109 Popular Boy Names That Start With P

Published December 1, 2020
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Boy names that start with P are often popular choices for babies. You can explore each type of name and the various meanings to help you make that final selection.

What Are Unique Boy Names That Start With P?

You can choose a unique boy name that starts with P for your baby. Some of the listed names have similar meanings, but are from different cultures and languages.

  1. Pablo: Small, humble, variant of Paul (Spanish)
  2. Pace: Peace (Anglo-Saxon)
  3. Padraig: Of patrician class (Irish)
  4. Padriac: Nobleman (Irish)
  5. Pan: Shepherd (Greek)
  6. Panagiotis: All holy (Greek)
  7. Pany: Son of Harry (Welsh)
  8. Paolo: Paul (Italian)
  9. Param: Primary, highest, best (Sanskrit)
  10. Paris: Wallet, pouch (Greek)
  11. Parlan: Son of ploughman (Irish)
  12. Parsa: Devout, pious (Persian)
  13. Parth: Archer who never misses his target (Sanskrit)
  14. Pascal, Pascual: Easter, Passover (Greek), (Hebrew)
  15. Pasquale: Born on Passover day (Hebrew)
  16. Patricio: Noble (Spanish)
  17. Patrizio: Italian origin
  18. Patryk: Noble (Polish)
  19. Pau: Peace, Paul (Catalan)
  20. Paulino: Small, humble (Spanish)
  21. Paulo: Small (Portuguese)
  22. Pavel: Small (Russian)
  23. Pavle: Small, humble (Serbian), (Latin)
  24. Payson: Son of peace (English)
  25. Payton: Fighting man's estate (English)
  26. Paz: Peace (Spanish)
  27. Pemton: From the town near/by the pool (English)
  28. Penley: From the enclosed pasture meadow; surname (English)
  29. Pepe: God increases, pepper (Hebrew), (Italian)
  30. Peppino: He adds (Italian)
Popular boy names that start with P

Boy Names That Start With P and Mean Rock

You may find boy names that start with P and mean rock or stone, a possible choice for your baby boy. A name that means rock might empower your little guy as he grows up.

  1. Pearson: Rock (English)
  2. Pedro: Stone, rock (Spanish)
  3. Perrin: Rock (English)
  4. Petar: Stone, rock (Greek)
  5. Pete: Rock (English)
  6. Peter, Pieter: Stone, rock (Greek), (Dutch)
  7. Peterson: Son of Peter, rock (Scandinavian)
  8. Petros: Rock, stone (Latin)
  9. Piero: Rock (Italian)
  10. Pierre: Rock, stone (French)
  11. Piers: Rock, stone (English)
  12. Pierson: Rock, stone (English)
  13. Pietro: Rock (Italian)
  14. Pyotr: Rock (Russian)

What Are Strong Boy Names That Start With P?

You may want to give your little man a strong boy's name that starts with P. You can choose from a list of names that many parents like.

  1. Pax: Peace (Latin)
  2. Paxson: Son of peace (English)
  3. Paxten, Paxton: Peaceful settlement (English)
  4. Payden: From fighter's farm (English)
  5. Pharaoh: Great house, royal palace (Egyptian)
  6. Philemon: Loving (Greek)
  7. Phoenix, Phoenyx: Deep red, mythical bird (Greek)
  8. Poseidon: God of sea (Greek)
  9. Price, Pryce: Son of Rhys, enthusiasm (Welsh)
  10. Prince, Prynce: Royal Son (English)
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English Boy Names That Start With P

You may prefer English boy names that start with P. These names have various meanings that you might find appealing.

  1. Parks: Tree, park keeper (English)
  2. Parrish: Lives near the church (English)
  3. Paton: From warrior's town (English)
  4. Paxon: Peaceful town (English)
  5. Payne: Countryman, rustic (English)
  6. Pearce, Pierce: Son of Piers (English)
  7. Penn: Lives by the hill (English)
  8. Percy: On who pierces the valley (French)
  9. Perry: Dweller by the pear tree (English)
  10. Prescott: Priest's cottage, dwelling (English)
  11. Presley: Forest clearing (English)
  12. Preston: Priest's village (English)

Popular American Boy Names That Start With P

Most of the popular American boy names that start with P have non-American origins. Most of the popular English boy names that start with P are also popular American boy names.

  1. Paden: Royal (Scottish)
  2. Palmer: Palm tree, one who made Holy Land pilgrimage (English)
  3. Parker: Park keeper (English)
  4. Pat: Fish, nickname for Patrick (Native American), (English)
  5. Patrick: King, ruler (English)
  6. Patton: Son of Patrick (Scottish), (Irish)
  7. Paul: Small, humble (English)
  8. Phil: Lover of horses (Greek)
  9. Philip, Philipp, Phillip: Loves horses, fond of horses (Greek)
  10. Porter: Gate keeper, to carry (French)
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Historical Boy Names That Start With P

You may prefer historical boy names that start with P. If you're looking for nostalgic and mystical names for your little mam, then an ancient Greek or Hebrew name may be the ideal choice.

  1. Percival: Pierce, valley (French)
  2. Perseus: Avenger/destroyer (Greek)
  3. Pesach: Passover (English)
  4. Pert: Pampered child, spoiled (English)
  5. Pharrell: Descendant of man of valor (Irish)
  6. Phelan: Wolf (Irish)
  7. Phelix: Happy, fortunate (Latin)
  8. Phenix: Dark red (Greek)
  9. Philihert: Sharp-willed (German Teuton tribe)
  10. Philippe: Loves horses (French)
  11. Phineas, Phinehas: Oracle (Hebrew)
  12. Pike: Lives by a hill with a sharp point, pointed hill (English)
  13. Pili: Second born (Egyptian)
  14. Pinchas, Pinchus: Serpent (Hebrew)
  15. Pirro: Flame-colored (Greek)
  16. Platon: Strong, broad shouldered (Russian)
  17. Polydama: Trojan warrior (Greek)
  18. Ponce: Fifth (Spanish)
  19. Pontius: Fifth (Latin)
  20. Porfirio: Purple clad (Greek)
  21. Pranav: Om, sacred sound (Hindi)
  22. Praneel: Lord Shiva (Hindi)
  23. Prayan: Supreme intelligence, clever (Hindi)
  24. Prentice: Apprentice (English)
  25. Prestyn: Priest's estate (English)
  26. Priam: Ruler/king of Troy (Greek)
  27. Princeston, Princeton: Prince's residence, prince's palace (English)
  28. Priyansh: Loveable, favorite of old person (Hindi)
  29. Promise: Virtue (English)
  30. Prosper: Fortunate (French)
  31. Proteus: Firstborn (Greek)
  32. Pryderi: Care, concern (Welsh)
  33. Pryor: Monastic leader (English)

Boy Names That Start With P for Popular and Unique Choices

There are many popular baby boy names that start with P. You may find a few unique choices to consider while you narrow your search for the ideal name for your little man.

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109 Popular Boy Names That Start With P