Host Like a Pro With 58 Super Bowl Party Names

Take a victory lap as a host when you use one of these Super Bowl party names.

Published January 9, 2024
Super bowl party

The snack menu is planned, with plenty of dips and chicken wings for all, not to mention pizza on pizza on pizza. The drinks are chilling, and the TV is perfectly angled for maximum enjoyment. All that's left? A catchy name for your Super Bowl party. After all, yours is destined to be the tastiest, loudest, and best one on the block. Not just any name will do. Thankfully, we have you covered, just like the defense.

Classic Super Bowl Party Names

The Super Bowl has been in our lives for decades, and it's oh-so-very much a classic and timeless sporting event. Give your party that same feel, and let them know what this party is about — the pigskin.

  • Touchdown Throwdown
  • The Big Game Bonanza 
  • Fantasy Football League Finale
  • Here for the Rings
  • The Calm Before the Score
  • The Huddle is Real
  • Here to Hail Mary
  • Game Faces for Game Day
  • Their Blood, Their Sweat, Our Tears
  • Snap Decisions
  • Going the Whole Nine Yards
  • Welcome to the Big Show 
  • Super Bowl Central

Food-Themed Super Bowl Party Names

Taco dip, chicken dip, salsa, guacamole, pizza dip, chip dip. The Super Bowl isn't the only bowl that's the star of the show at your party. 

  • Super Snack Showdown 
  • Huddle and Munch 
  • Championship Chowdown 
  • Endless Eats for the Gridiron Geeks
  • Super Feast Bowl
  • Sack and Snacks
  • Super Snack Bowls and Sips
  • We Are the Champions of Snacking
  • Here for the (Onion) Rings
  • Spiking Footballs and Drinks
  • Double-Dipping is a Ten-Yard Penalty
  • The Super Bowl is a Big Dill
  • Gettin' Blitzed
  • On a Chicken Wing and a Prayer
  • It's a Thirst Down! 
  • The Huddle and Grub Hub

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Social Super Bowl Party Names

Yeah, you're having a Super Bowl party, but it's more like a Social Bowl party if you're being honest. We'll let you in on a secret: we're mostly here for the halftime show. 

  • The Gridiron Gala
  • Endzone Extravaganza
  • Super Bowl Social Soiree 
  • Field Goal Fiesta Bowl
  • Scoredboard Social
  • Halftime and Football
  • So Many Fans, So Little Chill
  • Pizza Party with Some Football
  • One Team, One Mission: Party Hard
  • Here for the Tailgate
  • Halftime Hangout Crew
  • Punt, Pass, and Party 
  • Gametime Groove Time

Punny and Funny Super Bowl Party Names

These are some punt, sorry, pun-worthy names for your Super Bowl party. You're here for the fun, you're here to cheer for both teams, and no one has the Super Bowl spirit like you. 

  • I Thought It Was Called the Brady Bowl
  • Let's Have a Ball Watching the Super Bowl
  • I Predict One of These Teams Will Win
  • Humbled by Fumbles
  • Keep the Pennies, I'd Like My Quarterback 
  • A Party for People Who Get a Kick Out of Football
  • The Armchair Quarterback Watch Party
  • I Like Big Punts, and I Cannot Lie
  • Team Zebra
  • Fourth and Inches Away From Losing It
  • Draft Picks and Canned Beers
  • Professional Fowls: Chicken Wing Experts Unite
  • Post Puppy Bowl Bash 
  • Gridiron Get-Together
  • Someone's Going to Disney
  • Super Bowl? I Though You Said Souper Bowl

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Whichever name resonates with your Super Bowl party style, remember that the key to a memorable celebration lies in the company, the game, and the overall vibe you create. Plus the dips. Dips are important for a Super Bowl party. Although maybe we're confused about which bowl is being celebrated. Either way, pick a name that captures the spirit of your event, then settle in to enjoy the Super Bowl in style! 

Host Like a Pro With 58 Super Bowl Party Names