The 7 Worst Feng Shui Mistakes You Can Make

Updated November 27, 2018
Bedroom with aquarium over bed

Some of the worst feng shui mistakes are made in an honest attempt to create a better environment that attracts positive chi energy. For example, some people incorrectly believe a feng shui water painting placement in a bedroom is okay. Unfortunately, incorrect feng shui picture placements and other feng shui mistakes make it impossible to have the kind of energy flow you need and desire in your home. The good news is that once you're aware of these misconceptions, you can easily correct them!

Seven Serious Feng Shui Mistakes

You can easily alter things that are preventing the proper chi energy flow, or adjust a sector by adding the correct element. Follow these simple solutions and remedies for auspicious results.

Mistake One: Incorrect Water Feature Placement

Water features are a great way to enhance the water element in your home and draw positive wealth-building chi. You may be under the impression that you can add a water feature to any sector of your home that you wish to stimulate the flow of money or opportunity. This is the worst assumption you can make. Placing a water feature inside your home is risky and requires knowing what you're doing. Water energy attracts very powerful and active chi energy.

You may believe that a water feature would be a romantic way to enhance the energy in your bedroom. In truth, a water feature in this room could be a disastrous element, unless the flying stars currently residing in that sector of your home dictate this element is needed. Paintings, photographs or drawings of water are considered to be water elements, so you want to avoid having them in your bedroom.

Mistake Two: Using Wrong Elements

There is often confusion about which elements belong to which sector in your home. You may have read that the South sector of your home is governed by the fire element, so you go out and buy red candles to burn in this sector. While this sector is considered a fire direction, you may be adding too much fire. The thing to remember is that nothing in nature stays fixed in limbo, and neither does the energy in your home.

Mistake Three: Mirrors

Mirror in front of entry door

You may have read about putting up a bagua mirror to weaken poison arrows or that a mirror on the inside of a bathroom door is beneficial to keeping negative energy contained in the bathroom. Both of these remedies work and are great cures to negative chi energy. The mistake that is often made is in placing a mirror directly across from the front door. You may even have read somewhere that this was a good thing to do, but the truth is that it's one of the worst things you can do to bounce positive chi energy right out the front door the moment it attempts to enter.

Mistake Four: Bed Placement

Door opens to bed

If you have a bedroom that has only one possible placement for your bed and it's directly across from the door, this is known as the "coffin position." You can find a few cures to help lessen the effects of this position such as suspending a crystal ball between the bed and the door, but the best solution is a different bed placement. Placing a bed in front of a window should be avoided, but if you must, then set the bed at least a foot away from the wall and make sure your headboard is solid enough to serve as a wall to create a barrier between you and the window.

Mistake Five: Color Activates Elements

While there are certain colors associated with directions and the elements that reside in these sectors, the truth is that color cannot activate an element. It may enhance the chi energy of the room, but the only thing that can activate an element is another element. It's perfectly fine if you decide to use feng shui color matches for your rooms, but just be aware that if you need more wood element in the room, the only way you can achieve the desired results is to add wood objects or furniture.

Mistake Six: Bathroom Placement

Do not put bathroom over kitchen

If you're building a house, then pay close attention to where you locate the bathrooms in your home. Most feng shui experts agree that a bathroom directly over the foyer is an inauspicious placement. The location of a bathroom directly over a kitchen is also advised against.

Mistake Seven: House Full of Cures

Don't go out and buy tons of feng shui cures and make your home look like a feng shui gift shop. The key to using any feng shui cure is to select the appropriate cure.

What is most important is the actual element from which the object is made. While the object is symbolic and can be important, the element is always the most important part of any cure. You don't necessarily need to use a Chinese dragon if you need more fire element unless it's made out of wood. In fact, all you need to do is by a few candles and you'll have better results.

Consult a Feng Shui Professional

The ultimate success in any feng shui application is to be armed with reliable information. If you're unsure, hire a professional feng shui practitioner you can trust.

The 7 Worst Feng Shui Mistakes You Can Make