Toast to Victory With These Super Bowl Drink Name Ideas

Pick one of our winning Super Bowl drinks name ideas for game-day glory.

Published January 9, 2024
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The Super Bowl is more than just superstitions for fans, and it's more than cheers and boos between touchdowns and tackles. The Super Bowl is the social event of February. This is your playbook of creative, classic, and fan-favorite Super Bowl drink names. Unlike the plays happening on the field, there's a touchdown in every sip here. 

Classic Super Bowl Drink Names

Some fans have been backing their team since day one. These drink names are the perfect nod to why you're all together, yelling at the TV screen. 

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Punny and Fun Super Bowl Drink Names

The commercials aren't the only ones allowed to make people laugh or crack a good joke, so why not give your Super Bowl beverages a name to inspire the same feeling? 

  • Super Rum Punch Bowl
  • Coin Flip
  • Quarterback Reviver
  • Goalpost Highball
  • Sideline Scrambler
  • Bloody Hail Mary
  • Someone's Going to Disney
  • Should've Called an Audible
  • Just a Benchwarmer 
  • Look at Those Goal Getters

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Spirited Super Bowl Drink Names

Valentine's Day who? These spirited names are for lifelong fans, sort-of fans, and the ones who are there to hang out and enjoy the halftime show. 

MVP Super Bowl Drink Names: Mocktails

Every Super Bowl party needs something other than booze. From designated drivers to mini-football players, these are an easy field goal. 

Make Your Drinks a Touchdown!

From die-hard fans to those who are just in it for the commercials, these creative and touchdown dance-worthy drink names will set your Super Bowl party apart from all the rest. Just be ready to host game day next year, champ! 

Toast to Victory With These Super Bowl Drink Name Ideas