Are There Any Ethan Allen Furniture Outlets?

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You may have tried to find an Ethan Allen furniture outlet, but had no luck. A recent news release made in August 2009 concerning the American case goods manufacturing operation may shed some light on why you can't find an outlet.

Ethan Allen's New Direction

For the first time in the company's 75-year history, Ethan Allen's wood furniture business is being turned into a custom-made business model. This means the wood furniture products that Ethan Allen offers for sale are no longer going to be mass produced. Instead, each piece will be made to order. The company plans to add many new customized options that you can integrate into your order. Gone are the days of long production lines. The company plans to have this new manufacturing process conversion completed by the fall of 2010.

Following the Custom Upholstery Market

According CEO Kathwari, this change in case goods manufacturing will now mirror the same kind of furniture building practiced in the company's custom upholstery division.

Business as Usual

Ethan Allen Furniture has over 300 Design Centers throughout the United States and employs over 2,000 in-house interior designers. The complimentary design service that the company offers has been a long-standing drawing card for customers wishing to take advantage of professional design advice and assistance. The company's manufacturing business has undergone some changes over the years to keep up in a competitive marketplace, by outsourcing some of its manufacturing to other countries. However, the company website states that 65 percent of the manufacturing is still done in the United States.

Ethan Allen Shopping Options

You can find an Ethan Allen Design Center by using the store locator found on the company website. Ethan Allen doesn't have any furniture discount outlets, and you won't find Ethan Allen furniture among other brands for sale at various discount outlets.

Locating Outlets that Sell Ethan Allen

While it's impossible to find any Ethan Allen furniture in traditional furniture discount warehouses or outlets, you can find used pieces for resell. Your best bet for a discounted piece is to luck up on a local Ethan Allen warehouse sale. The pieces you'll find at such a sale are usually the floor samples.

Sometimes these pieces may have a few nicks and scuffs from the daily wear and tear of showroom samples, but overall, you can find some good bargains. Ethan Allen used to also have a few sales during the year, but that practice was discarded a couple of years ago. It would pay to sign up for your local store's mailing list so you can take advantage of any clearance sales the store might have during the year.

Buying Used Ethan Allen Furniture

It's always possible you can find some used Ethan Allen furniture pieces on eBay, Craigslist, local yard sales or flea markets. It's also a good idea to check online and print classified ads as well as consignment stores when you are searching for secondhand pieces.

Made To Order

Finding an Ethan Allen furniture outlet will be impossible as long as the company continues with its made-to-order business model, where each order is customized to the individual buyer placing the order.

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Are There Any Ethan Allen Furniture Outlets?