Aries & Taurus Compatibility: Shared Passions Could Be Key

Aries and Taurus isn't the most natural pairing of the zodiac, but it could work. Both will have to compromise to make this a rewarding match.

Published May 2, 2024
Aries & Taurus Compatibility

Even though Taurus and Aries are zodiac neighbors, they don't have much in common beyond the season of their birthdays. While some of these couples can and do make it work, the differences between them can make it an uphill battle. With Taurus and Aries compatibility, it's slow and steady versus spontaneous and speedy. 

How Taurus and Aries Are Alike and Different

Aries and Taurus are much more different than they are alike. And while opposites can attract, it usually works best when those differences are complementary — so one brings out the best in the other and vice versa. Unfortunately with an Aries and Taurus partnership, this isn't always the case. So instead of being fascinated by and appreciating their differences, they could wind up just being irritants and deal breakers.

Taurus & Aries Similarities

The biggest similarity between Taurus and Aries is their passion. They're both super passionate people and when something interests them, they're all in. But when those passions don't align (as they often fail to do), this can create dis-harmony and discord  — or at least a failure to have a meeting of the minds. With similar ideals, Taurus and Aries can bond over shared passions. With differing interests, Aries and Taurus could struggle.

Other Aries and Taurus similarities include:

  • They can both become super focused on what they want/are interested in (to the exclusion of everything around them).
  • They're both extremely headstrong.
  • Aries is pretty intense and adventurous in the sack, and Taurus is super sensual, so this can be either fun or disastrous (depending on whether their kinks align). 
  • They're both difficult to sway from their POV. 
  • They're both enthusiasts.
  • They both have tempers.

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Taurus & Aries Differences

Differences between Taurus and Aries have a lot to do with how they approach life. It's a matter of Aries's quick and spontaneous fire sign energy versus Taurus's grounded and slow-moving earth sign energy. 

  • Aries is a hothead who is quick to anger. Taurus has a temper, but they are slow to anger. It's when they do get mad that you need to watch out.
  • Aries is a cardinal sign, which means they are active and like to lead with their chin. Taurus is a fixed sign, so getting them to make choices and move on plans and ideas can be extremely slow.
  • Aries is capricious. Taurus is set in their ways. 
  • Aries thrives on change. Taurus thrives on familiarity.
  • Aries is impulsive. Taurus is deliberate.
  • Aries thinks about what is good right now. Taurus considers what would be best in the future and what was best in the past.
  • Aries is adventurous and loves new experiences. Taurus hates change and likes familiarity. 
  • Taurus needs stability in relationships. Aries craves novelty in relationships.

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Taurus & Aries Compatibility — The Challenge of Earth & Fire

It's not that Aries and Taurus will hate one another. They can and do become good friends and even partners. When their passions and worldviews align, watch out world... it could be pretty great! But the challenge is that when they have different worldviews, their differences could wind up not being complementary, and their similarities may align in negative ways. And often, the result of Aries and Taurus compatibility is neither disastrous nor incredible, but just meh.

Relationship Aspect Rating
Emotional connection Fair
Trust Fair
Sexual connection Fair to good
Intellectual connection Fair 
Communication Fair
Values compatibility Poor to fair 

Taurus & Aries Emotional Connection

Taurus and Aries often come from emotionally different places, and the speed at which they notice and react to their emotions is oceans apart. Taurus considers things deeply and is slow-moving with emotional reactions, whereas Aries is lightning-quick and impulsive. They could balance one another out, or they could wind up having a super uneven relationship full of passive aggression from Taurus and outright aggression from Aries. 

Rating: Fair

Trust Between Aries & Taurus

Both Aries and Taurus are trustworthy, but that doesn't mean they'll view the other as being the same. Taurus could find Aries's capriciousness frightening, given their need for familiarity and comfort, and Aries could find Taurus's deliberate pace (particularly in decision-making) absolutely maddening, given their desire for adventure. This makes it hard to trust unless each can appreciate in the other how this can help to smooth out the extremes of their own behavior. 

Rating: Fair

Aries & Taurus Sexually

It's a funny thing about sex between an Aries and a Taurus. They're both highly passionate people, but they express that passion in very different ways. Taurus is a slow burner, while Aries is... well... a Ram. Aries is all fire in the sack, while Taurus is slow-burning sensuality who loves foreplay and taking their time. This could make their time between the sheets interesting — especially if their kinks align, or it could be kind of a disaster.

Rating: Fair to Good

Intellectual Compatibility Between Aries & Taurus

Aries is deeply curious and has a thirst for novelty and adventure. When they discover something that interests them, they go all-in on discovering EVERYTHING there is to know about it as quickly as possible. And, when something newer and shinier comes along, that all-consuming interest is quickly tossed aside in favor of the newer interest.

Happy couple lying in garden together reading book on a sunny day

Taurus also loves immersing themselves in the things that interest them, but the immersion is steady and deliberate, and the interest is usually lifelong. They dive deep on multiple subjects of interest, pursuing more and more knowledge, while Aries takes a shallow dive for all the sexy details before moving onto the next thing. So, to Taurus, Aries can seem to be a bit of an intellectual dilettante, while to Aries, Taurus can seem a bit dull. 

Rating: Fair

Communication Between Taurus & Aries

The speed with which they think and act comes in on communication between Aries and Taurus, too. Aries is very rapid-fire. If it's in their brain, it's already out of their mouth before they've even fully formed the thought. This can be A LOT for a more deliberate, considered Taurus. And the slow deliberation from Taurus can leave Aries longing for them to get to the point. This isn't a great communication pattern and isn't super helpful in any type of relationship. As with many other aspects, they could each stand to learn a lot from the other and, with patience, could both become more balanced in their communication styles. Or, they could just decide it's not worth it.

Rating: Fair

Aries's and Taurus's Values Compatibility

These two passionate folks could have values that align well if they're patient enough to hear each other out or can find ways to support one another in their passions. But Taurus tends to value material things and beauty, while Aries is all about experience and adventure. So often, the values mismatch makes this a difficult pairing.

Rating: Poor to Fair

Aries & Taurus Could Face an Uphill Battle

There are the raw materials in this match that could make it a decent romantic pairing. But they're both going to have to soften some of the more extreme aspects of their nature and learn to appreciate the potential for balance the other brings, or Taurus and Aries will face a lifelong struggle to fully connect.

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Aries & Taurus Compatibility: Shared Passions Could Be Key