7 Creative Ideas to Flip Celebrity-Themed Parties on Their Head

Try our celebrity-themed party ideas to take your guests beyond glitz and glamour.

Published April 2, 2023

Hosting a party can be thrilling and stressful, but it all hinges on coming up with a great theme. And, if you've hosted some memorable ragers in the past, you have to outdo yourself with a fresh take on a overdone concept. Celebrity-themed parties often get lost in trying to make things bigger and bolder. Instead, try flipping the concept on its head with these unique takes on the classic party idea.

Teenage Dirtbag Party


Teenage Dirtbag is a TikTok trend where Millennials are posting old pictures of themselves in their stylized, teenage outfits. Whether or not you're a born Millennial, you can bring this trend to real life by hosting a Teenage Dirtbag Party. It's a play on the old "middle school me" theme where guests show up in the outfits they would've worn when they were about 15. Really bring the throwback vibes by hosting it in a garage or basement and only serving beer, chips, and gas station drinks like Four Lokos.

A Night of Noir


Celebrity parties weren't always held at dark night clubs with loud house music vibrating in your bones. During the Golden Age of Hollywood, people in the industry were often treated to elegant dinners and dances (which usually ended in front-page news antics). Embrace this retro sensibility with lovely low-lighting, a formal-wear dress code, soft jazz playing, and a gray scale color pallet. Bring the intrigue and charisma of the classic noirs without any of the backstabbing or murder to your Hollywood-inspired party.

Saturday Night Smackdown


Want to have a raucous Saturday night with your friends, or throw a themed rager in your college town? Set up a Saturday Night Smackdown party filled with solo cups, easy alcoholic beverages, and inflatable body bumpers. Put together a March Madness style bracket for everyone to compete against each other. The best part? Instead of donning wrestling personas, guests come dressed as their favorite niche pop culture mascot. We're talking the Burger King, Tony the Tiger, and the late-night Waffle House employee.

15 Minutes of Fame Party


If you want to have a party full of glitz and glamor, but that's not black tie, put together a 15 Minutes of Fame party. Roll out the red carpet in the venue's entryway and hire a DJ to come play a set or two. Have bottles of Champagne on ice ready for guests to live up the mixer vibe. If they want, tell them to come dressed up like their favorite micro-celebrity, one-hit wonder, or one-season athlete whose 15 minutes of fame are long since up.

Royal Tea Party


The British royal family's had a sensational couple of years, if the interviews and headlines are anything to go off of. Some celebrities rise to fame through their talents and deeds, while others are born into it. Hold a different kind of celebrity-themed party by hosting a tea party filled with all sorts of stereotypical British dishes. You can easily thrift old royal wedding plates and saucers, and buy garlands or plates/napkins with the late Queen's face on it. The point is to be as irreverent as possible with this hilarious take on a royal British brunch.

6 Degrees of Kardashian


It's undeniable that the Kardashian family has dominated pop culture for the past two decades. For good or bad, they've taken the world by storm. Throw a celebrity-themed party with a twist on the "6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game by having guests come dressed up as anyone who can be connected to the Kardashian family. Go Y2K with a Paris Hilton glittering co-ord set or dress up like one of the members of Blink-182. Top everything off with gift bags filled with Kardashian merch. Just make sure you keep the entire party in neutral beiges to pay homage to Kim Kardashian's notable interior design.

Heidi Klum Halloween Party


Heidi Klum's known for her whacky Halloween costumes, and what better way to put together a unique Halloween party than instructing guests to show up in costumes they think Heidi Klum would show up in. The stranger, more elaborate, and more detailed they are - the better. In keeping with the theme, you can even hold a Project Runway-style runway show and elimination to see who wins the best costume award.

Celebrity-Themed Party Ideas to Celebrate Anything


The best kinds of party themes are the ones that don't require a lot of prep work, aren't expensive, and fit for just about any occasion. Considering everyone wants to feel like a star, these celebrity-themed party ideas are perfect whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation, or the start of a much needed weekend.

7 Creative Ideas to Flip Celebrity-Themed Parties on Their Head