Double Curtain Rods

sheer curtains hung with drapes

Double curtain rods allow you to hang two layers of curtains. This gives your window a designer look and helps add dimension to the window.

Installing Double Curtain Rods

The first step when installing these curtain rods is to decide where to place the specialty brackets. Double curtain rods use two poles, but only one bracket, which has two rod holders. The standard rule is to place the brackets two to four inches above the window. If you have very long drapes, the higher you placed the brackets, the taller the window will appear. For the width, the brackets should be at least two to three inches out from each side of the window. Make sure to hold the bracket itself up against the wall and mark with a pencil where the screw holes will be. If the brackets are not screwing into a stud, use drywall screws.

Once your brackets are properly mounted, you may then begin threading the curtain on to the rod. If your rods are different sizes, the lightweight or sheer curtain will go on the thinner rod. This rod will go behind the second rod. If you want to use decorative finials, make sure you place them on the outer rod so they can easily be seen.

Let Your Creativity Shine Through

Choosing what type of curtains to hang on a double rod set is where you can get creative. Hanging a colored sheer curtain on the back rod will change the hue of the light that comes into the room. The sheer curtain can provide a sense of privacy when the outer curtains are drawn open, while still allowing light to come through. The sheer curtain will also help keep cold drafts at bay during winter months.

Sheer curtains come in solids and in prints. Adding a sheer print makes a bold and very decorative statement. Another idea is a lace curtain. You can find lace curtains with decorative designs such as a lace butterfly curtain.

For the heavier outer drapes, use decorative tiebacks, holdbacks or medallions to hold your drapes in creative ways. You can embellish your windows in this way, creating a total designer look.

If you want total blockage of light and insulation from the outdoor elements, hang the heavy, blackout type curtain panels. These curtains come in stylish solid colors and ensure privacy, darkness and help reduce energy costs.

Another way to use a double rod is to hang a valance on the outer rod while hanging the matching curtains on the inner rod. This gives your window a very completed, professional appearance.

Rod Styles

When it comes to designer window treatments, the drapes and curtains are just part of the equation. The curtain rods also play a crucial part of the designer window treatment look.

Metal Rods

Metal curtain rods work well when it comes to the double rod design, because they are strong enough to hold heavy draperies. Wrought iron goes well with rustic, Italian or Spanish decor. Brass is a good match for ornate decor such as French, and pewter works well with Victorian. Stainless steel or chrome curtain rods compliment modern or contemporary decor.

Wood Rods

Wood curtain rods come in a variety of different types such as walnut, cherry, oak, mahogany and bamboo. The wood poles can be smooth or fluted. Wood poles can be stained and lacquered or painted. The most attractive part of a wood curtain rod is usually the carved finial. With a double wood curtain rod, you can use an end cap on the inner rod and use the decorative carved finial on the outer rod. Wood rods look very attractive with large wooden curtain rings.

Where to Buy

Double curtain rods can usually be found wherever regular curtain rods are sold. Visit the following retailers online to buy these rods:

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Double Curtain Rods