180+ Christmas Cocktail Names That'll Sleigh at Your Holiday Party

No matter what festive holiday drinks you're serving, these clever and fun drink names make them even more seasonal and celebratory.

Updated October 20, 2023
Christmas Party Celebration With Champagne Glasses And Lights

The chestnuts are roasting over an open fire. The tinsel is glittering on the Christmas tree, and the wreath on the front door finally isn't crooked. Try not to keep looking at it. It's good enough.

Instead, turn your attention to the fun part of the holidays: cocktails! Grab your favorite classic cocktail to sip while you browse Christmas drink names that'll make you holly, jolly, and jingle your way through the season. Then, host a holiday party with the most inventive Christmas cocktail names ever. You're welcome!

Classically Christmas Cocktail Names

Christmas decoration red balls in cocktail glass

Grab your vintage decorations, pop on a classic Christmas music station, and hop onto a one-horse sleigh with these traditional Christmas drink names.

Sweet Christmas Cocktail Names

Homemade hot chocolate mug

These cocktail names are an ode to all the tasty treats and snacks that seem to cover every last surface at every holiday party, from savory to minty, sugary to chocolatey. But in a glass. That means the calories count for less.

Funny Christmas Names

Christmas Santa Claus Enjoying Tropical Beach

Don't take the holiday season too seriously! Your schedule is already jam-packed, so add a little extra merriment and fun to your cocktails with a play on words with hilarious Christmas names.

Christmas Cocktails With Carols and Quotes

Festive Cranberry drink on Christmas background

Hum along to these lyrical Christmas cocktail names with caution, as they're quite an earworm, or dive into those unforgettable movie quotes that you'll never forget. Give it your own spin by replacing a word from your favorite Christmas lyrics or quote with a style of cocktail or a spirit.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Drink Names

Two Cups of coffee with christmas decorations

The weather outside is frightful, and the shoveling is not delightful; let it pour, let it pour, let it pour right out of your cocktail shaker and into a glass garnished with a wintery name.

  • Snowflake Martini or Cocktail
  • Snowman's Highball
  • Blizzard Alexander
  • Jack Frost Cocktail
  • White Christmas
  • Blizzard Ball
  • Snowstorm
  • White Out
  • Snowdrift Cosmo or Martini
  • White Christmas Dream
  • Snowball
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Frostbite
  • The Blizzard Bramble
  • Mitten Martini
  • Blizzard Bourbon Apple Pie
  • Frosty Martini
  • Hailstorm Highball
  • Snowdrift Old-Fashioned
  • Flurry Flip
  • Polar Vortex Cocktail
  • Blizzard Buttered Rum

Christmas Mocktail Names

Child wearing Christmas pjs holds cup of hot cocoa

Don't forget to aptly name the drinks that'll be adorning the kids' table or filling up a cocktail glass for those who don't want any booze. Mocktails deserve a sparkling, festive name, too. Without one, it would be like forgetting the star on top of the tree.

  • Max's Grinchy Mocktail
  • Buddy the Elf's Favorite Mocktail
  • Little Elf Highball
  • Berry Merry Mocktail
  • Christmas Lights Fizz
  • Mocktail of Misfit Toys
  • Rudolph's Rob Roy
  • Drinking Kiddie Punch and Watching Rubbish
  • Virgin Bloody Mary
  • You Don't Smell Like Santa
  • Throne of Lies Mocktail
  • Son of a Nutcracker Hot Chocolate
  • Snowmen Can't Talk
  • Button Nose Mocktail
  • Cindy Lou Who's Punch
  • Kevin McCallister Mocktail
  • Yukon Cornelius Secret Hot Toddy Mocktail
  • Christmastown Fizz
  • Sleigh Ride Sparkle
  • A Tom Collins for Tiny Tim Mocktail
  • Elf on the Shelf Sangria Mocktail
  • Shirley Tinsel
  • Away in a Mocktail
  • Cran-merry Fizz

Naughty List Christmas Drink Names

Santa with a cocktail poolside

Sometimes people end up on the naughty list and get a stocking full of coal. Even if that's the case, at least their glass will still be full of a tasty cocktail.

Christmas Cocktails Names for a Sparkling Season

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. The cocktails are shaking and ready for names. Let the holly and jolly spirits flow through you, in addition to the bourbon and gin, this holiday season. Kick your feet up and cross cocktail planning off your list. Now that deserves a drink.

180+ Christmas Cocktail Names That'll Sleigh at Your Holiday Party