Spring Captions to Celebrate Warmer Weather

Published March 17, 2022
Close-Up of poppies and cornflowers on meadow against sunlight and blue sky

Spring is in the air! Now that the weather is getting warmer, are you starting to feel some spring vibes? Use these fun and upbeat seasonal captions to enhance your colorful spring photos with just the right turn of phrase. What better way to spread a little springtime joy to your friends and followers?

Short Spring Instagram Captions

Looking for a snappy spring caption? The snappiest sayings have the fewest words. Get your point across in four words or less with these super-short social sayings.

Short Spring Instagram Caption
  • Spring happens.
  • Queen of green.
  • Rays and shine.
  • Followin' the sun.
  • Spring to life.
  • Free the toes.
  • Spring the day.
  • Let it glow...
  • Here comes spring.
  • Nothin' but blue skies.

Spring Captions for Couples

For spring pics that feature your special someone together with you, these couple-oriented captions are sure to do.

Spring Caption for Couples
  • Love is in bloom.
  • Springin' with my boo.
  • Love blooms here.
  • Springtime is for lovers.
  • Strawberry fields forever.
  • My personal ray of sunshine.
  • This is how our garden grows.
  • Nobody puts boo in the shade.
  • Can't wait to do spring with you.
  • Our hearts are on fire with spring.

Warm Spring Weather Captions

Spring starts out chilly but grows warmer by the day. Use these warm weather captions to highlight the glow of springtime rays.

Warm Spring Weather Caption
  • Warm breeze? Yes, please!
  • Saved by the sun.
  • All I need is sun.
  • Touched by the sun.
  • Rise and sunshine.
  • No more chill.
  • Spring warms my heart.
  • Spring warms my soul.
  • Sun time makes me happy.
  • Not too hot, not too cold - spring is just right!

Spring Fashion and Beauty Captions

When spring arrives, it's time for a major wardrobe change. Welcome back your warm-weather gear with fashion and beauty sayings for this relaxed time of year.

Spring Fashion and Beauty Caption
  • Lookin' sun-derful tonight.
  • The shawl before the warm.
  • Spring is in my hair!
  • Sundress weather has arrived.
  • It's time to halter my wardrobe.
  • Sunscreen is a fashion accessory.
  • Windblown hair; sunkissed glow.
  • It's time to expose shoulders and toes.
  • Nothing says spring like strappy sandals!
  • Spring means bare shoulders and open toes.

Spring Flower and Garden Captions

When do the best gardens grow? in spring, of course! Welcome the loveliest time of year with these phrases about spring flowers and gardens.

Spring Flower and Garden Caption
  • Cultivate beauty.
  • Bloom with abandon.
  • Spring is so lovely.
  • Garden hair, don't care.
  • Seed today, food tomorrow.
  • Spring is a bouquet of beauty.
  • Hangin' with some wildflowers.
  • Make like a tree and turn over a new leaf.
  • Spring turns tiny seeds into mammoth sunflowers.
  • Sunshine on my garden makes it bloom.

Sweet and Funny Spring Season Captions

Nothing says spring better than a lighthearted silly saying that captures the season's essence. From longer days to spectacular scenery, use these captions to share that signs of spring are everywhere.

  • Shell yes, it's spring!
  • Spring fever is catching.
  • Spring really puts on a show.
  • I've got the fever - spring fever!
  • It's spring break somewhere.
  • Ready or not, spring is here.
  • Nature is the best nourishment.
  • Longer days make for maximum rays.
  • Spring, where have you been all my life?
  • Winter is a small price to pay for spring.

Motivational Spring Captions

Nature sets an incredible example of new beginnings during spring. Let nature's determination motivate you to live your best life and become your best self.

  • Live spring out loud.
  • Come to life in spring.
  • Spring forward to a new day.
  • Let spring nourish your soul.
  • Winter is in the rearview mirror.
  • Spring has sprung! A new day has begun.
  • Bloom your way to a brand new day.
  • Spring was made for rejuvenation.
  • Spring is proof that all things are possible.
  • Open your heart to the miracle of spring.

Welcome Spring With Seasonal Sayings

These captions are just a few of the many ways you can word spring sayings. For more ideas, explore this collection of quotes to celebrate the spring season. Whatever words you choose to use, what matters is that you find a way to convey the aspects of springtime that mean the most to you.

Spring Captions to Celebrate Warmer Weather