31 Golf-Themed Room Décor Ideas to Keep Below Par

golf-themed wall decorations

Incorporating a love for the game of golf into your home décor is a fun way to establish not just a room theme, but your personal style. You can create a feeling of being in your favorite golf club or simply transition from the course into your study or den.

Plaid Pattern and Solid Colors

There are several ways you can achieve a golf-themed room. The first is by using the colors and textures found in the game. These include fairways, water traps, greens, sandpits, metal, and leather. It's easy to use these colors and elements in your décor to establish an overall ambiance. One of the best starting places is the country where the game was created -- Scotland. While you certainly aren't limited to this classic pattern, it is timeless.

Use the Tartan Plaid

There are many ways to use a tartan. The first is to decide which one best fits your color preferences.

Tartan Plaid Rugs and Carpeting

The most obvious plaid is a green one to symbolize fairways and greens. There are several clan tartans that contain green. If your family tree has Scottish roots, then select your family tartan and go from there.

  • Classic Open Golf Area Rug
    Classic Open Golf Area Rug
    A fun way to use the tartan plaid is with an area rug or carpeting.
  • You may prefer a plaid in red or even brown for a den or media room.
  • Select a rug design that incorporates the plaid with various squares of golfers, greens, and golf bags for a fun design.

Other Plaid Textiles

If a plaid floor isn't your style, but you want to incorporate the Scottish tartan into your golf-themed room, consider using plaid pillows and a throw draped over a leather couch.

  • A hardwood floor with an area rug is the perfect setting for tartan plaid furniture, such as an ottoman, chair, sofa and draperies.
  • Bedding is another great way to keep the plaid going throughout your home with a comforter set; bring the larger comforter out to any room to stay warm in cool weather.
  • A window curtain in a tartan plaid will take the theme to any room.

Plaid for the Walls

Don't forget that you can also use a plaid on the walls. Consider a wainscoting with a chair rail. Select a color from the plaid to paint the bottom portion of the wall and use a plaid wallpaper on the top portion or vice-versa.

Add Solid Colors

Add a pair of emerald green lamp shades and solid colored draperies in green or blue. If going with a different plaid color palette, make sure you select appropriate colored draperies. If you go with more solid colors for your textiles, accent with throw pillows depicting golf motifs.

Golf-Themed Accessories for Every Room

Once you've selected the basics of floors, walls, and furniture, you're ready to begin layering your golf-theme design with accessories and accent pieces. How much you carry out with the icons and motifs of the game is up to you. It's easiest to start with a specific room and add a few touches to each.

Den or Living Room

The den or living room can be easily styled for a golf-themed room.

Leather Furniture

The leather golf bag is iconic and you can symbolize this element by selecting leather furniture. Buy from your favorite store and manufacturer like La-Z-Boy.


Golf Club Lamp

Choose from several styles of iconic golf club table lamps that depict various aspects of the game for an accessory that's sure to become a conversation piece. Be creative and design your own miniature fairy garden featuring golfing birds for a great whimsical coffee table centerpiece.

Bar Area

If your den or living room boasts a wet bar, then add a vinyl wall lettering and golfer silhouette wall decal. There's nothing like officially designating an area as an after-the-golf-game watering hole for a golf-themed den.

Game or Media Room

This is an ideal space for framed wall posters. Start with a series of three of your favorite world class golf courses. Next add a collection of framed action shots of famous golf champions. Complement the wall images with additional accessories.

Golf Media Room
  • Serve up the drinks with a wooden golf service tray.
  • Wood golf signs can be personalized to make this space all yours!
  • If you have billiard table or a game table, try lighting it up with the perfect golf light fixture.
  • Add a wall mural to enhance this fun space opposite your farmed images.

Home Office

This is a great room for creating a golfer's paradise décor scheme. First up is a place to store that golf bag and clubs. Every golfer's office needs a golf bag caddie organizer. Not only will it stow the gear but it also serves as a beautiful wood with a walnut finish to display your cherished set of clubs. You'll be ready to hit the course at a moment's notice. Also consider this a place to display a set of antique golf clubs.

Bookshelves and Disply Cases

Create a niche or install a bookcase or trophy display case for all those golf trophies. Add a golf ball display case to highlight that hole-in-one ball and other golf balls that won you that tournament. Breakup the bookshelf space with a stylized bronze finished box with the word "GOLF" spelled out with a golf ball and club.

Additional Accessories

Go for a few desk golf pieces, such as a champ score card and ball display frame or a fun golf cart digital desk clock or a more sophisticated, cast-bronze finish gentleman golfer desk clock. A Dale Tiffany golf shade banker's style lamp is perfect for your office desk.

Every golfer's home office must have an expandable modular putting green for rainy day practice.

Kitchen and Breakfast Area

  • Tees in a glass
    Go nostalgic with a framed poster of The Bystander vintage art of a golfer or a metal vintage golfing wall sign.
  • Place a couple of floating wall shelves and set a pair of wine goblets filled with colorful golf tees and golf balls that match your color scheme.
  • Hang a pair of golf towels near the sink for easy access.
  • Set the breakfast table with vintage golfer cloth napkins and a table runner.
  • Drink up with customized golf glassware and enjoy your favorite foods on golf-themed plates and other kitchenware.
  • A Tiffany-style hanging light fixture will complete your golf dining experience.


Le Vele Golf Duvet Cover Set
Le Vele Golf Duvet Cover Set

Place a resin bronze cast gentleman golfer sculpture beside the nightstand table lamp for a great addition to your golf-themed bedroom design. Reframe that favorite photo in a pewter golf frame for the bedside table.

For the diehard golfer, a Le Vele Golf duvet cover set is a must! You may be a patchwork quilt lover and fall in love with this golfer's quilt set.

Use a wallpaper border to further decorate your bedroom.


Don't neglect the bathroom.

  • Add some whimsical accessories like a golf toilet paper holder, special printed golf toilet paper and a golf area rug
  • Include a gent's tissue box cover for the tissue box.
  • You may even want to add a golf ball toilet lid applique or a Bacova golf shower curtain.
  • Be sure to add a few decorative golf ball soaps.

Golf Lover's Dream Décor Scheme

There are many ways to approach the design of your golf-themed room that will give you a chic and stylish décor scheme. You can add humor into your design with a couple of whimsical accessories that a golf lover will appreciate.

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31 Golf-Themed Room Décor Ideas to Keep Below Par