100 Falling Out of Love Quotes to Help Mend Your Heart

Published September 30, 2022
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Falling out of love is heartbreaking. It's a wild ride on an emotional roller coaster that your heart is having trouble bearing. Capture the tragic pain of love ending through a meaningful quote. Help your heart mend, and know that a new love is on the horizon.

Falling Out of Love Quotes to Heal Your Heart

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The crushing weight of a broken heart can make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But there is a light. Find the courage to allow your heart to heal. Falling out of love prepares you for your next epic love story.

  • Hearts are changing all the time.
  • Love is a journey of an ever-changing heart.
  • Falling out of love is never easy, but it's all part of growth.
  • A broken heart mends with time.
  • Sometimes hearts must break to come back stronger.
  • The fall of the heart when love leaves hurts.
  • Every heart has a wound from falling out of love.
  • Falling out of love slices the heart with a wound of betrayal.
  • Falling out of love is never easy, but sometimes it's necessary.
  • The fall out of love leaves a mark, but a heart is always stitched back together.

Slowly Falling Out of Love Sayings

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Love isn't abruptly lost. It's a slow journey to find that you aren't the couple you once were. Maybe life got in the way, or the communication wasn't there. Share the feeling of falling out of love slowly. These are a perfect addition to a heart-soothing Snapchat. They can also be used as captions for your Instagram post.

  • Falling out of love is a slow fall that hits you at once.
  • An undecided heart may slowly drift away from you.
  • Every breakup is unique. Some are slow falls out of love.
  • The needs of your heart slowly change with time.
  • Love is the colliding of two hearts. A breakup is slowly getting further away.
  • The love changed with the wind, slowly disappearing into the breeze.
  • Love is an ever-changing creature that pulls your heart slowly in new directions.
  • Falling out of love can be a poignant symphony of hearts flying in opposite directions.
  • As the love starts to wane, your heart slowly starts to realize it wasn't meant to be.
  • You can't control how your heart falls out of love.

Falling Out of Love Quotes for Her

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Love can be hard to define. Sometimes you mutually just let each other go. Other times, it's a devastating blow. Get healing and learn from the journey.

  • Love can't be forced into a heart.
  • Your heart beats a little differently on the fall out of love.
  • The love that's tearing your heart apart is the same love that will heal it.
  • The journey of your breakup takes many shapes.
  • Love can change from passion to friendship with time.
  • A heart doesn't just instantly fall out of love. It leaves footsteps as clues.
  • The grasp of their hands on my heart slowly loosened.
  • Sometimes you must choose yourself.
  • You can't force your heart to follow a feeling that's long since passed.
  • Sometimes letting go is the least painful option.

Heartfelt Falling Out of Love Messages for Him

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Find the perfect quote to say just what it's like to fall out of love with him. Breaking up is never easy to do, but the right words can provide you comfort.

  • There comes a day when you know it's time to walk away.
  • Life can change your heart in an instant.
  • Forever just wasn't in the cards for us.
  • You need more than just love to hold you together. You need communication.
  • The pain of love is found when you fall out of it.
  • The hardest fall isn't falling in love, it's falling out of it.
  • It's not that you stop loving them, it's that you need to love yourself too.
  • Falling out of love is never part of the plan.
  • Growth can make two souls drift apart.
  • Sometimes the best thing your heart can do is let them go.

Short Falling Out of Love Quotes to Move On

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Are you having a hard time letting go of those pictures? Share a short quote about moving on. Falling out of love is part of the healing journey.

  • All stars dim with time.
  • Sometimes the fall is short.
  • Falling out of love is a process.
  • Bittersweet is the pain of falling out of love.
  • Maybe the love was simply a dream.
  • Breaking up is never part of the plan.
  • Letting go is a painful necessity.
  • Learn from the pain of falling out of love.
  • A scarred heart knows the glory and pain of love.
  • The soul-crushing pain of falling out of love.

Quotes That Describe Falling Out of Love

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Did it feel like your heart was slammed, not the ground? Was falling out of love like a freight train straight to your soul? Knowing the right words to describe how it feels to break up is hard. See if any of these quotes fit the bill.

