Stackable Storage Bins for Stress-Free Organizing

Updated November 10, 2021
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When you have a lot of stuff, storage containers really come in handy. Whether you are storing items in the garage, trying to comprise a storage system for your attic or basement, or you need a heavy-duty tote, these are the best options on the market. From the price to the durability, it's all been considered when weighing the pros and cons of the following stackable storage containers. Find the most ideal container for your needs below.

Best Stackable Storage Containers

Best Overall:
IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Storage Bin

Transparent, durable storage bins with multiple sizes and uses available at an affordable price.
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Best Clothes Storage Bins:
Lifewit Large Capacity Storage Bags

Ventilated, large capacity storage container made to keep your clothes stored safely.
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Best Garage Storage Bins:
Rubbermaid Brut Totes

Watertight, tough stackable storage container made to stand up against the elements.
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Top Large Capacity:
Sterilite 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote

Store all the things you need in one place with this large capacity storage container with wheels.
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Best Budget Stackable Storage Bins:
HDX Tough Storage Totes

An affordable stackable storage container that comes in multiple sizes.
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Best Sealed:
IRIS Ziploc WeatherShield

Ziploc WeatherShield totes use more locking mechanisms to create a super tight seal.
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Best Flip Top Storage:
HDX Flip-Top Storage Tote

Stackable, convenient flip top storage bins at an affordable price.
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When it comes to ease of storage, durability, and price, take a look at that IRIS USA Multi-Purpose Storage Bin. These bins come in multiple sizes, but I find the 19-Quart transparent boxes super handy. Since they are transparent, you don't need to label them if you don't want to. They also stack easily and stay locked with the quick latch lid system. They are great for storing things in your home or getting ready for camping.

However, these stackable bins don't do well in extreme cold. So, I wouldn't suggest keeping them in a cold garage or outdoors since they do get brittle. They can also chip after time, according to reviewers.

What We Like
Easy to use
Solid latches
Multiple sizes
What We Don't
Get brittle in extreme cold
Latches can break off

Clothing is a different beast when it comes to storage compared to camping gear or toys. Therefore, I suggest something a bit more lightweight and easy to stack in your closet or slide under your bed. The affordable Lifewit Large Capacity Storage Bag Organizers will fit all your needs when storing sweaters to blankets.

This 90-liter system is made of fabric to keep your clothing from snagging, and it promotes ventilation. These affordable stackable storage bins also have a clear window to let you see what clothing is in the bag. Another top feature of these is when you aren't using them; they are collapsible to take up less space. While that's a great thing, it also means they need to be packed completely full to stack properly.

What We Like
Large space
What We Don't
Zipper can break
Must be full to stack

When you need a tough tote, look no further than the Rubbermaid Brut Totes. These totes contain the same material used for garbage cans, so you know they can handle the elements. Not only can they stand up to the banging and beating they might get in a garage, but they aren't going to crack or get brittle from extreme weather because they are made of high-density polyethylene.

In addition to garage storage, they are tough enough to keep the animals out when camping. The seal on the container's lid is also pretty good, but it doesn't have a locking mechanism like some other containers.

What We Like
Comfortable handles
What We Don't
No locks on lids
Tricky to open

Do you need to store a large load? Think Christmas tree and ornaments! Sterilite 40 Gallon Wheeled Industrial Tote is the stackable storage container for you to check out. While you can stack these plastic storage containers, they come with wheels. So, you can easily cart your load from your extra bedroom to your living room and back. The handle makes it pleasant for pulling around, and they are watertight, so you don't have to worry about your precious things getting waterlogged.

When going for a large tote, you need to remember that moving these up and down will be challenging, given the weight. Reviewers also noticed the wheels can pop off when moving them, but they are easy to put back on.

What We Like
Large capacity
Convenient handle
Watertight seal
What We Don't
Wheels pop off
Cumbersome to move

Storage containers can be expensive. This is especially true if you need to get a bunch of them to organize a basement or garage. In this case, you might want to check out the HDX Tough Storage Totes. Offered through Home Depot, these totes come in various sizes and can be bought by the dozen for a fraction of the cost of others. Reviewers boast that the lid is watertight and provides an excellent seal. They also have a place to lock them. Given that these storage bins are made of polypropylene, they are more prone to breaking in extreme weather and when dropped.

What We Like
Tight lids
Multiple sizes
Only at Home Depot
What We Don't
Not for extreme weather
Break if dropped

Ziploc and storage go hand in hand. So, you shouldn't be surprised Ziploc WeatherShield stackable plastic storage bins have some of the best seals on the market. For one, these bins have more locking mechanisms than the competitors. According to consumers, they also have more durable locking mechanisms, making it easy for you to go in and out of them multiple times.

The durable snap lids are perfect for keeping out dust, moisture, and bugs. However, these bins do come in the material more prone to cracking and breaking. So, you want to use these for household items and foods, but not for heavy tools or books.

What We Like
Multiple locking mechanisms
Tight seal
Durable latches
What We Don't
Crack in extreme temps
Not made for heavy weight

The latching mechanism of some stackable containers can be a struggle to open. If you just need to keep your things stored in an easy-to-use bin, try the ease and affordability of HDX Flip-Top Storage containers in the 4 pack. They flip open quickly, making getting to your stuff accessible on the fly. Plus, you'll never lose a lid again because it's attached.

As with all clear totes, the material is known to break in extreme weather and when dropped from a distance. A few reviewers did notice that the weight of stacking the totes did create some cracks on the bins near the bottom.

What We Like
Lids stay attached
Easy to access contents
Stack easily
What We Don't
Material cracks in extreme weather
Weight of stacking can lead to bottom totes cracking

Things to Consider With Storage Containers

Not all storage containers are created equal. So, you need to consider what you are going to be using the storage container for.

  • Durability - Clear storage containers are made of a weaker material that can break in extreme weather. They should not be used in places that are not heat-regulated.
  • Stackability - If you are stacking many large containers, you'll want to consider using those made of more durable material, so the containers on the bottom don't crack.
  • Moveability - Containers that hold a lot of weight need wheels or an easy way to move them around.
  • Watertight - If you will keep your containers outside or in the basement, use containers with a watertight seal.
  • Lockability - Many containers come with ways to lock them when you are camping or outdoors.

Know Your Storage Containers

Make sure you get a suitable storage container for your needs and your budget. If you are going to keep a container in your home, it doesn't need to be the most durable material. However, if you keep important papers in your garage, having a durable and watertight container is a must. When it comes to containers for your closet, you might want to take a look at closet containers.

Stackable Storage Bins for Stress-Free Organizing