45 Comforting Quotes for Parents of a Child With a Serious Medical Condition

Encouraging words for parents of a sick child can bring strength during difficult times. Show your support or find comfort with an uplifting quote.

Published November 6, 2023
Mother hugs and kisses her child with cancer

Having a sick kid is hard enough, but when you find out that your child has to deal with something like a life-threatening illness, birth defect, or any other serious medical condition, it can feel as if the wind has been knocked right out of you. There is nothing to prepare you for your child needing surgery, aggressive treatments, or having to spend extended time away from family and friends while they are hospitalized.

During this difficult period, encouraging quotes for parents of a child with a serious health challenge can provide comfort and support, especially when they come from someone who has walked in the same shoes. 

Short Words of Encouragement for Parents of a Child With a Critical Illness

Believe in tomorrow. Hope can get you through today.

Whether you are the parent of a child with a serious illness or you are hoping to console a friend or family member experiencing this stressful situation, these short quotes can help to reassure those who are going through this ordeal. 

  • Magic happens in the darkest of places. Believe in the impossible.
  • A mother’s love can make miracles happen.
  • The journey may be long, but the reward is well worth its weight in gold.
  • Believe in tomorrow. Hope can get you through today.
  • You can’t appreciate the light without a bit of darkness. 
  • Your baby is lucky to have a mom/dad like you.
  • Believe that this storm will pass and that the rain will clear. Believe that flowers will grow and sunshine will take over when the time is right.
  • The only way to greet a brighter tomorrow is to make it through today. Take things one step at a time. Take deep breaths. You can do this. 
  • Sometimes life's not about the journey. Sometimes the journey sucks. Just keep your eyes on the prize and get to your destination.
Quick Tip

Add a short quote like one of these to a DIY care package to help show your love and support. 

Uplifting Quotes for Parents of a Child Dealing With a Serious Health Challenge

The greatest people in life are the ones who were forced to face the unthinkable. Your child is extraordinary and they are about to show you their true power.

This is bigger than you being sick. If you had the exact same diagnosis, you would be better equipped to fight it. Somehow, when it's your child who is sick, the battle is harder. These encouraging words for parents of a sick child can help you muster the courage to fight and be brave, even when it feels impossible.

  • No one prepares you for this part of parenthood. No one warns you of the ferocious worry that will overcome your entire being when your child is sick. Know that you are not alone and that children are stronger than the rest of us. 
  • You are brave, you are powerful, and you are a force to be reckoned with in this life. That means that your beautiful baby possesses those same amazing qualities. They are stronger than you know. Believe in their fortitude. 
  • Having a child means taking a piece of your heart and letting it walk outside of your body. It can be devastating to find out that the piece that you let go was damaged, but just like you, that piece is strong and it will fight. Trust that your baby is as resilient as you are, if not more.
  • The greatest people in life are the ones who were forced to face the unthinkable. Your child is extraordinary and they are about to show you their true power.
  • You are enough. You are doing everything right. You have not failed. Life has just given you an unimaginable obstacle. Hurdle yourself forward and focus on the finish line — a healthy child.
  • Your steadfast presence, your unending love, and your constant fight are what fuels your child. You being there matters, even if you feel helpless. 
  • Every single day is a reminder of how precious life is and to never take life for granted. Breathe in every moment, no matter how difficult they may be.
  • Trust is a hard thing to find when it comes to the care of your child. Letting go of some control can feel impossible, but try to remember that your baby is in the hands of champions. These individuals are fighting right alongside them and want your baby to win. 
  • Being your child's champion takes courage and strength. Be brave for your child and know that they will mirror your confidence. That is what they need to overcome this battle.
  • Don't be afraid to feel the moment. Life is hard and when you have a sick child, life can feel impossible. Grieve the loss of their innocence, but know that this journey will make them a stronger and more resilient person.
Quick Tip

Sometimes the waiting and the wondering can feel overwhelming. Along with simple words of encouragement and comfort, sometimes a parent just needs someone who can listen. You can support a friend just by being there and letting them talk about their feelings without judgment or advice. 

Family Support Quotes When a Child Is Fighting Cancer

Faith is believing that the end justifies the means. Know that your struggles and strife have meaning.

