16 Stylish Ideas for Cozy Winter Weddings

From what you wear to how you decorate, there's so much romance to celebrate at a winter wedding.

Published December 1, 2023


Anyone who has curled up next to the fire with their special someone knows that cold weather can be the most romantic. If you're having a winter wedding, it's all about upping the cozy factor to take advantage of the special magic of this sparkling season.

Wrap Up in Fur


One of the best things about a winter wedding is being about to add cozy accessories to your wedding day look. We love a faux fur wrap to create the ultimate winter luxury vibe. It will look gorgeous in photos, too.

Cozy Up Together


Grab a cozy blanket or quilt and wrap up for the ultimate winter wedding photo op. You can go outside and wrap the blanket around both of you or have one of you wrap up the other. It's adorable, and the blanket makes a great decoration over the back of a chair at your guest book table.

Bring on the Feather Accessories


Feathers are just as cozy as fur, and they have a special place in your winter wedding look. Pick up white feather wraps or hair fascinators and add feathers to boutonnières and bouquets.

Let Sparkling Ice Inspire Your Hair Ornaments


When it comes to how you do your hair, one of our fave winter wedding ideas is to choose a hair ornament that sparkles like ice or snow. You can add a veil below it if you want or just keep it simple. It will provide plenty of glittering magic to your look.

Quick Tip

Icy sparkle isn't only for the bride! You can have bridemaids wear glittering hair decorations, too.

Carry a Cotton Blossom Bouquet


With its white color and soft and cozy texture, cotton is the perfect addition to your wedding flowers. It looks beautiful with white flowers and greenery in your bouquet, and it's gorgeous in table decorations, too.

Show Off With Snowflake and Silver Decorations


Snowflakes make a wonderful decorating theme for a winter wedding. Pair them with sparkling silver elements for a classic snowy look that everyone will enjoy. You can even use white and silver as your winter wedding colors and carry the theme through with everything from invitations to table decor.

Light Up Your Tables With Lemons and Lanterns


Add a touch of freshness and color (plus a ton of cozy ambiance) by making your centerpieces out of candle lanterns surrounded by lemons and greenery. The lanterns are perfect for a winter event, since it tends to be really dark in the evening during this chilly time of year.

Add Coziness With Hundreds of Candles


A winter wedding idea that really amps up the cozy factor is a display with hundreds of candles. You can spread them out on the head table or make an alter that flickers with romance where you'll exchange your vows.

Quick Tip

Check with venue about having open flames. If you can't, there are lots of great flameless candles that can give you a similar cozy look.

Include Teapots on Tables


A warm drink is so comforting in chilly weather, and teapots are as pretty as they are functional. Choose some pretty ones (they don't have to match) to place on the tables at your reception. They can even be the centerpieces.

Replicate Snow on Branches for Your Centerpieces


Bare branches scattered with snow are such an iconic winter scene, and we love the idea of using them for your centerpieces. Even though you can't have real snow, you can use paper flowers or glitter to make the branches look snowy. Another plus is that this is an effortless DIY centerpiece.

Embrace Pine Cone Decorations for a Winter Wedding


Another nature-inspired winter wedding idea is to use pine cones in your table decorations. You can scatter them over the table or pile them together with greenery and flowers. Either way, it's fun to add a little glitter to look like snow.

Offer Up a Sled Full of Cupcakes


Nothing says winter fun like a sled, and you can use an old-fashioned one to display cupcakes at your wedding. Do this instead of a cake or as an extra-sweet treat for guests — there are no rules.

Have a Snow-Inspired Wedding Cake


White is the ultimate winter wedding color, and you can have a white-on-white cake that looks like the prettiest snowy day. It's all about texture, with layers and decorations and plenty of coconut to look like snow.

Treat Guests to a Hot Chocolate Bar


There's nothing quite like the delicious flavor and warmth of hot chocolate on a cold, snowy day. Set up a hot chocolate bar at your winter wedding so guests can make the ultimate cup of chocolatey comfort. Include mini marshmallows, sprinkles, peppermint, and other mix-ins so they can customize to their hearts' content.

Start Off With Classy Comfort Food Appetizers


Just like hot chocolate, certain foods are classic winter comfort treats. Think grilled cheese and tomato soup, mashed potatoes, hearty stews, that kind of thing. Transform these classics into appetizers with soup shooters or spoons full of delicious goodness.

Set the Tables With Snowflake-Inpsired Place Settings


Let your winter theme inspire your table settings, too. A blue and white color scheme looks amazing, and you can place white snowflakes on folded blue napkins for instant winter beauty. Carry the theme through with place cards printed with snowflakes.

Layer Up With Winter Wedding Ideas


You can have the ultimate romantic wedding by layering lots of winter wedding ideas together. From your decorations to your food and clothing, there are so many ways to celebrate your love in this magical season.

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16 Stylish Ideas for Cozy Winter Weddings