Unforgettable Christmas Play for Church Groups of All Ages

Perform any of these church Christmas plays to make your holiday service even more inspiring.

Updated October 26, 2023
Diverse children acting in nativity scene

Producing a church Christmas play is a big task for any youth director, choir director, or volunteer drama coach. Luckily, you can make one part of the job easier with printable scripts. Use them to create an event that'll run as smoothly as the pros and leave your audience smiling with holiday delight. 

Printable Christmas Nativity Play Scripts for Church

Christmas play scripts vary depending on the age of the cast. These two original nativity plays include a script, set guidelines, costume instructions, stage movement and lighting directions, and song recommendations to simplify your Christmas production. 

Children and Youth Christmas Play

This Christmas play for small churches follows the nativity story. The play tells the traditional nativity story of Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem, where Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus and receives visits from shepherds and wise men.

It offers simple dialogue and easy song selections for the youngest members of your congregation or group. A narrator is used to move the narrative forward, and there are roles for 12 actors. It runs about 30 minutes.

Christmas Play for Teens and Adults

This play is written for teens and adults. It's longer than the children and youth play, at around 45 minutes. This is because it includes additional scenes and songs, and longer, more mature dialogue. The play also uses a narrator to move the plot forward.

There are roles for 12 actors, plus a choir is needed to provide songs. The size of the choir can be determined by how much space and how many available singers you have. The play follows the story of the nativity from the moment the angel Gabriel tells the Virgin Mary she will have a child, to Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and the subsequent visits of shepherds and wise men to see the baby Jesus.

Additional Church Play Options

Other ideas for Christmas plays at church can use "Christmas" themes that aren't necessarily biblical stories. Often, children (and even some adults!) enjoy learning more about the true meaning of Christmas when the play is set in modern times and relates to people's everyday lives.

Christmas Plays for Children

These printable plays are perfect for children, although adults will enjoy them as well. They highlight the importance of the true spirit of Christmas through children learning how to give to others in need.

Quick Tip

Another possibility for a less formal church gathering is a script based on the classic children's story How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Short Christmas Plays and Skits

These short holiday plays are suitable for a festive church setting, like a youth group gathering or a play put on by church volunteers at a retirement or nursing home. Both plays are based on folktales and would be enjoyable for children and adults.

There are also short Christmas skits that you could combine to make one longer play featuring different aspects of Christmas in modern times. Even though these plays and skits aren't specifically religious, they teach about the importance of giving and caring for others during the holidays.

Christmas Poetry Reading

Another way to celebrate Christmas at a church could be a simple poetry reading featuring children and adults taking turns at the podium. Tons of beautiful poems celebrate religious Christian themes and would make for a lovely and inspirational holiday event.

A Meaningful Experience

Taking on a Christmas church play is a big job, but the result will be a unique holiday experience for the entire congregation. During the chaos and business of the holiday season, a Christmas play will help remind people of the reason for the season and make them excited to spread the good news.

Unforgettable Christmas Play for Church Groups of All Ages