27 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts (Perfect for Procrastinators)

No one would guess that your gifts were last-minute with these crowd-pleasing picks.

Updated November 7, 2023
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The hustle and bustle that always happens at the end of the year can make it easy for the winter holidays to sneak up on you. However, you don't need to panic over the idea of having to purchase a few last-minute Christmas gifts. This thoughtfully curated gift guide is here to save you from having a Christmas morning that's short on presents. 

From an ultra-cozy throw blanket to lamps that boost your mood while elevating your decor, these 27 gift ideas will impress the important people in your life. Just make sure you order them in time to arrive for your Christmas celebrations.

Our Top Picks

Best Gift Under $25:
Alaska Bear Silk Pillowcase

Help your loved ones say goodbye to bedhead and breakouts with this multi-colored silk pillowcase from Alaska Bear.
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Best Gift Under $50:
Everlasting Comfort Office Foot Rest

Revolutionize your friend's home office with one of these plush under-desk foot rests from Everlasting Comfort.
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Best Gift Under $75:
Levi's Sherpa Jean Jacket

Cozy up this winter holiday with the perfect, oversized jean jacket from the company that knows jeans better than any other.
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Best Gift Under $150:
Brooklinen Sheets Starter Set

Everybody sleeps, so a pair of high-quality sheets like this Brooklinen starter set is a winning last-minute gift.
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Everyone can use a balm for those crisp winter evenings, and Everlasting Comfort's super fluffy faux fur throw is a perfect way to keep the chill at bay. At just under $30, the polyester blanket comes in eight different colors, and its rich, unique mottling helps imbue a sense of luxury to the affordable gift. Keep your loved ones warm this holiday season with a fashionable and comfy throw.


In the past five years, genealogy and genealogical research have become one of the most fascinating sciences in popular culture. From criminal cases to hidden family secrets, genealogy can reveal so much about a person from very little information. So, for around $100-$200 (depending on the sale), you can let a friend or family member dig deep into their genetic past with a 23andMe ancestry and health DNA kit.

There's a reason Brooklinen dominates ad space in the podcasting world: their sheets and blankets are ridiculously comfortable. Made out of 100% cotton, you can get this sheet set that includes a Queen-sized fitted sheet and two pillowcases for around $125. It comes in shades ranging from dark gray to pure white, meaning that they'll match anyone's bedspread. No one will have to count sheep ever again after they get a snooze session under some Brooklinen sheets.

Take everyone off the hook for the New Year celebrations with Lodge's pre-seasoned Dutch oven. This 7-quart cast-iron Dutch oven is a great alternative to the classic casserole dish or crock pot recipe that people usually bring to their mandatory potlucks. Liven up your future community and family gatherings with this game-changing kitchen gadget.


When I came across this fuzzy ball hand towel I knew I had to include it. It's such a unique take on the bathroom hand towel, and dries so much faster, too, since it's made from microfiber. It's a towel that doubles as decor, and you'll get a set of two to use together or in separate bathrooms.

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn't turned to indoor gardening in the past year or two, and this bamboo plant stand with six individual tiers from Copree is a stylish and space-saving gift for the plant people in your circle. Your friends can display their fiddle leaf figs or snake plants with pride using this rolling plant stand that gets their nature babies off of the floor and gets them into the main room.

If you've got a family member or friend who considers themself a bit of an amateur sommelier, then this wine-tasting flight sampler set from Deco is a perfect last-minute gift. The set comes with four decanter-style 6-ounce glasses, which rest in a durable wooden plank. For almost $25, you can get a thoughtful and classy gift for those wine drinkers you love.


If you're really trying to impress people with your last minute gifts this year, then pick up a pair of AirPods Pro for a little under $200. Your loved ones are sure to ignore you wrapping your present right before the gift exchange once they get a peek at what's underneath, since these bluetooth headphones have dominated the market and will immediately revolutionize their day-to-day life.

Before leather jackets were all the rage, jean jackets were seen as the epitome of cool. Perfect for people of any gender with any type of build, the Levi's sherpa jean jacket will bring the rustic chic from the backwoods into your small suburban town. At just under $100, this long-lasting denim jacket is absolutely a steal and perfect for crisp winter mornings.

You don't have to be involved in the beauty industry to reap the rewards of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Considered hypoallergenic, great for improving acne-prone skin, and helping with hair texture while reducing breakage, silk pillowcases are the way to go when it comes to modern bedding trends. Gift someone one of Alaska Bear's silk pillowcases, which comes in ten different colors, for a fraction of the price that normal silk pillowcases cost.


Cuisinart is a mainstay of the kitchen tools and gadgets industry, and they've succeeded again with their 3-piece pizza grilling set. For almost $40, you get a pizza stone, pizza peel, and pizza cutter. Once you've had a pizza cooked on a stone, you'll never want to go back, and you'll need to get one for everyone you know.

The 'Zoom' era has begun, and people's digital personas are more important now than ever before. Make sure your loved ones show off their most glamorous selves whenever they have to grace their next Zoom call by picking them up EMART's ring light and tripod combo. Proper lighting makes all the difference, and your gift could be what makes or breaks your best friend's next job interview.

Americans, in particular, are notoriously unlikely to own an electric kettle of any kind despite drinking copious amounts of hot beverages. So, this retro electric kettle from Pukomc is a go-to gift for this holiday season. Its sleek design makes it match anyone's kitchen decor, and it can be used for so much more than just to make a cup of tea. Bring the joy of electric kettles into your circle with Pukomc's under-$60 option.


