41 Perfect Popcorn Quotes to Salute This Sweet or Salty Snack

You butter believe that we have some perfect popcorn sayings for you snack-filled social posts!

Published January 11, 2024
Portrait of giggling young woman with bowl of popcorn in the kitchen

Popcorn quotes are the perfect way to caption your movie nights and ballpark days! From funny popcorn quotes to sweet caramel popcorn sayings to all the other flavors in between, we're serving up some spectacular popcorn quotes that are perfect for any occasion.

Funny Popcorn Quotes to Make People Pop With Laughter

When you think of popcorn, you immediately think of fun pastimes! This makes funny popcorn quotes the perfect pairing to your popcorn-filled pictures. Here are some silly sayings to heat things up.

  • Not to be corny, but there's no one butter than you!
  • What's poppin'?
  • Pop it like it's hot!
  • It's always cheddar to share cheesy popcorn than to give it all away to someone else! 
  • You make my heart pop! I kernel imagine my life without you!
  • I'm popped and ready for movie night!
  • Extra butter on my popcorn? Maize well!
  • Talk about an as-salt! Someone burned my popcorn
  • When the pressure is getting to you, eat popcorn. The kernels know how you feel!

Cute & Clever Popcorn Sayings to Show Off Your Tasty Treats

An unlimited refill popcorn policy is the glue that holds every bad movie together.

Butter, salt, cheddar, caramel, and chocolate — these are just a few of the delicious popcorn toppings that make this treat so irresistible. When showing off snaps of your newest sensational snack creation, make sure you have some scintillating popcorn sayings to pair with them! 

  • Awe shucks! Popcorn AND a movie! Talk about a grain time!
  • I'm thrilled that you popped into my life!
  • Is there anything butter than a freshly popped bag of buttery popcorn?
  • We're butter together! 
  • I kernel resist a buttery bowl of popcorn and a movie with you!
  • May your life be brimming with flavor, sweetness, and a whole lot of cheddar, just like a variety tin of popcorn.
  • An unlimited refill popcorn policy is the glue that holds every bad movie together.
  • With every pop, joy fills my soul, and my mouth waters more with every bowl. Who can resist taking a bite, and enjoying a delicious popcorn night?

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Caramel Popcorn Quotes for Your Sweet Snack Captions

For those folks with a bit of a sweet tooth, these caramel popcorn sayings are sure to sugarcoat your social posts and leave everyone wanting their own bowl of popcorn!

  • Let me husk you a question — is there anything better than sweet, candy-covered popcorn?
  • I hope your day is filled with sweetness and crunch, just like caramel corn!
  • Caramel popcorn really butters me up!
  • I didn't know Werther you knew it or not, so I thought I'd let you know that caramel popcorn is pop-ably the best snack around!
  • Keep calm and caramel corn on!
  • You are the caramel to my popcorn — thanks for adding sweetness to my life!
  • Caramel corn is the secret to solving my salty attitude.
  • Chocolate drizzled caramel corn — choc about a scrumptious snack! 

Popcorn Appreciation Sayings to Thank Those Who Make Your Life Pop

You are the pop secret to our success!

Does anything say thank you more than a big bag of popcorn served with some popcorn puns? These popcorn sayings can show off how pleased you are with the important people that have popped up in your life.

  • Thanks for being like popcorn — never afraid to come out of your shell!
  • You are the pop secret to our success! 
  • We are butter because of you! 
  • Our bowl runneth over with appreciation! Thanks for helping us POP this year! 
  • We kernel do any of this without you! 
  • Just wanted to pop in and say, take it cheesy for a day and enjoy some of this cheddar corn! 
  • You are pop-itively the best! Thanks for filling our life with flavor!
  • To our flavor-ite person — you are simply a-maize-ing and we just wanted to pop by to say thanks!

Famous Song & Movie Popcorn Quotes 

Fast Fact

National Popcorn Day is January 19th! Make sure to celebrate this salty, savory, and sweet snack by munching on your favorite poppable treat and then posting about the flavor you favor!

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Popcorn Sayings Can Pair Nicely With Party Favors

Let's face it — whether you are a kid or an adult, popcorn favors are a great addition to any celebration. No matter if you are crafting party favors or just posting on your social channels about your preferred poppable snack, make sure to partner them with some of these corny, yet cute popcorn quotes!

41 Perfect Popcorn Quotes to Salute This Sweet or Salty Snack