18 Christmas Birthday Cakes for a Wintery Celebration

You're worth celebrating, and having a birthday near Christmas is a chance to enjoy your favorite holiday treat as a cake.

Published December 12, 2023

The days of sharing your birthday spotlight with Christmas are over. With a stunning Christmas birthday cake, you'll redirect the holiday spotlight back to you and your special day. Towering trees of frosting and your favorite holiday flavors make sharing your day with the Christmas season a lot sweeter. 

Simple White Makes a Wintery Wonderland Cake

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Minimalist cakes aren't just for your boho bashes. You can choose an elegant white cake for your wintery wonderland birthday this holiday season. These simple cakes say Merry Birthday in a subtle and fun way.

Quick Tip

A Christmas naked cake is another simple approach to a holiday birthday treat.

Try a Christmas Funfetti Cake

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For this simple Christmas birthday cake, trade traditional funfetti cake for one with red and green sprinkles. This allows you to have cake decorations that speak to your personality while still including a nod to the holidays as you slice into the cake. 

Share a Christmas Birthday Bundt


Who said you had to have a traditional birthday cake this year? You're free to choose any birthday cake alternative you like, and a festive bundt is perfect for sharing during the holidays. You can even go the trendy route and share mini bundt cakes with your friends and family for the occasion. 

Enjoy a Fondant Christmas Scene


Whether it's a fun cake for a kid or just for a kid at heart, fondant decorations can bring your birthday Christmas cake to life. If you stick with simple shapes like round snowmen, square presents, and candy canes, you can make the decorations yourself without being a professional cake decorator. 

Make Red & Green Elegant


The classic colors of Christmas might be extra fun for a child's cake. But they can also be elegant for an adult's birthday cake. With smooth red fondant and simple green decorations, your Christmas birthday cake can feel sophisticated for a high-end celebration.

Let Rudolph Shine the Light on Your Day

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Sweet and elegant deer cakes are a trendy celebration cake, but Christmas allows you to trade in for Rudolph himself. For such a special day, you deserve a cake that shines brighter than all the rest. Elegant antlers and a sweet red nose make your birthday cake go down in history.

Helpful Hack

With a simple round cake, you can add your own antlers and nose to feature Santa's favorite deer on your birthday dessert. 

Refresh Your Cake With Peppermint


There are quite a few Christmas flavors to choose from and they would all make a delicious addition to a cake. But peppermint stands out as one of the most refreshing and Christmas-forward flavors. Give this chocolate peppermint cake from The Novice Chef a try. 

Have a Birthday Gingerbread House


Building a gingerbread house is a holiday tradition for many families. For you, it could be a birthday cake like no other. In fact, you deserve a gingerbread mansion for your big day! With all your favorite candies featured on the edible home, you'll have more square feet of celebratory sweets than you'll know what to do with. 

Feature Winter Fruits on Your Cake


If you prefer a cake with simple decorations, you might love a winter fruit-covered layer cake. With a simple flavor like chocolate or vanilla, the seasonal fruits of winter can sing. Pomegranates, various berries, and tons of citrus make beautiful (and delicious) decorations atop your cake.

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Fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme also make lovely decorations for your Christmas cake.

Add Snowy Winter Critters to Your Cake

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Snowy bears, friendly penguins, and plenty of snowmen make a child's Christmas birthday cake extra adorable. Winter critters take a basic white cake and transform it into a winter wonderland or a snapshot of life at the North Pole. Don't forget the scarves and hats since these cold-weather cuties need a little extra help to stay warm. 

Dig Into a Birthday Yule Log


Yule log cakes are a traditional Christmas dessert, but they also make creative birthday cakes. Whether you choose the classic chocolate flavor combination or lean into some fun holiday flavors, this Swiss roll-cake gives your birthday a sophisticated Christmas vibe.

Have a Hot Cocoa Cake


This is more than chocolate cake. This is a cake featuring one of winter's tastiest and most comforting treats. A hot cocoa cake has all the wonderful flavor of cocoa and just a touch of marshmallowy goodness. This hot cocoa cake from Liv for Cake is giving us all the Christmasy birthday vibes. 

Quick Tip

If you want to go the cutesy route, a cake that actually looks like a cup of hot cocoa would amp up the cozy Christmas vibes for sure. 

Celebrate With Christmas Cheesecake


We love any excuse to have cheesecake, and a Christmas birthday seems like a good enough reason. From holiday cheesecake flavors like peppermint or eggnog to simple cheesecakes with seasonal decorations, this cool dessert is a crowd-pleasing birthday treat. 

Enjoy an Eggnog Cake


You might prefer your eggnog in a cup, possibly one with antlers. But eggnog also makes a tasty, and potentially boozy, birthday cake for Christmastime. This high-altitude eggnog cake from Curly Girl Kitchen has all the authentic eggnog flavor you crave during the holidays. 

Indulge With Christmas Coconut Cake


Look no further than coconut if you need edible decorations for your Christmas birthday cake. It makes snowy drifts all over your decadent dessert, bringing those wintery vibes you're looking for. Not to mention, coconut is a sweet and delicate flavor for any birthday cake.

Share a Winter Berry Pavlova Wreath


Trade the fluffy texture of traditional cake for a crisp and chewy pavlova. A birthday pavlova might be a refreshing break from the heavier desserts of Christmas. Add some candles alongside your whipped cream and seasonal fruits for a celebratory pavlova just as special as your day.

Trade Cake for Rustic Cinnamon Rolls


When it comes to cake alternatives that feature holiday flavors, look no further than the traditional cinnamon roll. If you have a taste for the decadent and the rustic, a pan of freshly baked cinnamon rolls may be all you need to feel loved on your birthday. You could even opt for one jumbo cinnamon roll or a festive red velvet batch of cinnamon rolls.  

Show Off Towering Christmas Tree Cupcakes


Making cute decorations on your cake isn't just for the pro bakers. Simple Christmas trees made of frosting make any cake look like a holiday masterpiece. Blow out your candles next to these easy-to-make frosting trees. 


  • Waffle cones
  • Green buttercream
  • Frosting bag fitted with closed-star tip
  • Powdered sugar


  1. Use a serrated knife to cut some of your cones into shorter trees.
  2. Use the same knife to cut the cones in half to place against the side of your cake.
  3. With one finger to balance inside the cone, work from the bottom of your cone. Use gentle pressure to add dollops of frosting all the way around.
  4. You'll use the top of your trees to place them on your cake, so leave that spot empty until you've placed them on the cake.
  5. Finish everything off by frosting the tops of your trees and sprinkling some powdered sugar on the tops. 

Make a Wish on a Christmas Birthday Cake


Sharing your birthday with Christmas might be a bummer at times. But you get to choose to make a big deal of your next year of life. Make a wish on a cake you love, even if it isn't a traditional holiday dessert.

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18 Christmas Birthday Cakes for a Wintery Celebration