons for cheaper textbooks as the school year approaches (in July or August). Typically, this will be in a coupon code form, such as a code for $10 off orders of $100 or more of new textbooks. Choose the Books category from the coupons page; you may find discounts on classics as well as test prep and student guides. You can also save with Amazon's textbook rental program, used textbooks, digital textbooks, and trade-in options.

Coupon Exclusions

According to Amazon's coupon policy, Amazon controls its coupons and can cancel or modify them at any time; they are also not usable on items from third-party sellers. Paper manufacturer coupons can't be redeemed on Amazon. You can still use coupons on Prime Day and Black Friday/Cyber Monday, and in some cases there may be additional automatic discounts or special coupon codes for those days.

Simple Savings

Amazon's wealth of coupon options mean there are plenty of ways to save on everything from basic household goods to pricier buys like electronics and appliances or even unique items. Browse coupons before making your purchases and look for sale and coupon combinations to save big.

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What Coupons Can You Use on Amazon?