Bohemian Chic Home Décor: Colorful Inspiration & Guide

Creative boho curtain use
Creative boho curtain use

Bohemian interiors are chic, eclectic and stylish with a sophisticated world influence that reflects designs found in Morocco and India as well as Asia. The emphasis is on colors, patterns and textures, mixed in an artistic expression of the individual. Vintage furniture and objects are major components of the overall design. The key to creating this style is to layer all of these elements.

6 Layers to a Bohemian Décor

It's through the layering of colors, patterns, textures, furniture, and other design elements that a Bohemian décor is achieved. Contrast plays an important role achieved by adding greater depth to each room design. It's up to you how much layering and depth are added to the room. You can create a simple interior or a highly complex one.

#1 Color Palette

The color palette for Bohemian decorating can use every color in the color wheel. This design style embraces a mixture of rich vibrant colors that are highlighted through their use in paint, wallpaper, textiles, furniture and objects. Color combinations are a good way to begin. Choose two or three colors to use throughout your décor.

Use Complementary Colors

Rich, vibrant colors
Rich, vibrant colors

One way to use color is through complementary colors. By using these opposite colors you can establish a dramatic effect. Add other colors in a layering of accent colors through various fabrics and objects. With a Bohemian design, you can use as many accent colors as you like without needing to worry about overloading the design. Just make sure that the colors and patterns are compatible and the design flows in a pleasing way.


For example, if you choose to go with a red and green color scheme, you may wish to add bright yellow, orange, and even aqua blue. Keep the initial hues the same intensity and then pepper with various lighter and dark hues of the main colors. This use of color can be found in Bohemian textile styles.

#2 Textiles Add Textures and Patterns

Bohemian décors use textiles to their fullest and take advantage of fabrics that offer not just patterns, but exceptional tactile pleasure. Silk, damask and velvet are some favorite fabrics used. The heavier fabrics can be used for more than just upholstery.

mixing patterns
Mixing patterns


Fabrics from India and Asia are rich in designs and patterns that are ideal for any Boho chic room. Geometric, floral and paisley patterns can be used together as long as the colors blend or match.

Pieces to Buy

Spoonflower and have wide ranges of fabric choices that include cotton prints, jersey, fleece, and metallic options. Batik fabrics are also a wonderful choice.

Shop for readymade textiles, such as bedspreads, pillows, throws, blankets and curtains from a variety of stores if you don't want to make or upholster items yourself.

#3 Wall Treatments

The wall and floor treatments you decide to use can transform your room design and give it a cohesive complete finish. There are several products available to help you make these hard surfaces stand out.

Start With Wall Color

The wall is the largest surface in any room. Take advantage of it for use of colors and patterns. You can use a paint color, such as those found in products by BEHR Paints to paint contrasting trim, accent walls, and color combinations.

Wall stencils
Wall stencils

Stenciling and Wallpaper

You can add stenciling, such as those offered by Cutting Edge Stencils, for a stunning look.

Wallpaper is also a wonderful way to add texture, color and design to your rooms. Wallpaper Direct and feature several damask and other designs ideal for this style. Brewster Wallcoverings presents several paisley, damask and floral wallpapers as well as a vintage multicolor Bohemian floral mural.

Hanging Pieces

A woven or print tapestry hanging from the wall over a dining room buffet or bed makes a bold and colorful statement to any room. Canvas paintings can be used either in groupings or an oversized display.

#4 The Floor Is Another Canvas

The floor is the second largest hard surface, behind the walls.

Floor Stencils

Persian rugs
Persian rugs

There are even stencils designed specifically for your floors. You don't need new hardwood floors when you can paint them for greater depth in your room design. You may decide that a distressed floor finish is more your taste or simply stencil a border around your existing floors.

Rugs and Mats

Rugs are a must for this design style. You can use several area rugs in one room, creating a layering effect as well as adding to color and texture. The rugs can be as simple as a stripe or as intricate as a Persian style or Dhurrie rug. Mats are another choice that offer you several options for floors.

Be sure to leave some of the floor exposed to complete that layered looked.

#5 Crystal Chandeliers, Beaded Curtains, and Tassels

Light reflection is an important aspect to designing this style of room.

