10 Anti-Valentine's Day Ideas for Fun Without Romance

This day can be about so much more than sappy cards and expensive dinners. Try these fun ideas instead.

Published January 18, 2024


February isn't all roses and candy hearts, or at least, it doesn't have to be. If you're not feeling all that romantic lately, celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day instead. We promise, it can actually be way more fun.

There are lots of reasons not to jump on the greeting card bandwagon — from a recent breakup to a genuine hatred of the taste of conversation hearts. No matter what your reason, plan an alternate celebration this February 14 with everything that's totally the opposite of ooey-gooey romance.

Give Some Love (and Money) to Charity


People spend a ton on Valentine's Day gifts for each other every February 14 (about $192 per person to be exact), but you can do some good with that money that doesn't involve buying chocolates or flowers. Take some time to volunteer at your favorite charity and spread the love with a donation, too.

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Have a Fast Food Hang-Out


There's basically nothing that happens on Valentine's Day that can possibly taste as good as perfect French fries, right? Skip the fancy restaurant and its high price tag and head to your favorite burger joint with friends. This is the ultimate Anti-Valentine's Day meal.

Have an Anti-Valentine's Day Cocktail Party


Celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day with an amazing cocktail party, and really lean into the theme. We're talking bouquets of black flowers, dark-colored drinks like the black velvet cocktail, the least romantic playlist you can think of, and plenty of friends.

Quick Tip

When you send out invites, make sure everyone knows that this is an Anti-Valentine's Day party. We don't want people showing up in pink, after all.

Take the Perfect Nap


If you feel like Valentine's Day is a snooze-fest, well, let it be one. We love the idea of embracing the art of napping as a way to celebrate Anti-Valentine's Day as a couple. And we're not talking about a little lie-down. Really commit here. We're talking room-darkening shades, white noise, and maybe even a naptime story.

Make Broken Heart Cookies (or Cake)


Sweets aren't just for those celebrating the traditional way. You can put your own Anti-Valentine's Day twist on the classic sugar cookies and cakes. We really like the idea of frosting them just like a regular Valentine's Day cookie but then adding sarcastic messages like "sorry, but no" or "be my anti-valentine."

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Leave Yourself Some Love Notes


Sending love letters to other people is awesome and all, but you're the one you'll be with for the rest of your life. Show yourself a little extra love by leaving encouraging messages in places you're going to find them later. Tape a note to your mirror that says, "You're a gorgeous creature."

Binge Watch Your Favorite Horror Movies


What's the opposite of a romantic comedy? A super terrifying horror movie (or several). Invite your friends for a movie marathon or make a solo event; there's no wrong way to scare yourself silly as an alternative to the standard Valentine's Day. Just don't forget the popcorn because running out of snacks is truly terrifying.

Break Some Hearts (or at Least a Piñata)


As the ultimate Anti-Valentine's Day symbol, we're so in love with the idea of breaking a heart piñata. Come on. What could be better than attacking a giant heart with a stick until all the goodies fall out? Buy a heart-shaped piñata at your local party store and then stuff that thing with your favorite treats. Invite a few friends over and go to town.

Make Some Anti-Valentines


Making valentines is fun, even if you're not into the whole romance thing. You can keep the fun part and ditch the sappy part by making anti-valentines. Grab all your craft supplies (plus plenty of black paper) and make cards for friends. We love the idea of twisting traditional romantic messages into funny sarcastic ones. Try one of these:

  • "You don't complete me. I was already complete. We can share these nachos, though."
  • "To me, you aren't perfect. But I like you anyway."
  • "When I look at you, I think those three little words: 'please stop snoring.'"
  • "Love might always be patient and kind, but I'm not. Can we eat yet?"

Get Together and Shred Your Exes


All you need for that Anti-Valentine's Day activity is a paper shredder and a little bitterness (oh, and some photos and letters and stuff). Get together with friends and say goodbye to all the ephemera of a broken heart. Take turns shredding your old pictures and letters and then use the shreds as confetti.

Make It the Best Anti-Valentine's Day Ever


Tradition is nice, but having fun is even better. If you're not into Valentine's Day, create your own awesome event by celebrating Anti-Valentine's Day instead. From cocktail parties to cakes and cookies, there's plenty to love about a day that has nothing to do with love.

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10 Anti-Valentine's Day Ideas for Fun Without Romance