52 Clever and Funny Trick-or-Treat Sayings 

Trick-or-treat quotes are the perfect way to spice up your spooky night!

Updated September 28, 2023
Group of kids trick or treating

Are you looking for some alternative ways to say "trick or treat" without using the same old phrases you've chanted for years? You've come to the right place! 

From basic substitute phrases to use when going door-to-door to funny trick-or-treat sayings or rhymes that are sure to make even the most ghastly goblins and ghouls smile, you'll find plenty of great inspiration here.

Unless otherwise noted, all sayings are original and written by LoveToKnow Staff. 

Short Alternatives to Saying "Trick or Treat"

Looking for some short sayings to use instead of "trick or treat?" Whether you're searching for a cute Halloween caption or something new to say when you go to gather your candy, these brief phrases just may do the trick.

Smite or delight?
  • Spell or quell?
  • Beast or feast?
  • Caper or candy?
  • Candy or bust?
  • Scare or share?
  • Gag or goodies?
  • Deceit or treat?
  • Smite or delight?
  • Prank or thank?
  • Sweet or defeat?
  • Critique or treat?
  • Fright or delight?
  • Tragic or magic?
  • Treat or I'll tweet!
  • Shenanigans or snacks?

Cute and Funny Trick-or-Treat Sayings

If you are searching for some funny Halloween quotes related to trick-or-treating, these chuckle-worthy, yet bewitching Halloween sayings are sure to garner some giggles of sheer delight from kiddos and adults alike!

  • Sugar or spice? Please be nice!
  • Boo! I'm here to deplete your treats!
  • Don't want a hoax? Use candy to coax!
  • I'm back again! Re-treat me or I'll tweet.
  • Want me to go away? Give me some candy!
  • Some Halloween candy would be quite dandy!
  • Don't want a trick? Then give some candy pronto, be quick!
  • Am I a good witch or bad? It depends on what kind of candy you have!
  • Do you have some candy to spare? Give it to me and I'll get out of your hair!
  • Trick-or-treating: The exception to the rule of avoiding taking candy from strangers.

Rhyming Quotes About Trick-or-Treating

You don't have to lose the word "trick" and the word "treat" to come up with creative trick-or-treat rhymes! Just say no to the same old "trick or treat, smell my feet" chant that's been used for generations, and update your quotes with these original rhymes!

Rhyming Quotes About Trick or Treating
  • Trick or treat, I do entreat, please let me have something yummy to eat.
  • Trick or treat, I need some sweets. Won't you please give me some to eat?
  • Trick or treat! Want to repel my spell? Give me candy and I'll say farewell.
  • Trick or treat, give me something sweet; then I'll go away and let you sleep.
  • Trick or treat, I'll keep repeating until you give me what I want to be eating.
  • Trick or treat, I've said my piece. Won't you let me have some candy, please?
  • Trick or treat, I'll never admit defeat. You may as well give me all of your sweets.
  • Trick or treat this Halloween night! Prevent a fright by sharing candy that delights.
  • Trick or treat, I'm walking the streets, searching for neighbors with good candy to eat.
  • Trick or treat, please don't give me any beets. That's not the kind of sweet I like to eat.
  • Trick or treat without any fright, and your Halloween night is sure to be filled with delight.
Fast Fact

The term "Trick or treat" was first used in an Alberta newspaper in 1924. Tricks were getting out of hand, and lawmakers encouraged wholesome fun. By 1927, newspapers reported that "the greatest [Halloween] activity was manifested by the very young, who wandered in droves from door to door, heavily disguised and demanding 'trick or treat.'"

Funny Trick-or-Treat Sayings About the Candies We Covet

The phrase "trick or treat" leaves you open to a wide selection of candy, but let's be honest, there are only a few sweets that we're really looking to snag. If you want to make sure you have a successful haul, use these candy-themed trick-or-treat sayings to let everyone know exactly what kind of treats you are hoping to grab!

Please give me some pieces, of peanut butter Reese's!
  • Sour or sweet, please give me a treat!
  • Twix or treat!
  • Can I have a Skittle more?
  • Please give me some pieces, of peanut butter Reese's!
  • Can you make sure I get Good & Plenty, please?
  • Don't be a chiseler! Give me some Twizzlers!
  • Snickers satisfies, but only if you give me the full-size!
  • Go ahead and make my day, with one or two Milky Way!
  • Can you make this night a home run? Babe Ruth always brings the fun!
  • Give me a break! You know it's the Kit Kat that I want to take!

Famous Trick-or-Treat Quotes

Famous Trick or Treat Quotes

Choose Creative and Cool Halloween Sayings

Looking to stand out from the pack of other trick-or-treaters on Halloween this year? Never fear! Everyone will know that you're a cool character when you use one or more of these creative turns of phrase rather than sticking with a traditional Halloween greeting. Remember, you're never too old to trick or treat!

52 Clever and Funny Trick-or-Treat Sayings