12 Baseball-Themed Party Ideas That Are a Grand Slam

Celebrate any occasion or achievement with the great American pastime and these baseball party tips.

Published June 21, 2023

Baseball is as beloved by children as it is by adults, and you need some grand slam party ideas to drive the theme home. With baseball party decor, traditional stadium foods, and games that kids and adults will love, you'll be the MVP of party planning. These babseball party theme ideas are easy and make the experience fun for the entire team.

Send Game Ticket Invitations


Invite your guests to the MVP - that's most valuable party - of the year with clever baseball game party invitations. Ticket invitations give guests all the info they need about the bash with a creative nod at the party theme. Even adults will find this little detail clever.

Celebrate at the Batting Cages


Not loving the idea of a crowd in your own home? Move the party outside to your local batting cages or park. Rent the space for the afternoon and bring your basic birthday celebration necessities. Spend the day playing catch, taking turns up to bat, or split the party into two teams for a birthday championship game.

Make Your Own Baseball Tablecloths


Whether you're hosting at home or throwing your party at the park, try this easy DIY for making baseball-themed tablecloths.


  • Pencil
  • White disposable tablecloths
  • Red washi tape or craft tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or measuring tape


  1. Start by setting your tablecloths on the table in the place and style you prefer.
  2. Do a rough sketch of baseball stitching on the tablecloth with a pencil. For a round table, make the pattern resemble an actual baseball with two stitches starting on the outer edges and working inward, creating two C-shapes. For a rectangular table, try adding two to three stitch lines around the corners of the table in a C-shape.
  3. Use the ruler or tape measure to make sure all of your tape pieces are roughly the same size and start cutting your pieces and taping them on according to your sketch. You'll need one long piece for the main part of the stitch and 12-16 smaller pieces for the sides of the stitching.

You can also use this taping method to create baseball stitching on white paper cups, giftwrap, and balloons.

Get Specific With Your Theme


From birthday parties, to Father's Day celebrations, to graduation bashes, your baseball-themed party is an opportunity to get creative with the theme. Rather than a broad baseball theme, try these specific ideas for hosting a baseball party for kids or adults.

  • You're killin' me Smalls! Host a Sandlot-themed baseball party to honor the end of Little League season or have a father-son celebration. This theme is perfect for all ages. Don't forget to have plenty of s'mores on hand!
  • Host a Rookie Year celebration for your little MVP's first birthday. You can go the simple route with decor and food, but guests will love this clever spin on a well-known baseball term.
  • For a milestone birthday, a graduation, or an achievement-centered celebration, a grand slam party is just the ticket. Go big for this one with all the baseball decor to honor the MVP of your ocassion.
  • Host a home run homecoming for a college grad or a military service member. What better way to celebrate an All-American achievement than with America's favorite sport? A red, white, and blue color scheme might be in order here.

Have a Hot Dog Bar


You can't host a baseball party without a few ballpark franks on the menu. Make the meal fully customizable with a hot dog bar that includes all the fixin's you might find at the baseball stadium. If you're throwing your party during the warmer months, you can break out the grill to make the meal quickly.

Make Your Own Concession Stand


Swap the traditional party dessert table for a nostalgic concession stand with all the most beloved snacks and treats. You can DIY your own stand or just set things up on a table as you normally would. The biggest detail to knock out of the park here is the food. You want all the best concessions on the menu.

  • Soft pretzels with all the dipping sauces
  • Popcorn or kettlecorn - or both
  • Cracker Jacks are a must
  • A lineup of beloved candies
  • Plenty of cotton candy
  • Snow cones are also a fun addition
  • A selection of sodas or ice cream floats

Rent a Food Truck


Want a party food menu your guests will love that you won't have to lift a finger for? Rent a food truck or two for your celebration to get those classic concession foods you love at the baseball stadium without worrying about prep and clean up. Try food trucks that serve burgers, ice cream, craft beer, concession snacks, or gourmet hot dogs.

Make Your Own Baseball-Themed Foods


If you love DIY and recipes and aim to be the coolest and craftiest mom in the class, then these baseball-themed foods are a fun way to bring creativitiy to your child's baseball-themed party.

Serve Baseball Pull-Apart Cupcakes


Feed a crowd with a beloved party treat in the shape of baseball icons. Pull-apart cupcakes serve the same decorative purpose of a cake, but they require no slicing, so serving is a breeze.

  • Try pull-apart cupcakes that look like a baseball.
  • For a large crowd, a baseball-bat-shaped cake with surrounding baseball cupcakes will feed everyone.
  • Make your pull-apart cupcakes look like a baseball stadium.
  • For chocolate cupcakes, a baseball mitt shape is perfect.
  • Make it colorful with a batter's helmet shape in your child's favorite team colors.

Make Your Own Baseball Cake


Even if you're not a master baker, a baseball-themed birthday cake is totally doable. This simple baseball cake tutorial from Events to Celebrate is adorable and easy, no matter your level of cake decorating skills.

Get Some Autographs


Skip the traditional guest book and have your partygoers sign a baseball instead. Set a few baseballs on a table with colorful markers and encourage your guests to leave a brief message and their signature. No need to bring a cheesy card when you can leave a fun autograph instead.

Let Guests Practice Their Batting Skills


This baseball party game will be just as exciting for adults as it is for the kiddos. Water balloon batting practice is easy to put together and makes for hours of entertainment during your party.


  • A few large buckets
  • Prepped & filled water balloons
  • Assortment of plastic baseball bats


  1. Set up two or three spaces for "batting practice" with a bucket of balloons and a few bats.
  2. Instruct players to split into two even teams.
  3. One team steps up to bat while the other team stands across from them. Each team player gets three attempts to hit the opposing player with a water balloon.
  4. Keep score based on how many balloons burst on opposing players.
  5. The team with the most hits when the balloons run out is declared the winner.

Step Up to the Party Planning Plate


You'll hit a home run with partygoers and the guest of honor using these baseball-themed party ideas. You don't have to go big to make your celebration a winner, you just have to bring your best to the party planning game. Party planning and baseball games have a lot in common: the most important thing is that you have fun.

12 Baseball-Themed Party Ideas That Are a Grand Slam