50+ Brew-tiful Tea Quotes to Leave You Wanting More

We're just bubbling over with excitement for you to check out these clever tea quotes and sayings.

Published January 5, 2024
Young womandrinking tea and relaxing on the couch at home

We're spilling the tea quotes just in time for your next cup. Tea drinkers belong to an exclusive club of knowing just how much a great cup of tea can change your life. If you're steeping a fresh pot of herbal, we'll give you the quote pairing to complement your favorite blend. 

Funny Tea Sayings for Endless Cups of Giggles

Two cubes of laughter and a splash of milk are all we need for a satisfying cup of tea. If you prefer your leaves steeped with extra humor, these a the quotes for you.

I'm beginning to think my blood type might be tea-positive
  • Some people cry over spilled milk, but spilled tea is far worse. 
  • The only tea I spill is the kind you can't sip.
  • Nothing says tea time like two friends sharing a bit of gossip over a cup of Darjeeling.
  • Some people emotionally eat when life gets difficult. I turn on the kettle and wait for my troubles to boil away. 
  • I've read my tea leaves and they're telling me I need another cup.
  • Tea is my soulmate. We both bloom in hot water and get bitter the longer we hang around.
  • I don't choose to drink tea for my benefit. I do it for everyone else's.
  • Sometimes I think I've had too much tea, then I remember that isn't possible. 
  • Nothing warms quite like tea. Especially if there's some whiskey to add in. 
  • I'm beginning to think my blood type might be tea-positive.

Tea Time Quotes to Inspire Your Next Course

Even if you don't have an official high tea every day, tea time adds quite a bit of joy to your day. These quotes remind us why the traditional practice is such a wonderful addition to an ordinary afternoon.

  • I come for the tea but I stay for the sweets course.
  • Tea time is a little gift to myself every afternoon. 
  • Tea time gives me something to look forward to every single day.
  • No day is wasted when there's tea time.
  • I'm a forgiving person unless you make me miss tea time.
  • Tea time is self-love for those of us who value the warm and cozy things in life.
  • There's never a bad time for tea time.
  • Tea time is like a little reset button on your day.
  • If you ever find I'm not where I'm meant to be, you can be sure I've suddenly decided it's tea time.
  • You know what they say: it's tea time somewhere.

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Cup of Tea Sayings for Everyday Life

Tea may be a simple beverage, but so much of life can be compared to the process of drinking tea. Much like reading tea leaves, these quotes about the drink might help you understand something in your life.

The whistle of a kettle is like a comforting call from home
  • When life gives you lemons, add a little ginger and make a cup of tea.
  • If I were a tea, I'd be green tea: a little bitter and full of caffeine. 
  • The whistle of a kettle is like a comforting call from home.
  • Tea warms the soul like the return of a long-lost friend or the hope of a holiday quickly approaching.
  • There's nothing quite so reassuring as how a cup of tea fits perfectly in your hands. 
  • Tea is a sip of peace.
  • A cup of tea is a reminder that the best things in life are simple and soothing to the soul.
  • Tea holds memories of mornings, holidays, and faces dearly missed from across the table.
  • If my life were a cup of tea, it would be sweet and mostly full.
  • I love to think of my life as a very long tea time. There's so much to add to the cup and experiencing it all takes time.

Relatable Quotes About Drinking Tea

Drinking tea isn't just something you do. It's a lifestyle, which is why these quotes are so relatable.

  • I'd take a bad cup of tea over a good cup of coffee any day.
  • I've yet to find a moment or circumstance in which tea is not a delight.
  • When you don't know what to say, just ask if they want a cup of tea.
  • I'll never turn down an invitation to tea and talk.
  • Tea is not just my beverage of choice. Tea is the life-giving nectar that keeps me sane. 
  • Coffee may wake some people up each day. But drinking tea gives me the confidence I need for life.
  • I've never felt anything less than put together while sipping a cup of tea.
  • I drink tea because I love an invitation to slow down and just be.
  • Tea may not change your life, but it will certainly make it more enjoyable.
  • You can drink your tea iced if you like. If you like being wrong, that is.

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Quotes Every Tea Lover Will Sip With Delight

The coffee-obsessed people have nothing on the class and coziness tea drinkers bring to the table. We're sipping our warm tea and sharing these quotes with our fellow tea-loving pals.

I'm a tea lover, of course I'm going to judge you for drinking coffee
  • Relationships change and people come and go. But tea is always there when you need it.
  • I didn't choose the tea life. The tea life chose me.
  • Coffee lovers have Starbucks, but tea lovers have nearly an entire continent.
  • I'm a tea lover, of course I'm going to judge you for drinking coffee.
  • My love for tea runs deeper than an 18th-century kettle.
  • I'm a tea lover, of course I'm going to have more flavors than I could consume in a lifetime.
  • Drinking tea is one way I fool myself into being confident.
  • I prefer the tea approach to my life: sip slowly and never turn down a sweet treat.
  • I fully believe my body is at least 1% tea at this point.
  • If you think my tea obsession is bad, wait until you find out about the tea cups.

Famous Tea Quotes to Pair With Your Next Cup

Tea is far from a new beverage on the market and there are a few famous tea quotes to prove how classic the drink is. Tea has inspired writers and intellectuals for centuries and we're guessing it will continue to do so as long as time marches on.

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Find the Quote That Steeps to You

For all the reasons there are to love tea, there's surely a quote that fits how you feel about the beverage. Whether you're always prompt for tea time or you're the collector of the cups, no one will ever doubt your dedication to the classic drink.

50+ Brew-tiful Tea Quotes to Leave You Wanting More