17 Family Poems About Love, Support, and Relationships

Updated December 10, 2019
extended family eating dinner together

Family love poems are precious because they express the feelings that lie hidden beneath the surface of day-to-day activity. You can be as sentimental, funny, or pertinent as you wish in poetry and reveal emotions that often go unspoken due to embarrassment and awkwardness. Stick one of these original poems on the fridge or copy it into a card. Don't let another day pass without making the people who mean the most aware of how you feel.

Short Poems About Family Love

Sometimes a short poem says enough to let your family know that you love them. Share one of these with your loved ones whenever it seems appropriate.

Look at Your Loved Ones

By Kelly Roper

When family are gathered 'round
There's so much love in the air.
If you ever wonder who has your back,
Just look at your loved ones there.

family group hug around father

We Are Family

By Kelly Roper

We are family,
Not just because we share blood,
But because we share a bond
Built from abiding love.

The Thing About Family...

By Kelly Roper

The thing about family is,
You may not always like them,
But you're always going to love them.
It just might take a little while sometimes
To remember that.

Poems About the Meaning of Family

What's your idea of family? When you really think about it, there's no perfect answer, but one of these poems may cover it for you.

family of two moms son and dog

Family Means Different Things

By Kelly Roper

Family means different things to different people.

To some, family means mom, dad and the kids.
To others, family means single parents doing the job of two to make a home.
To some, family means living with grandparents too.
To others, family is the aunt or uncle who has stepped up to fill in for parents.
To some, family means two moms or two dads growing a family together.
To others, family means two people multiplying their love through adoption.
To some, family is limited to blood relations.
To others, family includes friends who are there through thick and thin.
To some, family is all about the people in their lives.
To others, pets are considered family members too.

Yes, family means different things to different people,
But every family has one thing in common, and that's love.

Family Means Everything

By Kelly Roper

Family members
Are the people who
Make life worth living.
In good times and bad,
Love them first and last because
Your family means everything.

What Family Means to Me

By Kelly Roper

To me, family means:

I will never be truly alone, and
I'll always have a place to call home.
I have people who know the real me,
And they still love me even if we disagree.
Though sometimes we may fuss and fight,
In the end everything will be all right
Because families forgive each other no matter what.
That's just the way it is, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Family stays true all the way down the line,
And I couldn't live without these people of mine.
Yes, this is what family means to me,
If this rings true for you, then I'm sure you agree.

Poems About Family Love and Support

A family is made up of people who are there for you when you need them, especially in challenging times. That support comes in many forms as these poems will show.

Family Tree

By Alison Jean Thomas

It seems strange to me
That a family tree is drawn from the top of the page.
Instead, draw mine with roots deeply planted in firm ground
Like forefathers, whose stories retold,
Nourish us.
Draw the trunk giving support and power,
Strongly branching out
So that young shoots can reach high
And buds,
Some yet unfurled,
May catch dreams in sunlight.

mother and daughter kissing grandmother

Exhibitions of Love

By Alison Jean Thomas

A pat on the hand,
A peck on the cheek,
A slap on the back,
A hug.
No need to speak.
Family love is all around
Like air in a room
Invisible but always present.


By Alison Jean Thomas

A soft and gentle word for something strong,
A foundation to stand upon when things go wrong,
A place built through years
Of squabbles and tears,
Of laughter and joy,
And of love.

Those who know you deep inside,
Who can see beyond bravado and pride,
Who'll pick you up each time you fall,
With love made from memories of when you were small,
The people who know your worst and your best
They're the loved ones with whom you're blessed.

Funny Poems About Family

Sometimes being part of a family means you get to give or receive some good-natured ribbing. Share these poems with family members who will appreciate the humor.

Something Went Wrong in Our Family Tree

By Kelly Roper

Something went wrong in our family tree
When I look at you, cousin, it's plain to see.
You've got big ears like a chimpanzee,
But I guess that backfires 'cause it's the same with me.

Your two front teeth remind me of a rabbit,
You should stop munching carrots; it's become a habit.
If I want one, I have to move quick and grab it.
Come to think of it, your teeth look like mine, dag-nabbit!

