Candle Chiminea Options

candle chiminea

Candle chimineas vary widely in size and design and while most are made from ceramic or clay, occasionally you can find them constructed from other materials such as wire or glass. Online options are limited for these rustic candle holders which are scattered throughout a handful of internet storefronts.

Where to Buy

Since different varieties of candle chimineas can be hard to find in one place, the following resources were compiled to help interested shoppers locate sites that offer them for sale, to compare different types, styles and sizes and compare their prices.


The Southwest Chiminea Earthen Oven Ceramic Oil Warmer Diffuser, sold by Furniture Creations, is a small ceramic oil warmer designed to work with a tea light candle. Add your favorite scented oil to the reservoir at the top. Its compact size (5 inches high by just over 3 inches wide and deep) makes it a perfect accessory for a desk, side table, bookcase or shelf. Use it in the guest bathroom during social calls.

The chiminea oil warmer diffuser costs about $11 and is marked for free shipping.

Lynn Lusty's Store

Venture into the world of handmade art by visiting the store of Lynn Lusty, who has been working with clay for 30 years. Lynn offers a couple of different clay tea light chiminea designs, including one with eyes that resembles a head. She paints and glazes them which have a glossy finish yet still retain a very primitive and interesting look. The head design has a small opening for a tea light but the other second design might work with a 10 or 15 hour votive, especially if you request it to be made that way.

Lynn shares the site with her crafty sister June, who offers handmade leather, bone and clay decorative items. Lynn's store can be found under the heading of clay, fiber and beads. The price of each item includes shipping. However, these handmade items are made to order and usually require a wait of 6 to 8 weeks. You must contact Lynn directly to place an order, either by e-mail or phone.

Lynn Lusty's handmade clay tea light chimineas cost about $25 which includes shipping.


At, you can find three styles of handmade clay chimineas, made in Mexico by REZ Furniture. Although they are big enough to be used outdoors for backyard fires, they are also suggested for indoor use with candles. They weigh about half as much as traditional full size clay chimineas, which usually come in around 90 pounds or more. Full size versions can also run between $300-$500.

 Bottle Chiminea by REZFurniture
Bottle Chiminea by REZFurniture

If your chosen style and finish is out of stock, you can be notified by e-mail when it becomes available again.

  • Fuego Chiminea - 33 inches high by 12 inches wide by 15 inches deep, 47 pounds, available in five finishes, approximately $150
  • Bottle Chiminea - 33 inches high by 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep, 39 pounds, available in five finishes, approximately $150
  • Triangle Chiminea - 32 inches high by 16 inches wide by 6 inches deep, 33 pounds, available in four finishes, approximately $100

The hand-painted finishes on the Fuego and Bottle style chimineas come in a range of earth tone colors that include a muted turquoise blue mixed with beige and brown, (giving the piece an aged look) an earthy red (one version has a mottled look like the blue) brown, tan (bottle style) and a deep green (fuego style). The Triangle Chiminea has a slightly different distressed finish available in brown, orange red and yellow.

They are large enough to hold several pillar candles in varying heights or several jar candles in varying sizes. Add some sand to the bottom of them to elevate the candles where you can clearly see them and hold them in place.

Wayfair offers three different shipping options with expected delivery dates included. Orders totaling $49 or more qualify for free shipping and each has a 30 day return policy. Payment options are available for the Fuego and Bottle styles, with payments about $14 per month on approved credit.

eBay and Etsy

glass candle chiminea

Candle chimineas are commonly offered for sale on eBay and Etsy. Here you might come across more unusual items such as vintage votive, wire, or rare glass tea light options, like the one pictured to the right, which sold for about $13. You can also find this style of candle holder shaped like objects such as Koi fish or jack-o'-lanterns.

Feel free to ask the seller questions before purchasing an item if you can't find the information in the product's description. Try to stick with well-established vendors who have a high rate of positive feedback or favorable customer reviews.

DIY Option

If you love DIY projects, crafting and getting your hands dirty, you might want to explore the option of making your own candle chimineas. This doesn't mean countless hours of artfully trying to sculpt forms from clay. A faster, easier method is a process known as slip casting, where liquefied clay is poured into a plaster mold. For an introduction on slip casting ceramics, visit and then watch a video on how it's done at Ceramic Art Daily. Visit their education page for a wealth of tips on ceramic decorating, glazing techniques, glazing recipes and much more.

A good resource for plaster molds is the where you'll find 17 different styles including the traditional clay oven form, dragons, various animals and more. Each mold can be used over and over again to produce as many as you want or need if you decided to start selling them yourself.

Decorating With Candle Chimineas

While they blend perfectly with rustic and southwestern decorating styles, candle chimineas also make unusual eclectic accents in contemporary settings as well. You can display them based on their size or group them together to create a statement in a room.

Tips Based on Size

Small sized candle chimineas make charming display items on fireplace mantels, coffee tables, desks, bookcases, corner shelves, floating shelves and shadow box shelves. Use them for accent lighting on patio tables, stone steps or half walls and keep insects at bay by using citronella votives or tea lights.

A large candle chiminea makes a lovely table centerpiece. You can also place one next to the fireplace.

Group Them

Groupings are particularly eye-catching, especially when you can find three in slightly different sizes, shapes or colors. Use varying close and equal spacing between the three items to keep them clustered as a group.

Display similar pairs in creative ways together. Use them as decorative bookends or in a symmetrical display with a single decorative object between them. If you purchase multiples of three or five, stagger them on equally spaced floating shelves or strategically placed throughout a bookcase where their likeness will draw the eye top to bottom and side to side.

Make a Statement

Bringing a larger, outdoor chiminea indoors and filling it with a group of pillar candles or container candles in clear glass makes an instant focal point. It's a great way to fill an empty corner or create a faux fireplace in a room where you always wanted one. Any of the three by REZ Furniture offered at Wayfair would make an excellent statement piece in your home and they're very reasonably priced.

Safety Always Comes First

Never leave candles burning unattended inside or outside your home. Never burn anything other than a candle when using a chiminea indoors - it will pollute the air with hazardous smoke. LED candles and tea lights provide a safe alternative and will emit a similar flickering light,

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Candle Chiminea Options