Where to Find the Sweetest Poems for a Best Friend

Updated March 18, 2019

There is a saying that a true friend is forever, and you can find the sweetest poems for a best friend that really matter. Poetry can express feelings in a unique way, so share your care or appreciation through poetry with your closest friend.

Sweetest Poems for Best Friends

The sweetest poems for best friends can have different forms. They may talk about your friend's strength or character, show appreciation or thankfulness for the friendship the two of you share, or even evoke a certain time or event in your lives. There's no wrong way to express friendship through poetry. Use these best friend poems to express your feelings, or as examples to come up with your own verses.

A True Friend

My shoulder to cry on
My partner in mischief
The one who is always there.
My truth teller
My dream sharer
The one who always listens.
My secret holder
My favorite person to laugh with
The one who knows when there are no words.
My truest friend
My rock to count on
The one I always want by my side.
That's you -
My best friend.

By Amy Finley

You Were There

When I was just a shadow of myself
You were there
When my heart was broken
You were there.

When I was bursting with joy
You were there
When I made mistakes
You were there.

When I didn't want to listen
You were there
When I needed a friend
You were there.

By Amy Finley

Best Friends Together Always

Through every up
and every down
Every moment of excitement
and every bad decision
You never left my side.

Through every laugh
and every uncertainty
Every moment of indecision
and every time I felt afraid
I knew you would be right beside me.

I hope you know
Through everything this life brings
Every mountain of joy
and every valley
I will always walk with you.

Together, best friends can make it through anything.

By Amy Finley

2 friends sitting on a wall

Holding On

You helped me
to believe in myself

You stayed in my corner
when I needed someone the most

You held on
When anyone else would have let go.

Thank you for being my best friend.

By Amy Finley

What Is a Best Friend?

What is a best friend?
It isn't hard to see.
It's the one who knows you most of all
and in you she believes.

It's the one who's always honest
Even when it hurts
But whose love and hugs are always there
Even through the worst.

A best friend isn't perfect
Skies won't always be blue
But when you stick together
There's nothing the two of you can't do.

It's the girl who shares her hopes and dreams
and listens to yours, too
No matter what others say,
She's loyal and she's true.

A real friend doesn't need
To be fancy or be fake
Because together you're the perfect pair
and have a bond that will not break.

By Amy Finley

Best Friend Acrostic



By Amy Finley

Greatest Friend (Haiku)

Brave and honest heart
Always puts others first
Beautiful and strong.

By Amy Finley

Lucky in Friendship (Limerick)

Lucky am I with a friend who is true
Who cheers me up when I am blue.
She encourages for days
Shows friendship so many ways
What I'd do without her I haven't a clue.

By Amy Finley

Sonnets About Friends

Most people have read Shakespeare poems, but did you know that many of his poems about friendships are called sonnets? A sonnet is a 14-line rhyming poem written is what is called "iambic pentameter." That means that each line of poetry is ten symbols with stressed and unstressed words. Shakespearean poetry, like Shakespeare's Friendship Sonnet, is meant to be read out loud as it has a musical kind of rhythm.

Teen girl consoling a sad friend

Friends Forever

Your heart, the strongest, truest one of all
Filled with loyalty, with encouragement
Smiles, bright, sunny; and laughters so frequent
Flowing, quick, like a constant waterfall.
It was always you on who I could call
When scared, or when in two my heart was rent
In the toughest times, your strength was still lent
As my best friend, you never made me feel small.
Words cannot capture the essence of you
Destined for greatness, a bright shining star
Grateful am I for a friendship so true.
Wherever life goes, it's never too far
To break bonds of friendship like ours in two
Best friends forever and always we are.

By Amy Finley

(Friends Forever follows the Shakespearean sonnet pattern of abab-cdcd-efef-gg.)

Best Friends Through the Years

When we first met and so young were we two
Life was all laughter and no worries, none.
Friendship was simple and the world so new,
Endless were the days filled with joy, with fun.
Getting older, growing up had begun,
Roads sometimes rocky; life less filled with ease
Yet I wasn't alone in storms or sun
Your friendship, there, like a gentle warm breeze.
Obstacles, life like uncertain rough seas,
Was always calmer, richer, and more light
With you by my side, like shade from strong trees
Your loving heart, steadfast, making life bright.
It's clear, wherever life has taken us
In your true friendship I can always trust.

By Amy Finley

(Best Friends Through the Years follows the Spenserian sonnet pattern of abab-bcbc-cdcd-ee.)

A Friendship Like No Other

A true and honest friend is hard to find
Sometimes found in a place one last suspects.
Friendship blossoms; they are two of a kind,
Strong bonds grow and begin to take effect.
Like butterflies flying ever higher
There's no stop to the journey true friends take.
Raising each other up among the mire
Brighter and brighter futures they will make.
Two sets of eyes crinkle and tilt, knowing,
Half smiles turned and ready for anything.
Planning, faces alight and so glowing
Adventure beckons; what will the day bring?
A pair destined for friendship, formed by fate,
The future of two kindred souls awaits.

By Amy Finley

(A Friendship Like No Otherfollows the Petrarchan sonnet pattern of abba-abba-cdc-dcd.)

Write Your Own Poems

Poetry has many styles, from haiku to sonnets, and it's fun to learn about each one. Try writing out your own poems as a gift to your best friend forever. To come up with your own poetry for a best friend:

  • Consider using free verse - this lacks the formal restraints of some other poetry types (like sonnets) so you can focus on getting to the heart of your feelings.
  • Try to use as many descriptive words and images as possible. Using figurative language, like similes and metaphors, can be very powerful.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a really special time you shared with your best friend. Let this guide your poetry.
  • Poems don't necessarily need to rhyme. If you are just looking to create a short poem to add to a card or gift, though, rhyming can help you come up with a simple and cute poem.
  • Feeling stuck? Try using poetry prompts or a poem writing app to help you.
Friends laughing on inflatable duck

More Sweet Poems for Friends

There are many different types of poetry and as you explore the poems about friendship these poems help you express your own feelings. From the great classics like Shakespeare to writers who remain anonymous, sweetest poems for best friend are plentiful. Consider the following addition poetry options:

  • Best friends forever - The longevity of your friendship is an ideal concept for a poem. Get ideas here.
  • Best friends and sisters - Whether you have a sister through blood, a step sister, or consider your closest friend a sister of the heart, this sweet poems can offer up some helpful inspiration.
  • Teenage friendship poems - From forgiveness to true friendship, these poems have several themes to explore.
  • Bridesmaid poems - Bridesmaids are among a girl's closest friends. These poems can help give you ideas on how to thank your friends through poetry, even if you're not getting married.
  • Family love poetry - Maybe you have a family member who is also a great friend. Get inspired by this family poems.
  • Poems for a niece - Do you have a niece that is a close friend? Maybe one of these poems will fit the bill.

Best Friends Forever

Best friends choose each other for a reason. Whether you're like soul mates, total opposites, or constantly quoting each other, when you find your best friend, you've usually got a friend for life.

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