67 Cute & Cozy Winter Quotes to Warm Your Soul

These wonderful winter sayings can help you to get into the spirit of the season!

Published November 28, 2023
Happy woman enjoying with friend at snowy field

Winter is a magical time of year when our slates are wiped clean and we're reminded of what matters most in life. Winter quotes can be the perfect way to caption the magical moments that happen between December and February.

From positive messages to pun-derful winter sayings, we have a wonderland full of phrases for cards, planners, and your Instagram posts!

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Winter Quotes to Welcome the Season 

Is there anything more magical than the start of the winter season? These quotes to welcome winter are the perfect way to greet this time of celebration!

  • Hello, pristine winter days and cozy fireside nights!
  • And snow it begins! Welcome, winter!
  • Hello, winter! It's finally the time when nature wipes our slate clean with a beautiful white canvas of snow.
  • Keep calm — it's time to winter on!
  • Hello, winter — everything looks better against your pristine white canvas. 
  • Winter is when Mother Nature dusts the world with glitter and helps us see life's sparkle.
  • It's amazing how the cold of winter makes us value life's most important aspects. 
  • Winter warms the heart in a way no other season can.
  • Winter — the joyful moment when the bugs and pollen disappear.
  • And so begins the season of hot cocoa and cookies. Can you think of anything quite so sweet?

Short Winter Quotes for Your Icy Instagram Posts

Can we please freeze this moment?

These short winter sayings capture the essence of the season. This lets you post your un-brr-lieveable pics and then get back to your winter fun!

  • Cheers to the season of joy! 
  • Hello, hibernation season!
  • Who can resist a winter wonderland?
  • Winter has come!
  • Winter Vibes: On
  • Staying frosty this season. 
  • Letting go of my need for warmth. 
  • Embracing the chill of winter.
  • Can we please freeze this moment?
  • Be chill, my beating heart. Winter has arrived!

Positive Winter Quotes to Keep You Joyful

Don't flurry, be happy! These inspirational winter quotes are the perfect way to shovel through the strenuous parts of the season and come out smiling on the other side of winter. 

  • The winter snow allows us to be transported back to our childhoods and experience the true joy of playing outside, yet again. 
  • This winter, be like a snowflake — perfectly unique in every way!
  • Snowflakes and sweater weather make everything better.
  • You can be the snowflake that starts the avalanche. Don't be afraid to fall. Be the change you want to see in tomorrow.
  • Winter is a time when we value the basics above all else — warmth, good food, and family.
  • Winter whispers in our ears and reminds us to prioritize those we hold most dear. 
  • If you want to find picture-perfect lighting, just walk out in the snow. 
  • Winter gifts us with those Wizard of Oz moments that remind us that there is snow place like home!
  • Snowy winter mornings are the wonderful moments when time stands still and you can truly soak in the season. 

Funny Winter Sayings That Will Sleigh All Season 

The winter cold brings joy to the solstice.

The best things in life are freeze, which includes these pun-derful winter sayings! You snow it's true!

  • It's a winter-ful life.
  • The winter cold brings joy to the solstice.
  • For goodness flake — it's winter already?!
  • Hello, winter! Talk about love at frost sight.
  • Every day I'm shovelin'!
  • I sleigh every winter day!
  • The winter season is snow joke!
  • Up to snow good this season!
  • Flake it 'til you make it.
  • This guy/gal/person is not ready for winter. I call 'em like icy 'em.
  • Mother Nature is on thin ice — mama needs some snow this season. 
  • This is a frost-rating situation — on the one hand, snow is pretty. On the other, I hate the cold snow much.
  • Can we flurry up and get to Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year's?
  • Be the change you wish to ski in this winter world.

Cozy Winter Phrases to Snuggle Up to the Season

The winter wind can be piercing, but let's be honest, that brings the joy of snuggling up inside and getting cozy for the season. These winter quotes perfectly caption our love of the warmth of the indoors.

  • The snuggle is real once the winter cold settles in for the season.
  • Hot cocoa + a warm fire = the perfect cozy winter night.
  • Is there anything more romantic than spending a cold winter night, curled up in front of a warm fire?
  • Hello to the high season of hygge! Let the cozy begin.
  • Winter makes me snow blind with love.
  • We go together like winter and a sweater! #alwayscozy
  • Brrring on the blankets! The more, the merrier.
  • Mother Nature is quite the rebel wearing white after Labor Day. #snuggleupinwhitethiswinter

Captivating Sayings for Winter Nights That Warm the Soul

If snowflakes are angel kisses, then send me a blizzard tonight!

Since many of us still have to trek through the cold, ice, and snow on winter days, winter quotes that circle around the quiet of winter nights can be a magical choice to help you melt into the season. 

  • Winter nights mean hot cocoa hugs. You could say that they warm my heart.
  • Catching snowflakes and feelings on these long winter nights!
  • If snowflakes are angel kisses, then send me a blizzard tonight!
  • Glistening snow-covered winter nights are Mother Nature's magical way of getting us to unplug.
  • Can cold winter nights become evergreen moments?
  • Who can resist a long winter's night?
  • Cold winter nights are when you truly feel the overwhelming love of family.
  • Looking for s'more snow and fireside nights. Thank goodness we have ___ more weeks of winter!

Song-Inspired Winter Quotes to Keep You Moving

Another way to warm the heart during the frigid winter months is with the magic of song! These famous lyrics about winter and the cold can be the perfect winter captions to pair with your Instagram posts.

Quick Tip

Winter officially begins during the third week of December, so also consider December quotes and winter solstice quotes to greet this chilly time of year!

Winter Quotes Remind Us of the Season's Magic

Warm drinks, cozy clothes, roaring fires, and rich foods. How could you not resist this season? Winter quotes are a wonderful way to caption these blessings and remind all of us to soak in the joy of this wonderful window of time. 

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67 Cute & Cozy Winter Quotes to Warm Your Soul