60 Cute Cocktail Names for When You're Feeling Adorable

You deserve a cocktail name as cute as you!

Published February 17, 2023
cocktail in a flamingo pool float

Life can be difficult, so why not make life, and your cocktails, sweeter with a cute cocktail name? Lighten your whiskey Wednesday with a charming name, or take your cocktail dinner party from stuffy to adorable. Don't concern yourself with the occasion - these drink names are cute as a button.

Just Plain Cute Drink Names

Keep it simple, but obviously cute, with these drink name ideas that'll make anyone smile.

Cuter Than Kittens and Puppies Cocktail Names

What's sweeter than tiny kitten whiskers or that puppy tail that wiggles endlessly?

A Bouquet of Cute Flower Cocktail Names

As tasty as they are beautiful, your cocktail is deserving of a sweet and beautiful name.

Cute Classic Cocktail Names

You don't need to reinvent the wheel here - you can turn to these classic cocktails that already come named - and they're cute, to boot!

  • Angel Face - A tasty cocktail with fruity flavors, like apricot and peach
  • Appletini - The classic green apple martini, sweet with a touch of sour
  • Flirtini - A flirty martini with vodka, raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice
  • Ruby Dutchess - A bubbly red cocktail with prosecco and pomegranate juice
  • Yellow Bird - Rum on rum, but don't worry, there's pineapple juice and banana liqueur to marry these flavors together
  • Golden Dream - Creamy orange martini with orange liqueur, Galliano, and orange juice
  • Bee's Knees - A floral gin cocktail with notes of honey and lemon
  • My Fair Lady - Light rum and orange liqueur makes for a very cute martini that won't leave you reeling
  • Old Pal - Think of this as a rye Negroni, with the Campari, rye, and dry vermouth
  • Smitten - Dry gin, Campari, simple syrup, and a little mint, makes for a refreshing drink
  • Gold Rush - A three-ingredient cocktail, bourbon, lemon juice, and honey make for a tasty sip
  • Bahama Mama - Rums, coconut, coffee liqueur, and lemon juice for a tropically cute drink
  • Grasshopper - Creamy mint and chocolate flavors in a martini
  • Pink Squirrel - Cherry liqueur and white chocolate make for the cutest creamy and pink drink

Cute Names for Cocktails

You don't need to add a pink bow or a picture of a puppy as a garnish to make your cocktail cute. Although, who are we kidding, that'd make it a ten-and-a-half star cute cocktail. But it's a cute name for your drink that really seals the deal.

60 Cute Cocktail Names for When You're Feeling Adorable