Now your eyes look just a little bit screwy,
Guess you must have inherited them from Grandpa Louie.
But my eyes are kind of cock-eyed and just a bit droopy,
So I quess we've got that in common too, oh poopie!

I think my critique of your appearance is done.
Since we look so much alike, it's no longer any fun.
I've got one last thing to say in front of everyone,
Gosh, you're a good lookin' son-of-a-gun!

Simple Truths About Family

By Kelly Roper

Family, the people you share everything with...
Including colds, looks, leftovers, and feuds.

Family, the people you love the most...
But pretend not to know when you're out in public together.

Family, the people you can really count on...
To borrow clothes, money, and get on your last nerve.

Family, the people you respect...
Even though you'd rather die than let friends find out how crazy they are.

Family, the people you just can't live without...
Even though sometimes you're pretty sure you'd like to give it a try.

Family Likeness

By Alison Jean Thomas

"You're just like them!" they say.
And me, I yell, "No way!
He's so moody,
She's so shrill,
His chin juts out,
Boy can she shout!
His nose is big,
And mine's quite small
There's no resemblance at all."

But then on days of harmony
I find that I agree.
Our family is made of different parts,
But we're all the same
In our hearts.

Poems About Family Bonds

Family bonds are some of the strongest bonds on earth. Think about the things that tie your family together as you read these poems.

Family Webs

By Kelly Roper

Family ties are like spider webs.
They are delicate, yet so strong,
And if they are broken or destroyed,
They can be woven again.

And like a spider web,
Those intricate lines stretch out
Between all the family's members,
Creating a connection that can still be
Felt even if not immediately seen.

The best thing about this "family web,"
Is that it's sticky enough to hold
Everyone together and help them feel
They have a place where they are loved.

granddaughter looking at grandfather

A Family Is Like a Book

By Kelly Roper

A family is very much like a book.
You can thumb through the pages and take a look.

Each chapter tells an individual relative's story
Of lessons learned through both hardship and glory.

Each page, each chapter, is bound together
With the family name embossed on the cover forever.

These tales bind us and tell the story of our family, so
We'll pass the book on so future generations will know.

Family Love

By Alison Jean Thomas

A thread of love joins us all;
It's flimsy.
At times it trembles;
Almost breaks.
A thread of love joins us all;
It's slender
And subtle.
But when things get rough,
It tautens,
Becomes tough,
And hauls us back together.

Loving Poems About Family Relationships

Moms and dads, sisters and brothers, grandmas and grandpas, and all the rest; your relationship with each family member is unique. Why not celebrate those relationships through poetry?

School age cousins laughing outdoors


By Kelly Roper

Like brothers and sisters,
But just one degree removed.
That's just enough room to keep
Sibling rivalry at bay while sharing nearly
All the same experiences.
Birthdays, weddings, holidays and more;
A history filled with family memories
Sometimes happy, sometimes sad,
And sometimes hilarious.
The relationship between cousins
Is a special one indeed.
It's like being great friends who just
Happen to share some DNA.
Life without cousins just wouldn't be the same,
So I want my cousins to know I love you all.

Uncles and Aunts

By Kelly Roper

Uncles and aunts
Are often like second parents.
They love you from a little further away,
But they step in when the need warrants.

Aunts and uncles
Are there when you need them, like
When you can't go to mom and dad
Because you're worried you'll displease them.

Uncles and aunts
Sometimes teach you cool things,
Like how to catch a fish,
Or crochet something.

Aunts and Uncles
Can be quite funny, though.
Sometimes they'll share stories
Your parents never wanted you to know.

Yes uncles and aunts
Make family life richer.
So tell them how glad you are
That they're in your family picture.

Reveal Your Feelings

In this modern age, speaking sentiments that lie close to the heart often makes people uncomfortable. Let your family know how you feel; reveal your emotions about them by saying it through a poem. Next, be inspired by new relationship poems for someone who just might turn out to be future family to you.

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17 Family Poems About Love, Support, and Relationships