30 Christmas Captions for Your Dog That Are Paw-sitively Adorable

Wag-worthy captions to celebrate your pup during the holidays.

Published October 20, 2021
Woman and dog with reindeer horns enjoying snow

The holidays have arrived; which means it's time to break out your dog's Santa costume and snap candid photos of them under the tree and galloping through the snow. But capturing a shot of your photogenic pup is the easy part - finding the perfect caption to accompany it is the real challenge. Whether you're looking for an Instagram-worthy caption or a Christmas dog quote for your annual card, these clever phrases will provide you with some howl-iday inspiration.

Heartfelt Dog Christmas Captions

Your dog is no doubt a significant part of your life, so a standard holiday greeting as a caption might not feel special enough for your beloved pet. Show the world how much your pup means to you by pairing their photo with a loving message.

  • My heart is so full knowing I get to spend Christmas with this bundle of fluff.
  • I must have made Santa's nice list to deserve this amazing pup!
  • All I want for Christmas is you!
  • This little [girl or boy] is the only present I need on Christmas morning.
  • Season's Greetings from my furry family to yours.
  • May your days be snuggly and bright.
  • Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. (to accompany a photo of your precious pup snoozing)

Holiday Captions for Mischievous Dogs

Christmas caption for mischievous dogs

Did your dog make the naughty list this year? Your secret's safe with us. But even if your dog is typically a perfect angel, it's not uncommon to capture a photo of them getting into trouble under the Christmas tree or amongst the holiday décor. Use one of these clever captions to let your friends and family know that your dog was more naughty than nice this year.

  • "No, I don't know what happened to Santa's cookies…" #guilty
  • Can you tell which one of Santa's lists [he/she/they] made?
  • "I'm just patiently waiting for Santa to arrive so I can explain and try to patch things up…"
  • I think it's safe to say that [he/she/they] was more naughty than nice this year.
  • Gift wrap is way more fun than what's inside! (great to pair with a photo of your pup goofing around with wrapping paper)
  • "Dear Santa, it wasn't me."

Canine Captions for When You're Feeling Cheeky

Photo captions can be a great way of displaying your dog's unique personality, and if your pup is sassy with a capital S, you'll love these cheeky lines.

  • "So you're telling me I'm NOT supposed to lift my leg on this tree?"
  • This is my resting Grinch face.
  • Merry Christmas, from this filthy animal! (a riff on the classic Home Alone 2 line)
  • "Who is this Sandy Paws, and when will he be here with my treats?"
  • This pup is ready to sleigh the day.
  • "I left cookies out for Santa, but then I got hungry…"
  • …over the hills we go, barking all the way *woof* *woof* *woof*
  • "So, good news - I saw a dog today." - Buddy the Elf
  • The look you make when they tell you Santa's been watching (pair this caption with a silly photo of your dog looking flabbergasted)

Christmas Dog Puns for Captions

Christmas dog pun caption

If plays-on-words tickle your fancy, you might be on the hunt for a punny dog caption. Any of these phrases are sure to have you paw-sitively howling with laughter (or at the very least, will give you the punstoppable urge to roll your eyes).

  • May your Christmas be furry and bright.
  • Santa Paws is giving Santa Claus a run for his money! (use with a photo of your puppy on Santa's lap!)
  • We woof you a hairy Christmas.
  • Happy Paw-lidays!
  • Dachshund through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh.
  • Sending you Pugs and kisses this holiday season.
  • Living with a winter wonderlab. (the perfect caption for a photo of your dog playing in the snow)
  • Merry Christmas from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Retriever!
  • Feliz Navi-dog! (a play on the greeting "Merry Christmas" in Spanish)
  • Puppy's furrst Christmas.

Captions for Dogs Who Have Passed On

Caption for dogs who have passed on

During the holidays, we're often reminded of special pets who are no longer with us. If you feel compelled to post a favorite photo of your pup who has passed on, consider a holiday message of remembrance to accompany it.

  • A dog is never truly forgotten. Today I'm remembering all the beautiful Christmases we spent together.
  • Happy Holidays to this sweet pup, who will forever remain in my heart.
  • Merry Christmas over the rainbow bridge, [your dog's name].

Dog Christmas Captions for Any Photo

Whatever feeling you're going for (heartfelt, sassy, silly, or somber), the paw-sibilities are endless. Feel free to use the photo pairing ideas in parentheses, or create your own spin on each caption. With these messages, your Christmas posts are sure to be as unique as the special pup they feature.

30 Christmas Captions for Your Dog That Are Paw-sitively Adorable