100+ I Miss You Quotes About Family and Friends

Published August 22, 2022
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At one time or another, you are going to miss someone in your life. Whether you miss an old friend, or your grandfather who passed away, the depth of your missing them can be hard to articulate. Use the following "I miss you" quotes to share how you feel.

I Miss You Already Quotes to Share

I Miss You Already Quote to Share

Love is measured in moments. So, after your loved one walks out the door, you might start to miss their presence around you. Tell the one you love how much you are missing them through a special post on Facebook or Snapchat. Send them a text letting them know your heart is craving them.

  • I know you just left, but I miss you already.
  • The sun doesn't shine as brightly when you're not here next to me.
  • The moment you walk away, my heart misses you already.
  • Seconds feel like hours when I am missing you. Come back already.
  • My mind clings to your memory like the tides to the moon.
  • The pain of missing you doesn't have words.
  • I could have a garden full of flowers, but I miss the color your rose brings to my life.
  • Our hearts are intertwined in a way that makes me miss you already.
  • It was just a minute ago you left, but it feels like a lifetime in my heart.
  • Every moment you're not within my grasp, I miss you.

Enchanting I Miss You Every Day Quotes

Enchanting I Miss You Every Day Quote

The pain of missing someone is an ache that never stops. Whether someone moved away, or they've left the world, you can't stop yourself from missing them daily. Send a silent prayer or card letting them know you miss them every day. You could also use these heartfelt messages to make an earnest post about the longing in your heart for that certain someone.

  • At any moment, you aren't far from my thoughts.
  • Your love cast a magical spell that makes me miss you every day.
  • There isn't a day, hour, or moment that I don't miss you.
  • Missing you is like a storm that rages in my heart with every moment you're away.
  • My world is gray. I miss you every day.
  • My heart wanted nothing more than for you to stay. But instead, I miss you every day.
  • Every day I miss you. My heart clings to your memory.
  • A piece of my heart was taken away. I miss you every day.
  • Time doesn't heal me missing you every day.
  • You broke into my heart and stamped your memory. Now I miss you with every breath.

I Miss You Quotes for Him

I Miss You Quotes for Him

Is the man in your life on a long trip? Have you never been apart from your husband or significant other? Let them know how much your heart is calling to them.

  • Every moment I miss your heart beating next to mine.
  • I miss the warmth of your arms bringing me peace.
  • To miss you is a pain that even words can't define.
  • Painful is my heart missing yours.
  • I miss the warmth of your soul calling my name with every breath.
  • Every moment I miss you a little more, handsome.
  • Even when you are gone for but a minute, I miss your hand in mine.
  • It's hard missing a boyfriend so sweet. I can't wait until we meet.
  • One minute without you is missing you too much.
  • You might not be here, but my thoughts are always surrounding you.

Cute I Miss You Quotes for Her

Cute I Miss You Quote for Her

If only a kiss or a hug could travel thousands of miles. It would be nice if your longing could magically transport you to the person you are missing. When she's not there for you to hold, share a sweet message about how much you miss her.

  • The memory of your smile keeps my heart from aching. I miss you.
  • Sweetheart, I have to say. I miss you in every way.
  • There is not a moment in the day I don't want to say, I miss you.
  • Do you feel that sweets? That's me missing you.
  • Sweet baby, I miss your heart whenever we have to part.
  • I miss you the way the moon misses the stars when they are hiding behind the clouds.
  • You hold my heart every moment we part.
  • Until the moment you are in my arms again, I will miss you.
  • I don't need the sun. I just need you. Miss you, girl.
  • My heart is drowning in missing you.

Funny and Sweet I Miss You Quotes for a Laugh

Missing someone is painful. But you don't want to make them sad if they are missing you too. Instead, send a sweet, quirky message to make them giggle. They will still know you miss them, but you'll bring a smile to their face.

  • I love you more than tacos. That should tell you how much I'm missing you.
  • I can't tell you how much I miss you. My arms don't reach that far.
  • I don't even miss pizza this much.
  • I know just how boring life is without you now. Oh, how I miss you.
  • I miss you like a puppy misses their favorite toy.
  • I didn't know time could be this slow. But without you, it's worse than waiting for Christmas.
  • I know it might be cheesy, but missing you is not easy.

Miss You Quotes for Those in Your Heart

Miss You Quote for Those in Your Heart

It's hard to be away from the ones you love. From your family to your friends, missing them is sometimes excruciating. Stay connected by sharing a sweet quote on a card or by sending a text. For those that have left the world, add a saying to a picture of them to let others know just how much they are in your heart.

  • Missing you is like a slow burn smoldering my heart.
  • Here I am missing you until we meet again.
  • Sometimes it's hard to understand how much I miss you.
  • I close my eyes, and your image brings my heart to its knees.
  • "Miss you" are the words my heart whispers every time I close my eyes.
  • Every soul is like a brightly colored flower that has touched your heart. I miss the brightness you bring to the world.
  • Happiness is hard to find when my heart is missing you.
  • I miss you like a bird misses its flock.
  • My heart misses the piece that you took with you.
  • The walk of life isn't the same without your footprints in the sand next to mine.

