Games Like Truth or Dare for Teens

Published October 25, 2018
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Truth or dare is a famous game among teens. Not only do you learn a lot about your friends but some dares can be funny and outrageous. But if you are looking for youth games to spice up your fun party, you might give these similar games a try.

Dare and Dance

Teens watching and cheering break dancers

Dare and dance is a fun game if you are having a dance party with your friends. It requires a bowl full of funny dares (like do the robot, do the chicken, etc.) and music.

  1. Start the music and everyone dance.
  2. The person throwing the party will call out a random person.
  3. That person will pull a dare out of a bowl.
  4. After performing the dare that person will call on another person until all people have been called.
  5. Each person gets one dare pass.

To really add to the fun, you can set up a little stage for the dares.


Teens playing bottle game in park

This fun twist on spin the bottle has you daring rather than kissing. You will need a bowl, pieces of paper and a bottle.

  1. Have each person at the party write down a dare or truth question. These should be fun dares and questions that aren't too hard or revealing. You can find dares online as well.
  2. Put all the dares in a bowl.
  3. The person throwing the party starts by spinning the bottle.
  4. The person that the bottle lands on must pull a dare out of the bowl.
  5. After performing the dare, they put their dare back in the bowl.
  6. The person to perform the dare now spins the bottle.
  7. The game continues until you moved through everyone.
  8. You can restart the game by adding new dares.

Never Have I Ever

If you are around new friends or just want to get to know each other better, never have I ever can be a great game. You will need a bowl full of questions or find pre-made teen questions on your cell phone.

  1. Start by sitting in a circle. (The game moves counterclockwise.)
  2. The person throwing the party will ask the first question.
  3. Those that have never done it should stand.
  4. Those that have done it will think of a dare for all those standing.
  5. Standers must now complete the dare.
  6. After completion, the next person in the circle pulls out a question.

Two Truths and a Lie

This is a great conversation game for getting to know new people. It doesn't require anything but friends.

  1. Start by sitting in a circle.
  2. The person throwing the party can start or pick someone randomly.
  3. The 'guesser' person looks to the person to their right.
  4. That person must tell them two truths and a lie.
  5. The 'guesser' person must pick the lie.
  6. If they choose correctly, they move on to the next person who will tell two truths and a lie.
  7. When the guesser person fails to guess the lie that person will take over as the guesser.
  8. Gameplay continues until everyone has been a guesser.

Pass the Bowl

Much like the coveted hot potato for little kids, this teen version brings the fun. You will need a bowl filled with either truth questions and dares and music. There needs to be one person designated to start and stop the music. This person will rotate with each round.

  1. Sit in a circle.
  2. Start the music.
  3. Pass the bowl to the left.
  4. When the music stops that person must pull a truth question or a dare out of the bowl.
  5. They will then answer the question or perform the dare.
  6. The music will start again.
  7. The round is over when the bowl has made two rotations through the circle. The music person must choose another person to start and stop the music.

Find the Truth

Instead of finding the lie, in this game, you find the truth. You need one less strip of paper than there are players. For instance, if you have 8 players, you will need 7 strips of paper. All the strips but one will say lie. One strip will say 'truth.' Put all the strips in a bowl.

  1. You don't have to but it is helpful to sit in a circle for passing around the bowl.
  2. The guesser can be chosen randomly. For example, the person with a first name that begins with A.
  3. The guesser will pass around the bowl.
  4. Every person will read their strip and say a lie or a truth.
  5. The guesser must find the truth.
  6. The truth person will be the next guesser.

Would You Rather?

Teens sitting in a circle

Would you rather is a conversation favorite among teens. Not only does it help them to learn about one another but it is fun. This game doesn't require anything but creativity.

  1. Everyone will sit in a circle and the question giver will move clockwise along the circle.
  2. The question giver will start. This person can be the youngest person in the room.
  3. They'll ask a would you rather question. For example, would you rather ski or snowboard? Would you rather eat jalapenos or snails? (Funny or gross questions can make this game more memorable.)
  4. Everyone must answer what they would rather do.
  5. Once everyone has answered, the next person in the circle will give a would you rather question.

Fun Conversation Games

True or dare is a conversation game that never really gets old. However, if you are looking for a new game to take your party to the next level, you might want to give these unique games similar to truth or dare a try. Moving beyond truth and dare, maybe fun group games or beach party games might be more your style.

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Games Like Truth or Dare for Teens