My Lucky Numbers in Feng Shui

Updated February 17, 2022
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Lucky numbers play an important role in pursuing luck and fortune in feng shui, so it's not unusual to ask, what are my lucky numbers? Personal feng shui auspicious numbers can be used in all areas of your life. Using your lucky numbers, you can generate beneficial chi energy in various areas of your home or office. Home address and phone numbers are often chosen for their favorable feng shui, based on personal lucky numbers.

Lucky Feng Shui Numbers

In feng shui, lucky numbers play an important role in improving auspicious chi energy. By determining your good luck numbers, you can apply them in your home through feng shui.

Lucky Number Eight

The number eight is lucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for prosper. Many times in feng shui applications and symbols, you'll find items grouped together in eights such as coins, chimes of a wind chime, or stalks of a lucky bamboo plant.

  • Infinity knots (figure eight) are considered auspicious, and you'll find them used as decorative supports for suspended feng shui emblems, symbols, and objects.
  • When looking for a new home, many people who practice feng shui design principles seek an address that incorporates the number eight.
  • People often select phone numbers that have a few number eights and nines.

Lucky Number Nine

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The number nine is also a lucky feng shui number, since it has a similar pronunciation as the Chinese or Cantonese word for sufficient. A cultural belief is that the number nine can imbue abundance and enough of whatever you may need, including money, health, career success, food, and a home. Nine is also synonymous with having and enjoying a long life.

Lucky number nine is aligned with the fire element. You can enhance the power of lucky number nine with nine candles, or a string of nine lights, to brighten a dark room. In practical terms, if you're unable to display nine items together, three groups of three items can still enhance lucky number nine energy and balance.

Lucky Number Two

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The number two is considered a lucky feng shui number because the Chinese believe that anytime there is a pair of objects, animal, plants, or people, then good fortune is sure to follow. This belief is deeply rooted in many traditions within the Chinese culture.

  • Whenever adding paintings or objects to the master bedroom, always use pairs, such as a pair of mandarin ducks sculptures or if you select a painting of a single duck, choose another one to go with it so you have a matched pair. The positive chi of the number two in a feng shui bedroom attracts positive romantic energy.
  • Gifting in two increases the auspicious luck for the recipient. A wedding gift should be given to each of the couple being married to increase the good fortune of their union.
  • The more gifts you give, the more luck you bestow upon the person and to yourself, since whatever you give to the world comes back to you double-fold. The multiplication doesn't stop at the number two, so you can give as many gifts as you like, but never give a person four gifts unless you deliberately want to insult them and wish them bad luck.

How to Find Your Personal Lucky Numbers

Your kua number can be the basis for finding your personal lucky numbers. This is determined by your birth year and your gender, by simple addition. Your kua number can be applied across many feng shui practices to increase your personal luck.

What Is Your Kua Number?

You can consider your kua number as your personal lucky number, and you can also use your number to deepen your pursuit of good luck. Knowing your kua number can guide you to unlocking auspicious energies in your home with a professional feng shui analysis using your kua number, the kua number of your home, and the Eight Mansions and Flying Stars theories. All of these are interconnected and vital components of mapping out your energy relationship to your home. Your professional feng shui analysis, using Form and Compass Schools of Feng Shui, should include a chart that maps out each of your auspicious and inauspicious areas.

Eight Mansions Formula

The Eight Mansions theory, also called Eight Houses, is a formula calculated with your kua number and compass directions in your home. The goal of the Eight Mansions formula is to gauge compatibility between you and your home. The Eight Mansions interpretation dictates certain energies are attracted to you at the time of your birth. These energies can be used to assist you in all areas of life. The key is to know what those energies are and how to use them.

Using Your Feng Shui Lucky Numbers

There are many instances in life where you can take advantage of lucky feng shui numbers. You may want to experiment with different groupings or series of numbers until you find that happy lucky combination. Some people believe using feng shui lottery numbers is the way to win. The numbers most often used are 6, 8 and 9. Any combination of these numbers along with 16, 18 and 19 are believed to be lucky for any lottery. Good luck!

My Lucky Numbers in Feng Shui