Missing You Quotes for Your Love

Nothing is lonelier than missing the love of your life. The lack of their beauty in your vision just makes the world a duller place. Tell them how much you are thinking of them through a sweet quote.

  • My heart is missing yours.
  • It's love that makes the missing so painful.
  • Your love is a whisper within my heart saying, "I miss you."
  • Every moment I spend missing you. How I wish I was kissing you instead.
  • I miss your arms around me, and your brilliant smile.
  • I could go on for hours about how much I miss every part of you.
  • The love you've poured into my heart makes parting bittersweet.
  • Your love keeps the chill of missing you at bay.
  • I hold you close to my heart. I keep you there tightly until we are together again, sweetheart.
  • My mind is filled with memories of you. But missing you makes me blue.

Missing You Quotes for Family Comfort

Missing You Quote for Family Comfort

Whether you are moving away from your family for the first time, or they are just going on a trip, it can be hard not having your mom, dad, or siblings near you. The ache you feel in your heart until you meet again is palpable. Share your feelings on missing your loved ones through a few comforting messages.

  • Distance can never change the love of family; but missing your family is hard to handle.
  • Parting with family is a missing that's hard to comprehend.
  • There's a warmth only the love of family can give you. And there's a chill that only missing them can bring.
  • Missing your family never really ends.
  • There are moments in life when you are homesick for the love of family.
  • Missing you is a tear of love that rolls gently down my cheek.
  • No matter the distance we are apart, my family holds a special place in my heart.
  • Family is the home of your heart. You always miss them.
  • There is not a day you don't miss the hugs of your parents.
  • A call away isn't close enough when your heart is missing your family.

I Miss You Quotes to Share With Friends

I Miss You Quote to Share With Friends

Friends are part of the building blocks of what makes you who you are as a person. At different moments in your life, you have different friends. While you might not be connected anymore, it doesn't mean you don't miss the special pizazz they bring to your life. Share a message from the heart about how much you are missing your bestie, a long-distance friend, or an old friend.

  • Today my heart filled with memories of you, and my heart skipped a beat with missing you.
  • The sweetest friends are the ones that surprise you with the sadness of missing them.
  • There are friends you will forever miss because they make an impact on your heart.
  • A friend dear to your heart is never far from your thoughts.
  • I miss you. Life has drifted us apart. But you are forever in my memories.
  • Life moves on like a rolling wave. But our friendship is forever captured within my heart.
  • There are moments I miss you. The years never make that fade, friend.
  • You are a rare gem, my friend. And my soul misses the call of yours.
  • I haven't seen you in a while. So, I wanted to drop by and say, "I miss you."
  • Friends of youth change and grow. But I always miss our friendship.

Miss You Quotes That Capture Longing

Miss You Quote That Captures Longing

Longing for a person who has left or moved on from this world is difficult. There is a piece of your heart that goes with them. Keep them in your thoughts forever.

  • The music of your soul has become a sweet song of longing.
  • The sun is still shining, but there is a brilliance only you can bring. I miss you.
  • Your absence creates a longing in my heart. I miss you.
  • The echoes of your words are just memories creating longing in my heart.
  • Your heartbeat was music that's missing from my world.
  • There is a crack in my heart from missing you.
  • If my thoughts can't reach you, know I'm missing you.
  • My soul feels incomplete without your love.
  • Your love was a beautiful ocean that is drowning me in missing you.
  • The deeper the love, the more painful the longing.

Poignant I Miss You Sayings for Anyone in Your Life

There are different reasons you miss the people that have made an impact on your life. Fill the hole their absence is bringing with the perfect comforting words.

  • Every moment my heart is looking for you.
  • If only my love could cover the distance between us.
  • Missing you is like breathing. It happens naturally.
  • Your memory is never far from my heart.
  • No matter what path you travel, my thoughts will always be with you.
  • The bond we share is the reason I will always care.
  • A smile dances on my lips when your memory wanders across my heart.
  • When I look at the sky, I think of you. I miss you.
  • With each new dawn, the sun still shines, reminding my heart that I miss you still.
  • My heart will forever search for and miss you until we are together again.

The Perfect Way to Say I Miss You

Whether you miss that squeeze from your granny or a smooch from your loved one, missing someone leaves a gaping ache in your chest. Rather than sending a text message with the common, "I miss you so much it hurts." Get creative with your words. Send an "I miss you" card with a personalized message using one of these quotes. Create a post for your Instagram sharing a picture of you two together. You might even create a painting or wall art using an "I miss you" quote. From scrapbooking to collage, these quotes can help you find the words to show the depth of your feelings for the person you are longing for.

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