It is a word that we never hope to hear — cancer. This terrible disease seems to pick the most unlikely of victims. While the diagnosis is devastating, it's important to remember that this is just a chapter. It is not your child's entire story. These words of encouragement for parents of a child with cancer can help you to keep a positive perspective throughout this trying time and help you to remember that you are stronger than you think

  • Positivity is the best medicine. Find some every day.
  • Every day is a step closer to remission. 
  • Small ripples can make big waves. Focus on the little triumphs and believe that they will add up.
  • We all have bravery inside of us. Superheroes arise from struggle and your child is no different. 
  • You can't control the hand that you were dealt, but you can dictate how you play. Help your child win in the game of life.
  • A parent is the ultimate superhero. You are the champion your child needs. Don't doubt your role in this fight. 
  • You are allowed to feel. You are allowed to grieve. Don't hide it. But also, don't let it take you down. Let your feelings fuel your fight for your child and help them overcome this battle.
  • Faith is believing that the end justifies the means. Know that your struggles and strife have meaning. 
  • When your child is sick, focus on the here and now. Live in the moment. That is all you can control. Take things one step at a time and try to have faith in the process.
  • If you are doubting yourself and your ability to handle this situation, know that that just means that you are an amazing parent who wants nothing but the best for their child. You are their everything. You are their spirit, their fight, their champion. Just because you can't control the situation doesn't mean that you can't help them heal. Be present and purposeful with your time. They will remember it.

Insightful Words for Parents of a Sick Child, From Parents Who Have Walked This Path

Real superheroes might not exist, but witnessing your child fight for their life is as close as it gets.

During these difficult times, you may feel the need to push down your own feelings and focus solely on your child, but it's important to remember that just like on an airplane, when there is turbulence, you need to address your needs so that you can effectively take care of your baby.

These quotes are from real-life parents who have been in your shoes, as well as their kids who have seen their parents fight for them. These parents and individuals have walked through challenges like brain cancer, congenital heart defects, and other serious medical conditions, so they know just how hard it can be.

  • "Real superheroes might not exist, but witnessing your child fight for their life is as close as it gets." - Jodi Harouche
  • “It's still okay to put your mask on first.” - Heather Evans
  • "You are your child's parent for a reason. You are meant to weather this storm with them." - Gloria Madera
  • "Celebrate the small steps forward instead of dreading the inevitable backslides." - Lauren Perkins
  • "The support of you being there and your presence with your child is more important than anything else." - Jordan Harouche 
  • "Know it is just a season — just a chapter. There is an 'after this.'" - Kim Brown
  • "There's always another side of the rainbow." - Jordan Harouche
  • "Your child may be different, but that doesn't make them less than. In fact, it makes them, THEM." - Gloria Madera
  • "Experiencing your child's journey through cancer shifts your perspective, placing emphasis on what truly matters in life." - Jodi Harouche
  • "It’s okay to grieve this time, or even be angry that your child has to go through this. You are such a good mother/father and you can do hard things!" - Jessica Byler
  • "It's okay not to be okay." - Jodi Harouche
  • "Wipe the tears, soak in the cuddles, and know tomorrow will bring a better day." - Gloria Madera
  • "It's okay to mourn the loss of whatever 'normal' stage you might have previously thought you were going to have. Take the time to feel your feelings. It doesn’t make you a bad parent.” - Lauren Perkins
  • "A child fighting a life-threatening illness is the most inspiring person you'll ever meet." - Jodi Harouche
  • "It's ok to not be 'strong,' sometimes mama has to shed tears, too. Being emotional about your child and your child's journey doesn't make you weak. It makes you human." - Gloria Madera
  • "If you believe in God, lean on your faith: know He is on the other side of it already. Be there for your child; be strong; fight like you’ve never fought before; but be comforted — it is only a season." - Kim Brown
Need to Know

Together parents and kids can often overcome anything. Just look at Jordan and Jodi Harouche, who created the nonprofit JZips (which provides mediport access shirts to pediatric cancer patients) after Jordan's cancer diagnosis. 

You and Your Child Are Stronger Than You Would Ever Imagine

It's not until we're faced with a real challenge that we find our true strength and bravery. It is exhausting. It is disheartening. And most of all, it is unfair. But if you can manage to get to the other side, you will find joy at the end of this journey. Find encouragement and hope by hearing the stories of others and looking past the statistics. These are an average and your child is anything but that. They are remarkable and resilient. Have hope for a better tomorrow.

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45 Comforting Quotes for Parents of a Child With a Serious Medical Condition