What Cheese Is Similar to Gruyere?

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If you're making a gourmet recipe that calls for Gruyère cheese and are wondering what you can use as a substitute, the answer actually depends on what you are making. Different cheeses add various flavors and textures to a dish. While several cheeses are similar to Gruyère, the end result can be disappointing unless you substitute a cheese that can stand up to a particular cooking method.

Replacements for Gruyère

There are number of cheeses similar to Gruyère. Look for cheese that has a mild, slightly salty flavor. Particularly appropriate substitutes include:

  • French cheeses considered to be nearly identical to Gruyère in both taste and texture include Beaufort or Comté (sometimes referred to as Gruyère de Comté) cheese.
  • Cheeses that taste very much like Gruyère but have different textures include Swiss and Jarlsberg.
  • Emmentaler, another cheese made in Switzerland, may also be substituted for Gruyère.

Choosing the Best Subtitute

Gruyère cheese is a fine, mellow cheese made from cow's milk. It adds a rich, slightly salty taste to recipes without an overpowering flavor. For the most part, anything that looks like a Swiss-type cheese can substitute for Gruyère.

Comté or Beaufort Cheese

Comté or Beaufort cheeses make excellent substitutes for Gruyère in most recipes. Their flavors are similar to Gruyère, and they work very well in gratins and other recipes that require baking or broiling.

Swiss and Jarlsberg

In America, most cheeses with holes in them are called Swiss cheese. A Norwegian variety of rich, mellow cheese with some holes is Jarlsberg. Both are good substitutions for Gruyère in casseroles, gratins and quiches. They also work well in fondue.


Emmental or emmentaler cheese is another type of Swiss cheese. Like typical Swiss and Jarlsberg, it has holes in the yellow or whitish yellow cheese. According to KitchenSavvy.com, emmentaler makes an ideal substitute for Gruyère when making fondue because it melts to a very smooth, even consistency.

Plenty of Options to Exchange

Don't decide against a recipe just because you can't find (or don't like) the Gruyère cheese called for in the list of ingredients. Instead, exchange Gruyère for one of the other cheeses suggested. You just might create a new favorite dish!

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What Cheese Is Similar to Gruyere?