Healing Properties of Crystals in Feng Shui

Rose quartz, selenite, and other crystals

Crystals are earth elements and are typically used in correlating earth sectors in feng shui design. However, in feng shui there are exceptions for using crystals in other sectors to enhance specific areas of your life. Many people believe crystals have healing properties and applications, making them valuable for feng shui and other types of energy healing.

Feng Shui Uses Crystals and Gemstones

There are natural and synthetic crystals on the market. Natural crystals can be either raw (uncut) or cut into various shapes. While you can use synthetic, it's always best to opt for natural elements when using for feng shui applications.

Some people become confused by the terms gemstone and crystal. In feng shui, both natural crystals and cut crystals (gemstones) are used to activate elements or serve as cures and remedies. You don't need a large crystal to activate an element.

Crystal Meanings and Healing Properties

Crystals often have several different healing properties. This makes them very versatile, and they can often be used in more than one sector. For example, yellow jasper has protective and social enhancing properties that could be used to protect and heal a child being bullied at school. It also has enormous wealth enhancing and protective properties, so it could be used to boost your wealth. In feng shui, wealth can be actual monetary wealth or being wealthy in a specific area of your life, such as rich in a love relationship or a healthy life.

You may prefer to use more than one type of crystal in an area, but don't overload. It's all about balancing the chi energy.

Select Crystals by Compass Direction

When you want to add crystals to your homes, it's best to start with a specific sector to address a certain area in your life. Each compass direction governs a specific area of life.

Rough gemstones on white background

Each compass direction/sector is also assigned an element and color that can be used to enhance the chi energy to boost that area of your life. While you can use crystals within the color range of a sector, you aren't limited to just those crystal colors. The properties of each crystal should be the determining factor for using in a sector.


The north sector governs careers and related wealth. It is the ideal location for a home office. Water is the assigned element, and black is the main color associated with this sector. Darker blues are also acceptable colors.

If your career has stalled, you've been passed over for promotions or lost your job, try one of these crystals to heal your career:

  • Black tourmaline: This gemstone has protection properties and can heal career ills, also relieves work and personal stress.
  • Aquamarine: Opens new possibilities for new jobs or to revamp current ones.


The east sector governs health. The wood element governs this sector and green is the assigned color. If you have health concerns,

  • Jade: Associated with wealth, this stone is also known as "the Stone of Heaven". This royal stone is used for the wealth of good health as well as literal wealth. Use a raw crystal or a jade carved wu-lou to ensure a very healthy life.
  • Malachite: Absorbs negative energies and is an excellent preventative measure to guard your health.
  • Moss agate: Renowned for its healing properties from days of antiquity place this in the east sector of your home to aid anyone ill.


This sector governs descendants' luck, a.k.a., children. Metal is the element for this sector and the color

  • Yellow jasper: This crystal is considered a protection stone. Placed in the west sector ensures the protection of your children. This can be physical as well a spiritual protection. It can heal a child having social problems. Red jasper is also used to protect children from being bullied.
  • Hematite: Hematite works to ground and center energy. This is especially good for healing a hyper child through its healing and grounding properties. Never place in north sector since the inside is red, a fire sector color.
  • Smoky quartz: This crystal also helps to ground energy and restore emotional balance.
Smoky quartz cluster


The south sector governs fame and recognition luck. The element is fire and you need to be care to maintain control and not over activate this element or suffer fame that burns bright then burns itself out. The color associated with fire is red.

Select one of these crystals/gemstones:

  • Agate: Called "The Firestone", this gemstone helps to restore confidence and bravery. Use this firestone in a red or orange color.
  • Rubies: This fire colored gemstone is known for instilling passion that will serve anyone lacking this quality.
  • Red jasper: The grounding and stabilizing properties make this a good choice for healing a tarnished reputation.


The southeast is designated as the wealth sector. The assigned element is wood and the color green is the primary one with brown often used, too.

  • Jade: This wealth stone will activate this sector and heal financial woes.
  • Green fluorite: Known as a healing stone, is also a wood energy stone and can be used to bolster/heal poor or flailing finances.
Green fluorite tower
  • Tourmaline: Has wealth attracting properties and instills confidence and integrity to anyone suffering from wealth insecurity.

  • Yellow jasper: This wealth stone also absorbs negative energy and prevents from disrupting your wealth.


This sector governs love and relationships. The element is earth and the main color is red/pink.

  • Rose quartz: This crystal can be used to heal a broken heart and attract a new one. Rose quartz mandarin ducks or double hearts are ideal cut shapes for this crystal.
  • Amethyst: Use an amethyst tree to heal sadness and anger that's often associated with a relationship breakup or broken heart.
  • Aquamarine: This one can help to release and heal the pain of a broken heart and allow for new love possibilities.
  • Rubelite (pink tourmaline): Restores passion into a failing marriage or relationship and is an essential part of romantic love.


The northeast sector governs education and knowledge. The element is earth. The main color is aqua as well as green and blue.

  • Clear quartz crystal: Use a quartz crystal either in uncut or cut form. You can also use a cluster of crystals if desired. A clear crystal globe is an excellent choice for this area. These can heal poor grades and bolster education endeavors.
  • Amethyst: The calming energy of this crystal is also paired with the properties for improving memory. It's an excellent healing choice for poor grades due to inability to memorize or remember data.


This sector governs mentor's luck often referred to as helping people sectors. It's named for those who help you in various areas of life. The element is metal. The colors used in this sector are copper, gold, silver, brass, bronze and other metal colors.

  • Pyrite: This stunning fool's gold is a must for healing this sector. Whatever ills are causing the lack of mentor luck, this will remedy, paving the way for attracting a mentor.
  • Aventurine: If your mentor luck is MIA, you can heal (remedy) it with this crystal known as "The Stone of Opportunity".

Center of Home

The center of the home is vital since all areas radiate from this sector. The element is earth and the same colors for other earth sectors work here, such as ochre and brown.

  • Tigers eye: If your home life is unstable and on uneven footing, use this in the center of your home. It will provide grounding and have the long-reaching effect of stabilizing your home (life).
  • Smoky quartz: This crystal can restore balance to your home (life).

Cleansing and Revitalizing Crystals

Before you use any crystal, you want to cleanse it of any residue energy that may have accumulated prior to your purchase. There are several ways to cleanse a crystal. Some people insist that burying the crystal in salt is the best way to cleanse it, but some crystals may have a chemical reaction to this type of cleansing that can harm the crystal.


Healing Crystals Work Well in Feng Shui

The general metaphysical attributes of crystals translate to excellent feng shui applications. Just be sure you understand each crystal's properties and how they can enhance the appropriate compass sector to ensure desired results.

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Healing Properties of Crystals in Feng Shui