Bathroom Mirror Frame Kits: Reputable Buying Options

Framed Mirror

If framing your bathroom mirror yourself seems a little daunting, consider bathroom mirror frame kits. Available in a wide selection of styles, mirror frame kits can transform any mirror in minutes.

Where to Buy Mirror Frame Kits

There are several retailers who make mirror frame kits in a wide range of styles and colors.


MirrorMate mirror already on the wall framing
MirrorMate framing

MirrorMate has dozens of styles, grouped into colors for easy planning. They cut everything to order and ship directly to you. Search by style, color, price or decor to help narrow down your choices. Included in their hundreds of different options are kits such as:

  • Simple hardwood frames
  • Glazed-stone frames
  • Ornate metal frames
  • Venetian style frames


Mirrorscapes is a division of Moen, the faucet company. They have several different frame kits available, each in five different finishes to match their faucets. Each of the frame kits offers straight frames for the sides, along with decorative, square corner pieces. Use these kits to get a semi-custom look by combining different corners with the frames.


Mirr.Edge was created to hide imperfections on the sides of frameless mirrors. They offer a variety of styles, all with decorative corner pieces to hide the seams between vertical and horizontal pieces. You will need to score and snap these pieces to size yourself on-site.

All of Mirr.Edge's frames are available in both wood grain and acrylic finishes to match a number of different bathroom decors. All of their frames also offer corner plates, which helps give an Art Deco style to your frame.

Reflected Design

Reflected Design offers custom mirror frame kits to fit any bathroom decor. They offer a wide range of frame styles include:

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Tuscan
  • Ornate
  • Simple
  • Traditional

Their finishes range from metals like copper to hardwoods, with several different glazes and finishes available to get the look you want.

Using Mirror Frame Kits

There are a number of ways to frame a bathroom mirror, with nearly countless custom options available. So why use a bathroom mirror frame kit?


Most bathroom frame kits snap together in 20 minutes or less. This means that your old, 80s style frameless mirror can be given a makeover in far less time than it would be to craft something custom.

Cut to Order

Most bathroom frame kits are actually semi-custom. When you place your order you include the measurements of your mirror, and the kit is cut to size. There is no need to mitre edges, or worry about additional materials for corners.

Covers Clips

Many frameless bathroom mirrors include clear plastic clips to hold the mirror to the wall. Frame kits actually go on over the edge of the mirror, while it's on the wall. This covers hooks, clips, chipped edges or anything else you don't want to see.

Readymade Styles

There's no need to try and visualize what your mirror will look like when it's done; frame kits have plenty of styles to choose from and examples of how they'll look when they're complete.


A new, framed bathroom mirror can cost as much as $1,000 to get the same look you can achieve with a mirror kit. Kits range in price, but most end up around $125 for a standard sized mirror. This can be a significant savings if the current mirror is in good shape and only needs a frame.

Installing Mirror Frames

One of the most attractive things about frame kits is the way they install. While methods will vary by manufacturer, they all have one thing in common; you don't have to remove your mirror from the wall. For big, vanity sized mirrors, this can be beneficial since removing and rehanging these large mirrors often takes a professional.

Always do a dry fit of the pieces on the mirror, using painter's tape to hold the pieces in place while you check the fit before installing. Use the recommended adhesives, and keep the bathroom dry and humidity free for at least 24 hours to give them a chance to set.

Improve Your Mirror with a Frame

Bathroom mirror frame kits are a great way to update your bathroom for little time and money. Whether your mirror is blackening at the edges, or just out of date style wise, a mirror kit can create a big transformation for little time and money.

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Bathroom Mirror Frame Kits: Reputable Buying Options