Creating Good Feng Shui for Your Front Porch 

Published May 11, 2022
mother and daughter sitting on step of front porch

Creating good feng shui for your home isn't limited to the indoors. Your front door is considered the mouth of chi, through which all positive energy passes. When you feng shui your front porch, you are welcoming harmony and luck through your front door and into your home.

Declutter Your Feng Shui Front Porch

Clutter is the nemesis of good chi energy. This principle is the most basic feng shui porch rule, and the most important. Porch clutter stops the flow of positive chi as it tries to enter your home. Discarded and forgotten items create chaos and stagnation and are unwelcoming to your guests and to good chi. When you lead an active life, clutter happens. To contain it on your porch, use attractive storage boxes or create a routine of decluttering every week to remove things that should be stored or thrown away.

Feng Shui Statues for Your Porch

Adding a feng shui statue to your front porch can enhance positive energy, while others can offer protection from negative chi. There are beautiful options for either purpose, and can be easily added by following simple rules for choosing the right one.

Turtle: The turtle is a friendly symbol that can be used inside or outside of your home. Placed just inside your front door, facing outward, attracts luck. Outside, the feng shui turtle is best used in the backyard, facing the back door.

Elephant: There are two types of feng shui elephant statues, trunk up or trunk down. The trunk up elephants attract and celebrate good luck, while the trunk down elephants support hard work and focus. Place your elephant statues facing your front door so that their good energy flows inside.

Ganesh: The Ganesh statue, with its elephant head, is a helpful figure to those who display it. Known for bestowing the energy to overcome obstacles, the Ganesh statue can be placed facing your front door to invite positive movement into your life. Only one Ganesh statue should be used in any space, as it's considered bad luck in multiples.

Foo Dogs: Used in pairs, foo (Fu) dog statues are a timeless feng shui symbol of protection for front doors. Place a male and female foo dog on either side of your door for balanced yin yang energy on your front porch. Looking out from your front door, the male dog is placed to your left, the female to your right.

Enhance Chi With Wind Chimes

wind chimes on front porch of house

Wind chimes are one of the most-recognized feng shui enhancements or cures for a home. Feng shui is based on the principles of chi energy, which translates to air or breath in Chinese. The movement of air is at the core of enhancing positive chi energy. Wind chimes are uniquely helpful in attracting good chi flow into your home. Placed outside your front door, a wind chime greets your guests and attracts the flow of good chi onto your front porch, and through the front door.

Feng Shui Front Door Colors

The front door is the centerpiece of your porch. Using the guidance from feng shui elements can help you choose a beautiful and auspicious color for your front door. Using the elements for inspiration can help you choose the right one, or you can choose a color that encourages the type of good energy you'd like to attract to your front porch.

Best Colors for Feng Shui Doors

purple front door
  • Red: This fire element color invites good luck and abundance. Red is a popular feng shui door color, as it attracts prosperity, and is especially lucky for a south-facing home.
  • Blue: Water element colors attract harmonious energy. Dark or navy blue is especially good for activating positive energy for a front door.
  • Brown: The earth element of brown offers stable chi energy. If you're unable to paint your wood door, refreshing it with oil or a new stain can help its good chi.
  • Green: To encourage new beginnings and prosperity, choose this wood element color. Mint green and olive make excellent front door color choices for feng shui.
  • Purple: This fun color attracts abundance and encourages creative chi energy with its fire element. Any shade of purple is acceptable, including softer shades like lavender and periwinkle.

Make Your Doormat Count

welcome mat at front door

It's easy to overlook your doormat as you step on it every day. Doormats are a great way to enhance a feng shui front porch through color when you can't paint your front door. Though doormats with witty sayings are fun, be sure that your doormat isn't actually telling good chi energy, and guests, that they're not welcome. As the step into your home's mouth of chi, it should be welcoming and attractive.

Optimize the Path to Your Porch

The effort to invite good energy to your front porch starts on the path to your front door. With clutter being an enemy of good feng shui, it's extremely important on the approach to your home. You may not personally use the front path often as your driveway or garage, but it's most helpful to walk it at least once a month with fresh eyes for clutter. Dying plants, empty pots, and abandoned projects often litter the way to the front porch. Broken pavers and uneven surfaces can be a safety hazard, which is also considered bad feng shui. If you have a built-in sprinkler system, it's good to check its reach occasionally, as it may be overshooting into the walkway to your home and soaking your guest and chi as they approach.

Don't Stop at Your Porch

Bring all of that good feng shui energy you created on your porch into your home by including your foyer in the update. By following simple feng shui foyer rules, you can direct that beneficial chi energy that flowed from your front porch and into your home.

Creating Good Feng Shui for Your Front Porch