4 Simple Ways to Hang Fabric Wall Hangings


Fabric wall hangings are an interesting twist on wall art. They can be fun, dramatic, cover up a multitude of wall damage issues - and they can be extremely inexpensive to boot! Learn more about using fabric hangings as wall décor and see if they might be just right for you.

About Fabric Wall Hangings

Fabric wall hangings come in lots of different varieties. Sometimes, these wall hangings are simply carpets or pieces of fabric suspended on the wall, while other times, fabric is framed as you might frame a photo or a painting and displayed that way. Because it can take so many different forms, using fabric as wall art is adaptable to almost any interior design style and décor. The trick is matching the color, texture, and theme of the fabric design to your room.

In terms of design, fabric wall tapestries run the gamut from abstract to painting like depictions of scenes. Again, the design that will work best in your room is both a matter of personal taste and of matching the wall art to the rest of your décor.

Hanging Fabric Wall Art

Because fabric can be quite heavy, it is important that you hang it correctly so that you don't damage your art or your walls. There are a few different methods you can use:

  • Heavy casings - Sew a looped over strip of heavy fabric along the back of the piece and insert the hanging rod through the loop. Keep in mind that this can create a bulge along the top, which may not be ideal for your final look. Also, if your art is collectable - say, a piece of folk art - then sewing something on the back will lessen its value.
  • Velcro - Instead of using a loop of fabric, attach a bit of Velcro to the back of your hanging material. Add a piece of Velcro to a wooden strip, mount the wooden strip on your wall, and then hang your rug/fabric artwork. If your hanging is very heavy, this method may not be the best choice as the Velcro may not be strong enough to hold the piece.
  • Framing - Stretch the fabric over a frame. If you are framing a thin, light piece of fabric, you can essentially do this in the same way as you would a photo or print. If you're working with a rug or other heavy, large piece of fabric, you will need a large frame that you can stretch the fabric tightly across. Staple in back to hold firm.
  • Foam - For lightweight fabrics and small pieces, a piece of foam can be used in the same manner as a frame.

Of course, all of the usual rules of hanging things on your walls apply, such as being aware of where the studs are and using nails that are strong enough to support what you are hanging.

Shop for Fabric Wall Art

Do you think fabric wall hangings might be right for your home? These websites have a good variety of different options to check out:

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4 Simple Ways to Hang Fabric Wall Hangings