13 Outdoor Storage Ideas to Instantly Improve Your Curb Appeal

Before everything can be its place, you need a place for everything. These outdoor storage solutions should make tidying your property easier.

Published December 22, 2023
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From the garbage can to your children's outdoor toys, your lawn is starting to get crowded. What you need are clever outdoor storage ideas that keep your items stored away while maintaining convenient access. Keeping aesthetics in mind just adds to your curb appeal. 

Clever Ways to Store Your Garbage Can

woman putting recyclables in the garbage

You probably prefer for your neighbors to see your garbage can once a week — when it's waiting at the end of your driveway to be emptied. During the other days of the week, try storing your garbage can in a way that leaves it out of sight but is easily accessed when it's time to take out the trash.

Build a Garbage Can Shed

If you've been rolling your garbage can to your back door or next to your patio, this is the aesthetic storage solution you've been looking for. A garbage can shed stores up to two bins at once and even locks so you don't have to worry about any stray animals or curious people accessing things you've thrown away or recycled. 

Hide Garbage Cans Behind Panels

You might not need a whole shed to house your garbage cans. A simple set of outdoor panels helps you tuck them out of sight and roll them out easily when it's trash collection day. Coordinate the panels with the trim on your home or the material your deck is made of to help it blend in even more. 

Quick Tip

Screens or panels can also help hide lawn equipment, bikes, and large outdoor toys.

Stash Outdoor Cushions & Pillows With Style

outdoor furniture

You spent way too much time and money on your patio design to let the outdoor pillows fade in the sun or get covered in mildew. When you aren't enjoying their comfort or hosting a dinner on your deck, stash those pillows stylishly to extend their life and looks.

Toss Them in a Storage Bench

Any storage bench will do for hiding your cute patio pillows when bad weather sets in. As long as the bench seals your pillows from the elements, you can toss them in and feel confident that they'll look good as new when it's time to have guests over again. 

Need to Know

Avoid storage benches intended for indoor use, like ottomans upholstered in interior fabrics. 

Use Baskets by the Door

Just because your pillows are meant for use outdoors, that doesn't mean you can't store them inside. Keep a large basket or bin by your door or patio exit for piling in your pillows if there's a threat of bad weather. 

Try an Outdoor Pillow Storage Bag

Cute, handy, and water-resistant, a cushion storage bag keeps your patio pillows out of the harsh weather when you need a quick storage solution. When your cushions are in use, the bag neatly tucks away in an outdoor bin or an indoor closet. When it's time to bring the cushions and pillows in, you can reach for your trusty bag and store them away in no time.

Store Your Grill and Accessories Like a Pro

outdoor kitchen

When grilling season is done, seeing the lonely grill just makes you long for summer that much more. Do yourself a favor and store the grill during the off-season so you aren't reminded of all the steaks you can't have. 

DIY a Grill Shed

A grill isn't exactly small, so storing it can be tough if you don't have a designated space already. If you want a place to house your grill, whether it's grilling season or time to put the lighter fluid away, you can build a grill shed or shelter to keep it covered and add some visual interest to your home. 

Build a Murphy Grill Station

Once the grill is properly stored, it's time to turn your attention to the accessories. No one wants to search all over the house for the grilling necessities during the first burger grilling night of the season. DIY your own Murphy grilling station so everything you need is within reach all year long. 

Hide the Kids' Toys With Simple Storage

inflatable kiddie pool

Once you have one outdoor toy for the kids, you may as well have 12. When the kids aren't outside, stash their toys away to save your curb appeal and to keep smaller items out of harm's way when it's lawn care day. 

Get a Deck Box for Small Items

For the pool floats and all those small outdoor toys, a deck box keeps everything out of sight when your kids aren't playing. You can lock the box for limited access, and it's small enough for kids to put their toys away before going inside at the end of a playing session. 

Helpful Hack

A deck box can also double as storage for your outdoor pillows, power tools, and gardening items.

Try an Equipment Organizer

Stray soccer balls are no longer a problem when they have a place to go. For your sports-loving family, an equipment organizer near the house or in the garage can keep all the athletic gear from lingering on the lawn. 

Use a Vintage Locker

For seamless storage that fits your eclectic style, search for a vintage locker. Whether you keep it in its original condition or give it a bit of a makeover, a thrifted locker houses all the kids' outdoor items while helping you stick to the style you love.

Stack & Store Your Fire Wood

firewood storage

Whether you use firewood daily to heat your home in winter or you just like a cozy fireplace treat from time to time, you have to store the logs somewhere. Skip the traditional rack by your door and find the firewood storage solution that fits your home's style. 

Try a Modern Log Hoop

For the occasional wood-burning home, a sleek firewood hoop should do the trick. It's simple enough to keep the focus on your lovely home but practical enough to store your firewood for easy access when it's time for a cozy night in. 

Build an Aesthetic Firewood Box

Your firewood box doesn't have to be a simple box. It can have all the designer details that your home already boasts. DIY a designer storage solution for firewood and add some personality to your porch or property. 

Go Big With a Firewood Shed

If firewood is a primary heat source for your home, you need more than a cute storage solution. Building a firewood shed is doable and allows you to incorporate the design details that help it complement your home rather than distract from it. Grab a firewood shed plan that suits your needs, and start storing your wood with style.

Fast Fact

If you have a large collection of lawn maintenance items or your family has a fleet of bikes, a shed can also help you keep those items safe and out of sight. 

Think Outside the Box With Your Storage Solutions

Getting things organized in your home is one thing, but getting everything in its place outside can be more challenging. Bulky equipment and weather-related storage dilemmas are no match for your organizational creativity and can-do attitude. 

13 Outdoor Storage Ideas to Instantly Improve Your Curb Appeal