No one deserves to have to deal with cracked lips and dry skin. To lend a helping hand, you can grab this small humidifier from Raydrop for just about $25. It has a low-to-high range, which makes it easy to find your perfect setting, and the double-insulated design combined with the low water detection feature offers major peace of mind. Keep all of your friends' faces supple this winter season with an unexpected, though much-needed gift.

While journaling can be a nightmare to keep up with, everyone has enough time to jot down just one line a day. That's the premise behind the One Line a Day journal, which is the perfect gift for the non-committal people in your life. They'll be able to look back five years from now and see exactly how their life has grown and changed in real time.

Travel back in time using your tongue with Woodstock Candy's popular nostalgic candy box filled with treats and sweets from the past. This box is a perfect gift for the older adults in your life who you have no idea what to get for Christmas; it costs only about $30, and comes with such treats as Razzles, Turkish Taffy, and Fun Dip.


If anyone in your life enjoys the outdoors, Radiate's portable campfire is a surefire last minute gift for them. At a little over $25, this ingenious camping tool eliminates the trouble of lighting a full fire by condensing it into a four-pound easy-to-light can. Radiate's portable campfire is basically the world's most intense candle, and can be used at all sorts of outdoor gatherings.

From the dreaded red wine stains on your plush white carpet to the infamous family dog's dirty paw prints on your beige loveseat, household fabric stains can ruin anyone's holiday cheer. However, Black+Decker's portable and cordless carpet cleaner will erase every last one of those 'drive-you-up-a-wall' mishaps. It comes with a built-in rotating scrub brush for packed-in stains and can last about twenty minutes on a single charge. With a machine washable receptacle and costing nearly $80, this portable carpet cleaner will save your friends and family hundreds of dollars in professional steam sessions throughout the year.

There's no time like the holidays to remind everyone that they need to take care of themselves from their head down to their toes. Everlasting Comfort's plush office foot rest makes it super easy to start that health conscious journey in time for a New Year's resolution. The people in your life will be grateful to have this soft under-desk pad to raise their snow-swollen feet on since the work grind doesn't stop for the holidays.


Have your friends fly to the moon every night using the out-of-this-world moon lamp from Logrotate. Using a remote control, you've got the option to switch between sixteen different light colors, and the sizes of the actual lamp vary between four and nine inches. If you've forgotten to get your nieces and nephews a gift in time for your family celebration, you should add this lamp to your cart right away.

There's absolutely no reason for you or anyone else to be fighting to extract the cork on a cheap bottle of wine. Get all of your friends away from their "coat hanger and a pair of scissors" method for opening a bottle of wine by gifting them this nifty kitchen gadget from Secura. A sleek, modern design, this electric wine opener is easy to use and takes up only a tiny amount of space on your crowded kitchen countertops.

Your winter outfit isn't complete without a pair of wool socks to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your toes. For all the ladies in your life whose tootsies are in danger of getting cold, get them one of these wool sock multipacks from Senker. From classic winter colors to warm autumnal tones, Senker has a style of sock that will suit any personality. Keep in mind that these socks are one size fits most, meaning they're designed to fit best on feet US size five to nine.


Heat up this winter season with a Cholula hot sauce variety sampler. If you've ever dabbled in Mexican cuisine, you've probably tossed a few dabs of regular Cholula hot sauce onto your dish, but you can help your friends liven up their normal platters with a whole host of unique and spicy flavor combinations. After all, you can't go wrong with a little chili lime or chipotle on your homemade chicken enchilada.

The latter half of the year is characterized by shorter days and longer nights, which often leads to seasonal depression and an overall lethargic funk among most people. Help your loved ones avoid slipping into that this year by gifting them a light therapy lamp. This $50 one from Circadian Optics is slim and comes with three different brightness levels to suit everyone's needs.

Get your family and friends the gift of nostalgia this year with Addie Gundry's hit cookbook, Retro Recipes From the '50s and '60s: 103 Vintage Appetizers, Dinners, and Drinks Everyone Will Love. Take a deep dive into the mid-century with this collection of iconic recipes from the era; your stomach will be glad you chose this gift when your bestie whips you both up a delicious Salisbury steak dinner with a Manhattan on the side.


If you're trying to get a quick gift for someone you're not particularly close to, something related to aromatherapy and interior decoration is a safe option to choose. Salking's electric wax warmer, stylized with a turn-of-the-century style bulb and lamp combination, is a wonderful, modern option. They'll never have to worry about keeping an eye on an open flame and will get the delicious aromas that come with conventional burning candles.

Take your next family or friend movie night up a notch with this Amish Country Popcorn sampler. Try unusual popcorn like blue corn or rainbow corn and make it the old-fashioned way using oil and a stovetop. This is a thoughtful and easy gift to pick up for just about any popcorn lover around the world.

While it's disturbing to think about, your phone is one of the dirtiest things you own. You're constantly touching it, laying it on every surface imaginable, and never wiping it down before putting it right back up to your face again. Now that you're successfully disgusted, you'll definitely want to get all of your friends a UV cell phone sanitizer machine, like this one from PhoneSoap. It uses UV light technology and USB compatibility to sanitize your phone, and it comes in six different colors.

27 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts (Perfect for Procrastinators)