  • Falling out of love is like watching the brightest star slowly fade.
  • Our love was like a shooting star... it burned too bright and then went dark.
  • Falling out of love is a pain that changes your heart forever.
  • The pain of falling out of love can make the warmth of love hard to find again.
  • The scars love leaves on your heart change you.
  • Falling out of love is like taking a long trip on an unknown road. It's hard and a bit scary.
  • Some falls splinter our souls.
  • Every fall from love looks a little different.
  • Not every fall from love is painful.
  • It takes the pain of falling out of love to appreciate falling in love.

Breakup Quotes to Help Your Heart Cope

Falling in love is like a magical carpet ride that's hard to describe. Falling out of love is isolating and painful. It can break your heart into so many pieces that you often wonder how it will become whole again. Rest assured, your heart will mend to fall in love again.

  • Every breakup is a chance to find the one that changes you.
  • Breaking up isn't always a bad thing.
  • Sometimes it takes falling out of love with someone else to fall in love with yourself.
  • Every breakup is a chance to grow.
  • The pain of losing love is only temporary. Your heart will heal.
  • One of the harsh realities of love is falling out of it.
  • Love can leave you on top of the world and at the bottom of it.
  • This love has ended to open the door for a new one.
  • There is a reason love changes. It grows with you.
  • Don't let the fall keep you down. Allow your heart to get back up.

Quotes About Falling Out of Love

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Not every relationship was meant to be. Some are meant to teach you, while others are a fond memory. Capture the feeling of falling out of love with a quote.

  • Falling out of love isn't the end, but just the closing of a chapter in the book of your life.
  • Even the coldest, darkest paths can change in an instant.
  • Just like when you fall and hit your knee, you get back up after falling out of love, even if it takes a while.
  • Don't let the fall keep you down, allow your heart to get back up.
  • Every breakup leaves a mark on your heart for you to learn from.
  • There is beauty in falling out of love. It just takes healing for you to see it.
  • It's love that makes you soar again after the hardest fall.
  • Love is growth, and some hearts grow apart.
  • A flower wilts, but it comes back even more beautiful.
  • The lesson was painful, but you've learned from this love.

Inspirational Falling Out of Love Quotes to Cope With Pain

Breaking up is a roller coaster ride. You can feel doubt, betrayal, anger, and despair. But know you aren't alone in your feelings. Find inspiration in knowing that falling out of love is a universal experience.

  • It wasn't a perfect fit. Maybe the next one will be.
  • Healing the pain of a broken heart takes time.
  • The fall from love can be shattering. Take a moment to pick up the pieces, but always put them back together.
  • Don't be defined by the scars of love on your heart.
  • You are stronger than the fall.
  • Falling in and out of love is all part of growth.
  • It's better to fall from love than to let your heart be taken for granted.
  • A heart's capacity to heal is nothing short of amazing.
  • The hardest part of breaking up is accepting that your love wasn't reciprocated.
  • Giving up isn't defeat, it's accepting that you are worth more.

Falling Out of Love Captions to Share

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Take comfort in knowing you are not alone in your journey out of love. Share with the world how you are feeling through a post. Let your friends help you on your journey to healing.

  • I thought you were my one and only, but you left me lonely.
  • Tried to cherish forever our love, but it flew away on the wings of a dove.
  • Every time I see you, my heart breaks. But that's what healing takes.
  • You said goodbye. I still wonder why.
  • I gave my all to you. I only wish you did too.
  • It was fun. Until you said, "We're done."
  • Give yourself a moment to cry. Then tell yourself, "It's okay they said goodbye."
  • The greatest loves have the greatest fall. Pick yourself back up and stand tall.
  • A breaking heart is so strong. But remember, it won't be breaking for too long.
  • You never want to go through the breakup pain, but you have so much of yourself to gain.

Words of Comfort After a Breakup

The sadness of a breakup might feel like it's never going to end. The fall out of love can be a devastating journey, but know that your heart can heal. Not only can it heal, but it can be stronger because of what you've learned. Find the comfort you need to help you on your path.

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100 Falling Out of Love Quotes to Help Mend Your Heart