42 January Quotes to Start Your Year Off Right

These fun and inspirational January quotes can keep you motivated and merry all month long!

Published December 27, 2023
Smiley woman holding a multicolored umbrella during a snow storm

January is the start of a new chapter in our lives — an opportunity to let go of the past year and begin anew. If you are looking for inspiration with the turning of the calendar page, these January quotes can help you greet this time with excitement and motivation!

And for those who need regular reminders that the cold will soon pass, we also have January letter board quotes to keep a pep in your step until February. 

"Hello, January" Quotes to Greet the New Month

The month of January is known for being a new beginning. These "Hello, January" quotes can help you to welcome this wonderful time in winter, despite those continuously plummeting temperatures.

  • January: New month, new year, new start.
  • Hello, January! Today is a good day to start something new.
  • January: Cold, confident, and captivating.
  • Hello, January! The peak of winter never looked so good. 
  • And so it begins:  Chapter One
  • January: When pockets are empty, but hearts are full. 
  • Hello to a time of hope and change! January brings out the best in all of us. 
  • Goodbye holiday stress & hello time of rest! #happyJanuary
  • Dear December, Please take your weather back. This is not what I ordered for the new year.
  • Hello to the most winter-ful time of the year! #January

Inspirational January Quotes to Keep Your Resolutions Alive

The bitter cold that sets in during the peak of winter can sometimes make it hard to stay motivated. These January inspiration quotes can drive you forward and keep you on track to achieving your new year goals

January 1st reminds us that every day can be remarkable. 
  • January brings a fresh blanket of snow to the world and a blank slate for us to fill with fantastic new things!
  • I wish every day was the first of January. It brings hope for a better future.
  • The cold of January keeps you inside so that you have time to dream. 
  • January is when we truly learn to appreciate the stifling heat of summer. 
  • January 1st reminds us that every day can be remarkable. 
  • January is when the world sparkles and our stresses melt away.
  • The start of January brings a big list of to-do's. Why not just focus on one and go from there?
  • Small ripples can make big waves. All you have to do is throw the stone. What are you waiting for? #Januarygoals

Funny January Quotes to Keep You Jolly Despite the Cold

Sometimes the best inspiration is joy and laughter! If you're looking to make your January jolly, we have some funny January quotes that are sure to bring a smile.

  • January: The month when we write the wrong year on all of our checks.
  • Another January freeze? Bring on the hot chocolate, please! 
  • Now that the ball has dropped, pick it up and get rolling! 
  • Janudairy: The month when hot cocoa has no calories.
  • There are no happy campers in January. Only semi-happy crampers. #workoutwoes
  • Thank Goodness It's January: Said Every Parent Ever #TGIJ
  • If Nemo can swim across an entire ocean, I can make it through 31 cold January days. 
  • I feel like I'm experiencing deja vu. I swear I had the same resolutions last year. That's Janu-eerie, right?
Fast Fact

January is the peak of the winter season, which makes winter weather quotes, winter captions, and winter jokes another fine choice for your silly social posts!

Short January Letter Board Quotes to Keep You Moving All Month

For the folks who need a daily reminder of the joy of January, these January letter board quotes can jumpstart your days!

January: 365 new chances to shine!
  • January: 365 new chances to shine!
  • May your New Year's diet be filled with pizza and tacos!
  • New year, same goals.
  • Here's to a more successful January than last year!
  • 2024: Let's aim to be better!
  • January: The month Netflix and Chill was made for.
  • Elsa got it wrong — the cold bothers me A LOT. 
  • The high today was 31. The low was eating all the cookies I forgot to leave Santa.

Famous January Quotes for All Your Feelings About This Month

It seems that many people have a love-hate relationship with January. No matter what side of the fence you land on, we have a January quote for you. 

January Quotes Can Bring You Joy

As you usher in the new year, remember that goals take dedication and hard work, so take things one step at a time. If you stay positive and focused, this may be your best January, and best year yet! 

42 January Quotes to Start Your Year Off Right