Scentsy Candle Complaints

Scentsy Complaints

Although Scentsy is an awarding-winning direct sales business, there are some people who are not enthralled with the product or the company for a variety of reasons. Find out what has some people wondering about the popular direct sales company and its products.

Scentsy Problems and Complaints

Before you decide to buy Scentsy warmers and wickless candles, look into some of the more common concerns consumers and advocates have expressed.


The cost of the warmer and the Scentsy brand wax is a common complaint. Careful Cash describes the price as a major downside of the products, especially when compared to similar items at discount stores and through other brands.

Complaints About Consultants

As a direct sales company, Scentsy relies on individual consultants to host parties, sell their products, and handle customer issues. Like any other customer sales driven industry, there are sometimes sales people who aren't up to par. One Ripoff Report reviewer describes how a consultant sold items to a customer, was paid in full, and then ended up reselling the items when the customer became ill. This customer had difficulties getting a refund both from the consultant and the company. Reviewopedia notes that the company has experienced complaints about consultants.

Scent Loss

Customers will sometimes find that their Scentsy waxes will lose fragrance, making it more difficult to reuse the melted wax. Pretty In Dayton notes the "weak" scent after the wax has melted and the inability to reuse the melted wax again with much luck. MissHaylee on Viewpoints offers the critique that it "doesn't last as long as I would like. It seems like it burns out really fast" in her review.

Ingredient Disclosure Issue

EcoSAFEReviews states that it cannot offer an actual review on the Scentsy products because of the claims of "secret ingredients" by the company. The Scentsy website states that due to the lack of flame, they are a "safer alternative to traditional candles" and the company has written a blog post to counter the claims that it uses unsafe ingredients in its products.

Product Problems

Products, even if they have warranties for their lifetime, may have malfunctions. Scentsy is no stranger to that, as even consultants have personal pages set up that include information regarding issues surrounding product malfunctions. Reviewopedia also mentions that some customers have had problems with products they purchased. Thriving Candle Business, a Scentsy seller, addresses some common potential malfunctions, like light bulb issues, wax not melting, and the warmer not turning on, with easy solutions.

Fire Hazard Concerns

Although the Scentsy product does not use a wick or flame like other candles, many consumers are still concerned about the possibility of fire., part of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, has a report filed by someone who claims the product's bulb shot flames and was hard to blow out, as well as a report of an arc within a burnt out bulb. In the first instance the complaining party did not send the product to Scentsy for review, so the claims could not be investigated.

KWWL news out of Iowa did an investigation into the Scentsy warmers after a local fire where a warmer was present in the room; the Scentsy warmer was not the cause of the fire. While the investigation did produce hot wax and a hot warmer, they did not get as hot as a regular candle and did not, during the investigation, start a fire.

Damage From Product

Some customers have noticed that the warming unit or wax can cause damage to whatever item the candle warmer is sitting on when plugged in and turned on, or while the wax is still melted. Brook S. on Influenster claims the warmer left a "char[r]ed spot on my counter top." Scentsy wax can also get into the carpet when tipped over as the reviewer Gadams mentions at SheSpeaks. If this happens to you, follow tips from The Candle Boutique, a Scentsy website, to remove it.

Resolve Your Issues

If you are interested in Scentsy, discuss your concerns with your local consultant. If you have Scentsy and are concerned about its safety or have problems with the product, contact your representative or their corporate office. The Better Business Bureau shows over 50 complaints within the last three years have been resolved by the company and rates them at an A+, so while every situation is different, it's likely you will find an answer or resolution to your issue.

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Scentsy Candle Complaints