  • Haning lanterns
    Haning lanterns
    Give the room a magical ambiance with sparkling crystal chandeliers.
  • Chinese silk lamps with long tassels are a great way to add subtle light, color, and texture, with several shapes available.
  • Table lamps with beaded shades or dangling crystals add another dimension to the lighting.

Colorful or gold beaded curtains can be used over doorways and windows. Tassels and fringe gracing pillows, loveseats, and valances give a touch of nostalgia to your creation. Add a few tassels to drawer handles or door knobs of an armoire. Don't forget to add a few ornate framed mirrors to help reflect your colorful design.

#6 Vintage Makes It Authentic

Vintage furniture
Vintage furniture

Vintage furniture and objects are another layer to your chic room design that is instantly recognized as Bohemian. This can be an iron bed that you painted a bright yellow or an heirloom vanity complete with stool that is used in its vintage state. You can either upcycle flea market items or opt to use them as is.

Anything goes with vintage items. You might decide to stencil an armoire or use a chalk paint finish on a nightstand. Be creative in how you use vintage items as well as the colors you select to transform them into your Bohemian décor.

Ideas for Colorful Bohemian Rooms

Once you understand the layering technique, you're ready to create a Bohemian room. By incorporating these essential elements, you can design that special look easily identified as Bohemian. It's a look that's easy and fun to create.

Moroccan Inspired Bohemian Den

Behr paints permission on file

The Moroccan influences for Bohemian design is seen in this den décor. The color of the dark blue ceiling tiles in the dining room is repeated by using a blue Moroccan light fixture. The transition from the aqua walls of the dining room is made by repeating the color with a lamp and vase.

Wall Color

The walls are painted with a medium melon color contrasted by a mustard colored ceiling. The two colors are accented with a dark brown stain used for the crown molding. This dark accent color is repeated in the twin leather chairs and the brown velvet lamp shade. A Dhurrie rug repeats both the ceiling and wall colors and neatly ties the room together.

Room Décor

The Moroccan influence can be further seen in the lighter stained window shutters that feature the classic Moroccan screen design. These decorate shutters also provide privacy while allowing light to filter into the room.

Accents of a metal vase, antique wood vase and gold candles along the windowsill give needed depth and texture. Plants add another layer of texture as do the whimsical parrot design plates that capture all the colors used in both rooms.

A vintage metal table and wood chest complete the design.

Aqua and Lime Bohemian Bedroom

BEHR Paints Bohemian chic bedroom design

A Boho bedroom design might include bright aqua walls with the woodwork trimmed in lime green, accented with a yellow ceiling. The introduction of another color, such as the orange draperies and bedding, provide a rich palette in true Bohemian style. These textiles can also be used to introduce other hues of green and orange.

Painted Furniture

An excellent way to continue the colors in the bedroom is with painted furniture. The techniques can vary from distressed, chalk paint or antiqued. A lime green table is contrasted with an olive green top while an olive green nightstand is contrasted with an orange top.

Frame Accessories

Vintage frames can be painted various colors with a purple or pink frame added for more contrast and interest.

Tangerine and Sunflower Living Room Mix

BEHR Paints Boho living room

You aren't limited to just one style when working with Bohemian elements. The beauty of this design is how well it goes with many other décors.

Focus on Colors

For example, this Latin furniture can be incorporated into a wonderful Bohemian color palette of orange and yellow. The sofa pillows are a range of purples, pinks, yellows and brown.

The purple drapery over the door opening repeats the pillow colors. The hallway beyond is a medium green. In this room design, the hardwood floors repeat the espresso color of the overhead beams.

Additional Accents

Plants are used to soften corners and add green to the room décor. A traditional Native American rug goes perfect with this eclectic room design complete with a vintage chair and several art objects.

The Look of a Chic Bohemian Décor

You can achieve the chic look of a Bohemian décor with a little imagination and love for color and texture. There's no right or wrong to this type of design. It all hinges on your personal taste and the type of objects you're drawn to. Let the artist out and see what kind of room you end up creating.

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Bohemian Chic Home Décor: Colorful Inspiration & Guide